Maths tutor in Canberra?

Padoof 25 September 2012 4

My 16 yo daughter (year 10) has always had “issues” with maths, or to quote her “I like maths, it doesn’t like me”.  Prior to this year she maintained a B average. I think that she decided she wouldn’t need maths in College, she’s now failing and is behind is key concept areas.

She now wants to pick her grade up so she can do Maths Methods in College, if she doesn’t improve now she’ll struggle with Maths Applications.

We’d appreciate any advice and/or recommendations for a tutor.


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4 Responses to Maths tutor in Canberra?
the_law_student the_law_student 12:33 pm 19 Feb 13

Hi Padoof,
I’m reading your scenario and I’m wondering whether I can help out your daughter. Indeed It’s true that maths is very frightening if your child’s maths teacher is not enthusiastic, patient and willing to take “the extra step” to break convoluted problems into smaller pieces easier to digest. So often teachers may not realize there are some students who need to be taught differently in class, perhaps by using a different explanation. Perhaps the teacher may need to slow down when teaching complex principles and analogize and give examples comparing maths with the daily world- you’d be surprised how interrelated they are. I’ve found with my students that drawing diagrams and explaining “how this principle works” is beneficial to their understanding and confidence in Maths.

I really hope your daughter has not dropped Maths, as it is a real pity because Maths is a life skill we all should possess. Not to mention, many university courses require Maths Methods as a prerequisite. Nonetheless, all the best with her studies at college.

Link Link 12:52 pm 25 Sep 12

There’s a Canberra-based agency called Canberra Tutoring that matches students with tutors.

mog mog 11:20 am 25 Sep 12

A tutor is a good idea, that are lots of websites and companies that provide tutoring services,
I would also suggest that she works out what her weaknesses are. Most of us have at least one concept in maths that we understand/like. If she can understand what topics are harder for her to understand, it will be easier for a tutor to help her improve (by focusing on those topics).
But is there a particular reason that she wants to do Maths Methods in College? Maths Applications is still a tertiary subject right? because unless she is planning on doing a Maths focused degree in University, I would argue that Maths Applications might be better for her if she is already struggling with Maths.
Also, depending on the school, some Colleges will let you enrol in Maths Methods and if after the first term students are still struggling, they can withdraw and change to Maths Applications. But she should talk to her Maths teachers and see if they can help her too.
Hope that helps! Good Luck

inshuu inshuu 10:17 am 25 Sep 12

There’s always, works quite well.

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