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By Echidna - 26 November 2008 57

[First filed: November 17, 2008 @ 15:37]

Hey guys. 

I’m new to Riotact but I really need your help.

8 days ago a ferret named Jules went missing from Sid Barnes Cres in Gordon (right near the shops).

The chances of finding her alive are really really slim, I know that – but please if you see her, see anything that might help her be located please contact the Ferret Society of Canberra on 0428 7466 20 Her name is Jules.

She is a lovely sable (brown) ferret girl. She is very very small (approx 600g) and of lovely nature. She has a microchip.

We have contacted everyone we can possibly think of. You guys are my last hope. Please help!

Not knowing is just so terribly difficult!

Thanks all


UPDATED: prhhccd has commented that Jules has been found:

    Hey guys, you’re never going to believe this: Jules was found in Holder on Monday! She’s alive and well, only a bit shaken. Thank you all so much for your support and well wishes. We really appreciate it!
    Leanne (the owner) wanted me to post this:
    When you get a chance would you mind posting a thank you on RiotACT for me
    please for all the good wishes, sensible questions and overall care for
    Jussy’s safe return that people posted.

    So thank you all, we were so overwhelmed that Jules got back ok. Really unexpected after two weeks!

    Please remember that if you see a ferret walking the streets, it is someone’s pet (they cannot survive in the wild here for long), please pick it up and call the Ferret Society of Canberra. Thanks all!

By popular demand, here’s a picture of Jules:

What’s Your opinion?

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57 Responses to
fox 8:12 am 18 Nov 08

Ferrets like to hide and burrow into things – often digging holes on the underside of your couch to create their little hideaways. They prefer to sleep in dark and enclosed spaces, so if they come across a home they might end up in the garage, under the house or wherever else they can find a neat little space to curl up in.

Thumper 7:50 am 18 Nov 08

Poor little ferret. She’ll be terrified. I hope you find her her.

futto 12:12 am 18 Nov 08

Ferrets cant climb(they will try though). They are like meekats.

ant 11:14 pm 17 Nov 08

Chihuahuas love chicken necks, too. I have NO idea what they see in them, but there you go. They fiercely munch away, making awful noises, and see off anyone who might be going to take their chicken neck (as if).

I hope this little ferret is OK, I wonder where they go? Do they shack up in an old tree or roof of someone’s shed? Animals get confused and go off sometimes… one of our dogs spent the night on the airport runway after fleeing from a large dog monstering everyone.

Granny 6:39 pm 17 Nov 08

Oh, I hope somebody finds her!!

fox 6:29 pm 17 Nov 08

if it’s the same jules – about 6-7 inches long, with a sweet little face.

futto 6:24 pm 17 Nov 08

i lost one of my sable female ferrets this time last year….very very sad. I door knocked and put flyers up. No luck.

Granny 6:18 pm 17 Nov 08

Just how tiny is she, fox? Like six inches maybe?

fox 6:15 pm 17 Nov 08

because you’re smarter than the rest of us =D

if it’s the jules i remember, she is REALLY tiny! and no, you wouldn’t lose a finger if you picked her up.

if by chance someone does come across her you can gain her trust and/or coax her out by offering her a chicken neck. seriously. they love those things.

Granny 4:57 pm 17 Nov 08

Why don’t they make those microchip thingies with GPS or transmitters or something? Why do I have to think of everything?

DoZeR 4:53 pm 17 Nov 08

lol i didnt know there was a Ferret Society eather. mint =]

MRJ 4:32 pm 17 Nov 08

There’s a Ferret Society in Canberra? I’ve been living a lie!

tylersmayhem 4:29 pm 17 Nov 08

…someone had to bring this up – are Thomas Sorahan and Adriano Larobina behind bars yet. I’d be knocking on their doors first.

Skidbladnir 4:10 pm 17 Nov 08

Okay, lets say I lived in the vicinity (I don’t), but knew very little about ferrets, and their behaviours when outdoors.

Where would be the best place to look?
What do I do if I find him?
Should I try and coax her out of wherever she is hiding with a slice of ham, slice of cheese, or a dead mouse?
Can she be picked up without losing fingers\pints of blood?

candelabra 4:03 pm 17 Nov 08

I hope you find your little Jules.

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