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Meredith Hunter to lead the Greens

By johnboy 27 October 2008 117

The ABC radio news has lead its bulletin with news that the Greens MLA-elect from Ginninderra, Meredith Hunter, will lead the party in the Legislative Assembly.

This despite Shane Rattenbury pulling in 9555 votes in Molonglo at 0.9 of a quota compared to Meredith’s 6125 votes at 0.6 of a quota.

On the other hand one man being the leader of three women might not have been the look The Greens were going for.

We eagerly await the Greens official announcement.

UPDATED: The ABC report is now online.

ANOTHER UPDATE: The Canberra Times has an AAP story making it clear that Meredith does not want to be known as “leader” but rather as “Parliamentary Convenor”.

FURTHER UPDATE: A brief statement has now been forthcoming from the Greens. They’ve also welcomed Caroline Le Couteur on board.

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Meredith Hunter to lead the Greens
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jakez 4:49 pm 28 Oct 08

Gungahlin Al said :

“I think it’s probably more to do with the fact that 51% holding 100% of the seats sort of shows democracy up as a sham.”

Well shows single member seats up as a sham anyway. Don’t know about all of democracy in general.

Yes, a more accurate statement of my intentions.

Democracy is a sham for different reasons, haha.

caf 2:37 pm 28 Oct 08

Proportional Representation is definitely more democratic, but also more “unworkable” (“unworkable” being a nonsense word that apparently roughly translates as “inconvenient for those accustomed to holding power”).

Gungahlin Al 2:27 pm 28 Oct 08

“I think it’s probably more to do with the fact that 51% holding 100% of the seats sort of shows democracy up as a sham.”

Well shows single member seats up as a sham anyway. Don’t know about all of democracy in general.

jakez 2:20 pm 28 Oct 08

Wide Boy Jake said :

Regarding the Greens holding the balance of power. The only reason why the Hare Clark system (and the previous D’Hondt system) was introduced was because under any other system the Labor party would have won every seat. A perverse desire to penalise the Labor party for being too popular has led to the current shemozzle.

I think it’s probably more to do with the fact that 51% holding 100% of the seats sort of shows democracy up as a sham.

caf 10:37 am 28 Oct 08

Skidbladnir: and presumambly “gregarious” as well?

Skidbladnir 9:55 am 28 Oct 08

The Greens still haven’t announced this over on their own website…

Thumper 9:52 am 28 Oct 08

Speaking of which, ABC tonight at 6.00

Granny 9:50 am 28 Oct 08

I reckon Time Mob is way cooler!

Thumper 9:46 am 28 Oct 08

Yep, they had the same problem when trying to translate Time Team into latin.

It ends up as Time gang, or mob….

Skidbladnir 9:42 am 28 Oct 08

You just made parts of my brain hurt.
Short answer: No, that would be silly.

poptop 9:38 am 28 Oct 08

So it could become ‘Pro Rex, Lex et Vex’? 8-D

Skidbladnir 9:29 am 28 Oct 08

Kramer said :

Would be a nice addition to the RiotACT tag lines… “Pro Rege, Lege et Grege”, but I can’t find any reference other than wikipedia that translates “grege” to “mob”? All latin dictionaries translate it from grex : crowd, herd, flock; or gregatim : troops, crowds.

“Grege” is an ablative of Grex, just as Rege is that of Rex (King), and Leges is that of Lex(Law).
Gregatim (adj: flocking\crowding) and egregious (e grege: adj: “a thing which sets itself apart from the common grouping”), segregate(se grege: v: “To isolate from the common crowd”), aggregate (a grege: v: (“To bring into the common crowd”), and gregicide: n: “the slaughtering of the common ones”) all have a common root, namely the Grex.

I can probably find something more to back me up, but I think mobs once angered stop being ‘common people’ (ie: Grex) and become the vulgus.

Gungahlin Al 8:13 am 28 Oct 08

The issue on the housing ratings led to a campaign by GCC to get some enforcement of the scheme, and ultimately to a budget allocation of $486K this year to put someone on full-time for 4 years.

But the successful application only lasted a few weeks and went elsewhere. I chased this up with ACTPLA just last week and was advised that they were now considering “restructuring the role”.

thetruth 11:29 pm 27 Oct 08

In getting familiar with the policies of our new green friends I noticed this policy:

6. stronger ethical investment guidelines to ACT Government investments

Now no one would argue with that as a good policy, I have concerns about potential (real or percieved) conflict of interest.

Caroline Le Couteur’s bio states “Since 1991 I have been a director of the local ethical investment company, Australian Ethical Investment”

affordable 11:24 pm 27 Oct 08

Energy efficient affordable housing is easy, you just need the right environment to do it. Stanhopes ACTPLA recently increased the number blocks in new estates that have good orientation to 70%, up from 50% .. WOW? Orientation is the most important thing in getting good energy efficiency and it has no cost.

Why do we have new houses in Harrison being sold with 2 stars ??,except for a breif period this year, there has not been a audit of energy ratings for 15 years.
The problem is a regime of no penalties for non compliance.

Overheard 10:42 pm 27 Oct 08

Thumper said :

Ah… Rabid, one ‘b’ my friend 😉

Not ‘rabid’, but a word that I haven’t been able to find spelt. The following might give you some idea:

Gabby Johnson: I wash born here, an I wash raished here, and dad gum it, I am gonna die here, an no sidewindin’ bushwackin’, hornswagglin’ cracker croaker is gonna rouin me bishen cutter.

He then follows that with the word that I approximated as ‘rabbid’!

RuffnReady 10:28 pm 27 Oct 08

Arty said :

Sorry Overheard you are right we all get a subsidized house in Yarralumla and everyone gets a free hug! Do you feel better now?

Of course house prices will go up, just look at the extra crap they want added to the houses to start with. Try looking at their web site bonehead; the alarm bell should ring when people start talking about the whole life of house and more crap along that line.

You are a freakin idiot.

“All new housing should have clothes lines, solar hot water units, good insulation, and access to the sun. That can all be done affordably, so while the building costs are no more, the living costs are much less.” – ACT Greens website

Why not consider the whole life of the house? Why not bring more rationality to the way we build houses and consider thermal performance design principles such as orientation, size, proper glazing, proper materials, ventilation, appropriate use of thermal mass, etc? If you build and landscape a house properly it needs minimal heating/cooling and uses far less water, and over the life of the house will save large quantities of water and energy that would otherwise be wasted. And no, I’m NOT talking expensive add-ons like grey water recycling (one of the least cost-effective water saving measures), I’m talking least-cost effective design. That is the sort of thing the Greens will work towards, as they state above.

California’s minimum housing standard would rate 7 stars on our scale – why not improve? That is actually forward-looking sustainability policy.


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