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Ben H 25 February 2008 20

I found this in today’s Chronicle, and seriously, I don’t know why this wasn’t front page news across the country.

[Ed. seems that some shopping trolley’s still want to be free range.]

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20 Responses to Make sure you’re sitting down…
bd84 bd84 9:47 pm 25 Feb 08

I noticed the supabarn in the city has put the coin locks on their trolleys, I know this because I saw one sitting out “lost” in the city. Some fool is always going to take them, the people rang up every 24 hours when they didn’t get collected are just as much of a pain I can tell you that for sure lol. I say shoot the people who leave their trolley in the middle of a car park because they are too fucking lazy to return the trolley to some sort of trolley bay or anyway out of the way too! lol

barney barney 7:20 pm 25 Feb 08

Okay, ban the trolley’s. I’ve had a gut-full.

*adds trolley’s to the “to-be-banned” list*

toriness toriness 5:30 pm 25 Feb 08

Absolutely agree with you ASP but let’s bypass the lock and just install a bomb.

ASP ASP 5:18 pm 25 Feb 08

Dumped trolleys are a problem. Not only because of the places the end up, but also because of what they are being used for. Teens riding them on the road (and through a Maccas drive though once) which is hazardous to all, and being used as a tool for vandalism. I don’t think a collection service is the answer though, a trolley locking system that prevents the trolley being taken more than a certain distance is the only way.

barney barney 2:59 pm 25 Feb 08

Did anybody catch the spelling mistake?

ant ant 1:52 pm 25 Feb 08

Sometimes the Chronicle gets stories on the front page that with a few phone calls, it could develop into a useful piece about a local issue. But it doesn’t!
The other week, they had a front pager about the traffic jams on roads leading into Canberra from the east (well, this was on the front of the Qbn version of the Chronicle). So it mentioned the problem on Pialligo and Canberra Aves, and then it just faded away. It didn’t canvass the various causes, what’s being done, or critically examine the solutions to see if they are teh best ones.

You see that a lot in local “journalism”. They’ll print stories based on press releases, without doing any useful extra digging, or examining claims critically, or researching the issue further.

You really wonder why these people went in to journalism in the first place.

Danman Danman 12:59 pm 25 Feb 08

attach bombs to the trolleys that are detonated if the said trolley leaves a certain area eg the shopping carpark.

a’la Wedlock

toriness toriness 12:18 pm 25 Feb 08

i still maintain my argument from a previous post about the rogue trolley epidemic – attach bombs to the trolleys that are detonated if the said trolley leaves a certain area eg the shopping carpark.

why are we getting pissed off with someone who isn’t the one doing the wrong thing? instead let’s take it out on the trolley thieves! they are the ones causing the problem.

bonfire bonfire 12:13 pm 25 Feb 08

charge woolowrths rent.

2 dollars a day per trolley.

RuffnReady RuffnReady 11:32 am 25 Feb 08

I called the trolley rescue line (1800 641 497) and told them where to find a bunch of lost trolleys over a fortnight ago. The trolleys are still there today.

Mr Evil Mr Evil 11:29 am 25 Feb 08

Do you think Sarah Parkes is really Jessica Wright in disguise?

I think the shopping trolley issue is something we should all think long and hard about; I mean a child could fall into one of these, get trapped and stave to death.

JD114 JD114 11:28 am 25 Feb 08

Mr Gladkeys could simply have picked them up and put them on the nature strip or a suitable nearby public space. The trolley collectors driving around would have eventually seen them and picked them up. But he wanted his 15 mins of fame and now he’s got it. Bet Rove will be interested…

Personally I believe that laws should be introduced in the ACT preventing trolleys being taken outside shopping precincts. There’s no need for even the bogans and westies in the community to trundle groceries home in a shop-owned trolley. Anyone spotted pushing a trolley outside a shopping centre, hung by the neck until dead and pay a $4.00 trolley fine I say.

The upside to that would be more funds for the gov’t and a lot less bogans walking the streets!!!!

Swaggie Swaggie 11:16 am 25 Feb 08

Given what we know from the article Maelinar I’d have taken them straight back and dumped em in the store entrance never mind the car park. I wouldn’t leave them rotting in my garden. We have to clean up after Morons to some extent, there’s ‘eff all chance that the Morons will come back and remove the items in question and rather than bleat on that Woollies aren’t doing it it’s quicker to do it yourself. If he has taken 20 or so back already I’m sure he would have mentioned it. Fully agree with the rest of your sentiments though.

Mælinar Mælinar 10:14 am 25 Feb 08

@Swaggie – it’s not his responsibility to clean up after people who are too self-indulgent to realise that shopping trolleys are intended to take to the car, not trundled all the way home.

It wouldn’t be so much of a problem if these people put the trolley in their garages (possibly also in the absence of a vehicle as they are not using one to go shopping), and returned with the trolley the next time they wanted some milk etc.

But they don’t.

Since we are hypothesising, lets also presume that mr Gladkeys has already taken 20, 30, 50 trolleys back to woolies already – but not covered by this article ?

Once his good samaritan reserves have run out, its still none of his responsibility to return the trolley, he’s an independent bystander.

So he’s upped the ante, in true ACA/TT fashion. Personally, I’d be more interested in kneecapping the wankers who take off with the trolleys, both for protection of the price margin at the shop counter, and in effort to curb the a$$hole gene that is a worse pandemic than AIDS, yet they still haven’t found a cure for either.

Swaggie Swaggie 10:05 am 25 Feb 08

Yes I saw this and laughed out loud. If Mr Gladkeys put as much effort into throwing them onto his Ute and returning them to Wooliies car park as he does in ringing up the store and the Press his problems would all ne over. And why do people blame the stores – it’s their few Moronic customers who do this not store management?

Mælinar Mælinar 9:33 am 25 Feb 08

I would also presume that ‘Aaron Gladkeys’ could offer a list of potential dumpers for his local woolworths to blacklist.

I’d love to see them enforce a ‘no trolley for you’ on some booner when they attempt to shop there, and the resultant quagmire.

lumnock lumnock 9:14 am 25 Feb 08

agreed hingo. if everyone just pushes them onto their next door neighbours yard in the general direction of the nearest woolies then we could save the woolworths trolley collectors from ever having to go through such demanding work.

Duke Duke 9:10 am 25 Feb 08

The Chronicle scooped The Canberra Times!

hingo hingo 9:01 am 25 Feb 08

I have a solution, pick up the bloody trolleys and take them back yourself you stupid coot. At the very least, dump them on your next door neighbours lawn. Problem solved.

West_Kambah_4eva West_Kambah_4eva 8:59 am 25 Feb 08


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