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Life is looking up

Liberals Preselection

By The_Phantom - 21 April 2008 42

Good to see the Liberals have at long last got a team up and running to challenge Stanhope at the October election.

There was very little opposition for the positions – reflective of the Party leadership and direction at present – but it was good to see some sitting Liberal member’s outpolled.

In Molonglo, the hopeless Jacquie Burke only received seven votes. While the candidate that Zed Seselja was supporting, a guy called Hanson, only received two votes. The guy that Brendan Smyth and Burke have been trying to undermine, Gary Kent, finished a close second behind Seselja in the Molonglo vote. Belinda Barnier, a twice failed Federal candidate, only received 11 votes.

Even more amusing was out in Brindabella where soccer heavy Steven Doszpot outpolled both sitting members – Smyth and Pratt. Smyth and Pratt are both way past their due-by-date and even Liberal members are starting to get sick and tired off their appalling antics. A friend of mine who attended the meeting said that Smyth and Jacquie Burke had orchestrated a campaign to undermine Doszpot – but members rallied around Doszpot.

With the pre-selection of new blood perhaps the Liberals can start to challenge Stanhope.

We can only hope that the voters will now kick the likes of Smyth and Burke out of the Assembly now.

What’s Your opinion?

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42 Responses to
Liberals Preselection
arsebandit22 12:43 pm 21 Apr 08

hey Blahblah

You are kidding right, one is vertically challenged and the other is a geriatric and both are mates of Richard (we don’t want to talk about him) Mulchay.

You need to wake up from that drug induced state you have been living in.

I bet you are a young liberal stooge. Gary Kent doesn’t have any other friends.

Thumper 12:42 pm 21 Apr 08

I moved here after self government – so I can’t say whether or not things were better in the old days…I suspect they weren’t

You ‘suspect’ that they weren’t. I can tell you point blank, you are wrong. Things were very, very much better. No doubt, no argument, just trust me on this one. That is why the ACT voted AGAINST self government.

As for the morality, we did vote, once again I’ll point it out, against self government. But the ALP decided that democracy could get stuffed.

Where is the morality in that?

In a democracy you get the government you deserve

I totally agree. That’s why Canberrans voted against having these dicks in power. Guess we got the short end of the stick and now we can only vote for those who put their names forward.

Mr Evil 12:36 pm 21 Apr 08

Maybe we should merge with NSW? 🙂

jimbocool 12:22 pm 21 Apr 08

Happily corrected on the correct etymology of ‘suffrage’ – however none of the respondents have dealt with the moral argument. Living in a democracy requires individual responsibility – the old system of “low-impact governance that took care of the essentials and didn’t bother with the frills” was undemocratic and didn’t allow individual responsibility (which without wanting to go all Robert A Heinlein, is the cornerstone of citizenship).
I moved here after self government – so I can’t say whether or not things were better in the old days…I suspect they weren’t (cue Monty Python “when I were a lad sketch”).
As for “Why can’t we have a Mayor and Council look after the important things – roads, water, footpaths, sewage etc and the Commonwealth look after health, schools, law and order etc” partly because the Commonwealth doesn’t look after those things – they are state end territory responsibilities. And mostly because it’s our responsibilty as citizens to look after these things ourselves, through our parliament. DO you really want to give responsibility for our courts to the Feds? Do you really think that they will produce results in keeping with community expectations? Of course not.
In a democracy you get the government you deserve – we’re responsible for the poor quality of our Assembly – no-one else is. It’s our responsibility to fix it too.

BlahBlahBlah 12:15 pm 21 Apr 08

At least the liberals have started to build themselves up again and forgiven Gary Kent and Steve Doszpot for all the past problems. These two seem like excellent candidates Gary is a Board Secretary and Steve was our man at the Olympics. Excellent credentials for helping run our beautiful city.

Crikey 12:05 pm 21 Apr 08

Hargreaves is looking for staff that don’t mind having a drink with him 🙂

ant 11:56 am 21 Apr 08

jimbocool said :

Secondly – the right to vote is called ‘suffrage’ for a reason – you suffer the choices you make when you vote.

