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Move over – a pollie wants their hair cut

By babscott1 - 5 December 2008 19

Recently I was sitting in my office when my colleague got a phone call. After a few gasps, huffs and reluctant ok’s she was off the phone.

Due to the commotion on the phone, I wanted to know what was going on (the up side of an open plan office).

My colleague told me the story… She had booked herself into the hairdresser at parliament house for a colour, cut and blow dry. Now my colleague had used this hairdresser numerous times and has recommended a lot of people to her. But the phone call was to let her know that her booking had been cancelled (she had been bumped OFF the booking sheet) because “a notable politician urgently needs a haircut” and that can my colleague book another appointment but there are no spaces until January?!

Point taken people need haircuts – but this isn’t something that just SPRINGS up on you!

Hairdressers…love them or hate them?

What’s Your opinion?

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19 Responses to
Move over – a pollie wants their hair cut
ant 11:38 am 07 Dec 08

You all forgot: the best post office in Canberra. There is NO ONE there. You can wander in with your parcels, your tricky postage and other tasks, your passport renewal, and the staff cluster round in excitment at having a customer.

It’s at the top of those marble stairs, next to the public cafeteria (where you can take your food outside and consume it right over the crest at the front of parly house, fighting off marauding magpies).

johnboy 10:19 am 07 Dec 08

Oh, little men with mirrors on the end of sticks looking for bombs before sitting weeks, how cool is that?

johnboy 10:16 am 07 Dec 08

You forgot the Medical station, the members’ dining room (available to non-member pass-holders on non-sitting days), a superb art collection, free foxtel in all rooms, free underground parking, backup power generation (diesel)… OK… I think that’s it….

Ozhair 9:56 am 07 Dec 08

What other delights? Hmmm…

Aussie’s cafe
Staff cafeteria (currently closed for refurbishment)
Child care centre (under construction)
Fitness centre with squash courts, fully equipped gym, indoor pool, spa and regular aerobics classes
Flight-booking centre
Westpac bank branch
Library, with a newspaper room stocking almost every Aus newspaper, plus the major international ones

And that’s about it, really 😉

farnarkler 7:08 am 07 Dec 08

What other delights does parliament house have that the uninformed don’t know about? Cinema? Bowling alley? Secret tunnel to DFAT?

Weaselburger 10:52 am 06 Dec 08


G-Fresh 10:19 am 06 Dec 08

lol this has got to cut deep

BerraBoy68 10:00 am 06 Dec 08

bigfeet said :

I can’t understand why she didn’t just buy a pair of scissors and then go to the park and cut her own hair.

LOL! Walks to Poolroom…

54-11 9:59 am 06 Dec 08

I don’t know about the new hairdresser at PH, but when Lizzie Walters ran it, she would have made alternative arrangements for anyone who got bumped like this. Lizzie was at the old and new houses for many years until her retirement last year, and there were several PH hairdressers before her. I don’t know how long this goes back, but it is many, many years.

bigfeet 9:44 am 06 Dec 08

I can’t understand why she didn’t just buy a pair of scissors and then go to the park and cut her own hair.

Weaselburger 9:37 am 06 Dec 08

yeah but apparently the beef stroggonoff meal isn’t very big

as for the haircut is that where peter garett goes?

I-filed 8:37 am 06 Dec 08

At least the cafe makes politicians queue along with the minions …

phototext 8:12 am 06 Dec 08

I’m guessing that part of the lease deal for being located at Parliament House is that the politicians get preference over ordinary customers. The hairdresser may have had no choice over the matter.

That said, I agree, a haircut just doesn’t spring up on you. Reflects well on them as being organised, planning ahead, running the country etc etc.

farnarkler 3:30 am 06 Dec 08

Did I read correctly; a hairdresser in parliament house? Are the pollies that bad that they can’t get driven into Civic or Manuka or Kingston to get their locks trimmed?

futto 1:07 am 06 Dec 08

she didn’t even find out who it was! My guess that it was Julie bishop. I predict that her helmet would require some serious real-time maintenance.

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