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Launch of alcohol interlock program to tackle drink driving

By Canfan 16 June 2014 22

From tomorrow, drivers convicted of certain drink driving offences will be subject to a mandatory interlock condition after serving a period of driver licence disqualification, Attorney General, Simon Corbell said today at the launch of the ACT’s alcohol interlock program.

An alcohol interlock is an electronic breath testing device wired into the ignition of a vehicle that requires the driver to blow an alcohol free breath sample into the device before the vehicle will start.

“This program is an important addition to the initiatives the ACT Government has in place to combat drink driving and improve road safety for our community,” Mr Corbell said.

The program will require high-risk drink drivers, including those who register a blood alcohol concentration of 0.15 or more and certain repeat offenders, to participate in a mandatory interlock program.

Only when these drivers have served at least half their licence disqualification period, spent a minimum period driving with an interlock fitted, complied with any court ordered treatment, and demonstrated a period of clean driving, will they be able to have the interlock condition removed from their licence.

“An important element of the mandatory program is the requirement for participants to be assessed to determine what treatment or programs might assist them to separate drinking and driving.

“It is important that we have programs directed at supporting more enduring changes to the behaviour of more high-risk drink driving offenders.”

Other drink driving offenders, such as low-range and first offenders, will be able to elect to participate in a voluntary interlock program.

“This will be an option at any time during the person’s disqualification period, but they will be subject to a minimum period of six months on the program and also be required to demonstrate a period of clean driving before they can exit the interlock program.”

The interlock program will be subject to an evaluation.

(Simon Corbell Media Release)

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Launch of alcohol interlock program to tackle drink driving
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rhino 2:02 pm 18 Jun 14

If you truly want to cut drink driving significantly, free up the taxi market, allow more competition with much cheaper taxi licencing and halve the cost of getting a taxi overnight. You’d see a significant decrease in those drink driving.

rhino 1:59 pm 18 Jun 14

Surely it’d be trivial to bypass with a balloon or compressed air, or getting someone else to blow into it, or using another car. If it is trivial to bypass, all it’s doing is costing money for almost no benefit.

I haven’t seen one of these installed, but unless they’re destroying your dash and welding in pieces of metal, it’d be pretty easy to bypass surely.

As for the leaving it running idea, your car has “accessories” and “on” modes. Once you go to “on” without starting the engine, the immobiliser and steering lock are disabled, and therefore this system would be also. You could leave your car in the “on” position overnight without getting a flat battery and without the engine running. You then just hop in and crank the starter by turning the key a little further and off you go.

If you also look at the demographics of people doing this, they generally earn less money. People who are well off can afford to get a taxi home from the pub. These people generally drive older cars worth very little and often see them as almost disposable unless they are enthusiasts and their hobby is working on that car. Therefore there are a lot of rubbish cars worth about as much as this device that would be being fitted with it and using another car owned by someone else in this demographic who they are friends or relatives with would be quite easy as well. I’m sure the attitude would be “well Davo, I’m not drinking tonight because I’ve got the late shift tonight. I’ll take your car and you take mine….cheers Robbo!”.

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