Suffrage doesn’t mean anything to do with suffering, but while we’re on the point of voting, we voted AGAINST self government, and had it thrust upon us anyway. Canberra worked under the old system, it was low-impact governance that took care of the essentials and didn’t bother with the frills. No one is happy under this under-skilled lot who are in thrall to cowboy developers and shadowy lobbyists.

Anyone notice all the ads in the CT lately for staff for the various ACT “ministers”? Hargreaves seems to have the most staff vancancies.

Crikey 11:35 am 21 Apr 08

jimbocool please stop whinging about the whingers!

Why can’t we have a Mayor and Council look after the important things – roads, water, footpaths, sewage etc and the Commonwealth look after health, schools, law and order etc.

Canberra has become a shithole under self-government – and the Assembly attracts mainly shithole politicians like Brendan Smyth, Jackquie Burke, Karen MacDonald, John Hargreaves, Katie Gallagher, Deb Foskey, Steve Pratt.

imhotep 11:26 am 21 Apr 08

jimbocool. As one of the ‘whingers’, let me say this.

You’re right. The ACT government does have a lot of responsibilities.

MY point is that our leaders spend more time trying to dance on the national stage and not enough on the hospitals, legal systems, education systems etc, which it is their responsibilitiy to manage.

I don’t want to know what Stanhope’s view is on security issues, gay marriage, or battery hens. I want to know why you can wait up to 6 hours in the emergency dpartment of our hospital. I want to know what the ACT government is doing to secure water for our city.

(Oh and I hate to be pedantic, but suffrage is from Latin, meaning to express support, although in the ACT’s case, your definition, to suffer, is more accurate.)

Thumper 11:13 am 21 Apr 08

Some of us remember the pre self government days.

I can assure you, canberra and the ACT in general was a much, much better place to live.

jimbocool 11:09 am 21 Apr 08

Here we go again – the tired old “self-government was the worst thing to ever happen” and “we only need a council” tripe served up on the Riot. First up I’d like the whingers above to tell me of any other city council that has:
a) a pre-school, primary, secondary and tertiary education system
b) a three tiered court system – magistrates, supreme and appeals court (along with a children’s court)
c) a remand centre, weekend detention centre, and soon a prison (as well as a community corrections system)and a youth detention facility.
d)a national park
e)a primary, secondary and tertiary health system
f)the whole gamut of transport regulation – licences, roads, public transport, infrastructure
g) public and community housing
h) disability services
i) a whole heap of other stuff that you lot would no doubt be first to complain about if it didn’t meet your expectations

Now that’s a fair bit of stuff to look after, which requires departments, and departments need to report to someone that is accountable to the people – a minister, and a minister should be appointed by a parliament. And in the ACT we have the most accessible parliament in the land.

Secondly – the right to vote is called ‘suffrage’ for a reason – you suffer the choices you make when you vote. Living in an undemocatic community – the “let’s return to the NCDC days” argument is not only a rubbish viewpoint, it’s a moral cop out as well.

If you don’t like the government or the members of the Assembly, do something about it – vote ’em out or run for the Assembly yourself.

imhotep 10:19 am 21 Apr 08

I agree ant. There is not enough talent in this town to run a conventional parliament, particularly one with the grand city-state aspirations of the present incumbents. (Our ‘Attorney-General’ has an arts degree from UC, for cryin’ out loud).

It is a vicious circle. If you were a talented, successful and idealistic individual, would you want to stand behind the likes of Stanhope or Zed Seselja?

How do we get out of this?

Crikey 10:10 am 21 Apr 08

The worst thing that ever happended to the ACT was self-government. Thanks to Federal Labor. All we need is a Mayor and a local part-time Council.

I agree that people like Smyth, Burke, MacDonald, Hargreaves, Gallagher, Foskey are a waste of public money.

It’s good that the Liberals have started to work out that the likes of Smyth and Burke are bad news for their party.

ant 9:51 am 21 Apr 08

I think the way our gov’t is structured like a little Parliament puts off the kinds of people we need, and instead attracts people who are hopeful of a Federal parlimant career.

Why on earth does a city administration need an opposition? What a waste of money. All those elected people should have a real job, not being an “opposition”.

S4anta 9:45 am 21 Apr 08

Doszpot *giggle*

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