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My dog + Your dog = ?

By weeziepops - 14 March 2009 50

Every night I put my stafford on his lead and head out for a walk.  He stays on his lead for the duration of the walk and I pick up his poop in accordance with requirements.  In short, we don’t impact negatively on anyone as we enjoy our evening stroll. 

Last night, I had to contend with two very yappy Pomeranians who stopped traffic by standing in the middle of the road and barking at us before deciding to push their luck by coming over to have a go at my dog.  I then enjoyed an interaction with a woman who, seeing that I was holding my dog back from the path, deigned to unglue her mobile phone from her ear long enough to assure me that her dog (off lead, of course, and eager to spend some quality time in my personal space) was “harmless”. 

That’s great, I told her, but how do you know mine is? 

In fact, he isn’t great with other dogs – I keep him on a lead and expect other dog owners to do the same.  And if my dog behaved the way those Pomeranians did, I’m sure people would be baying for his blood. 

What’s Your opinion?

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50 Responses to
My dog + Your dog = ?
Whatsup 2:36 pm 15 Mar 09

My big dog is frequently snapped growled and barked at by little dogs either on or off lead in parks. He often ends up hiding behind my legs, all 39kg of him.

astrojax 10:10 am 15 Mar 09

good on ya, weeziepops, for your responsible dog ownership. i have a rotty, who is a big sook and intensely friendly, wanting to play with everything and everyone. she walks in the street on a lead but is free to interact with other dawgs in the oval, and when she fetches (sometimes!) the ball…

i know she’s pure friendship [as she nuzzles under my arm licking me while i am trying to type this!] but get annoyed when little yappy things think it their right to yelp, snap and attack her as we pass on the street. there is a bit of an alpha female dog next door and while my dog is still always wanting to play, dognextdoor still gets snippy on occasion and they wrestle – mine, in play, still manages to dominate the neighbour who is in earnest, so i wouldn’t like to have her (mine) ever in a real fight.

but her nature is to slobber, not slaughter…

it’s a great pity more owners aren’t more responsible, and we’d all get along, innit!

Thumper 6:57 pm 14 Mar 09

I often wonder who would be at fault if a dog on lead had a good snap at an off-lead intruder? If some damage was done, which owner would be held accountable. I would hope it was the off-lead dog but am not sure?

My fat little football muppethound once chomped some ute driving bogan’s alsation on the snout. Alsation ran away, bogan was going to punch my lights out becaue all I could do was laugh while his bogan dog cowered behind his ute.

Fcku that was funny…

ant 6:47 pm 14 Mar 09

Yep, our 13 year old 3-legged chihuahua starts more fights now than she ever did.

deezagood 6:46 pm 14 Mar 09

I often wonder who would be at fault if a dog on lead had a good snap at an off-lead intruder? If some damage was done, which owner would be held accountable. I would hope it was the off-lead dog but am not sure?

poptop 6:46 pm 14 Mar 09

That sounds exactly like my my dog! She is the scourge of backyard starlings.

Thumper 6:44 pm 14 Mar 09

My dog is a hairy fat, old, blind muppet and will fight anything that moves.

Thus she is never let off the lead or out on her own.

rottweiler 6:23 pm 14 Mar 09

i have the same problem i’ve had many disagreements with a lady who walks her 3 maltesse’s off leads at our local oval yapping at everything they see we (my 8 year old girls and partner)had too change where we walk our dogs 3 rottweilers all on leads and halters as we feared for our dogs attacking them if they invaded their personal space as one is not good with other dogs after beening attacked itself as a puppy.
we were informed that even if her dogs are off the lead and our were on their on theirs we would more than likely lose our beloved pets if they attacked her dogs although we weren’t in the wrong

outdoormagoo 6:23 pm 14 Mar 09

weeziepops, I have 2 purebred Bull Mastiffs and people crap them selves when the 3 of us come down the street. However the little yapyap dog next door has bitten at least 3 people, myself, their owner and my wife, and my dogs have never threatened anyone. My dogs also do not yap or bark, as they are well loved, fed and cared for.

What is the point of stupid little dogs which serve no purpose but to annoy people.

weeziepops 5:51 pm 14 Mar 09

And given how much money owners of special breed small dogs are prepared to pay for them, I would have thought they would want to protect their investment a bit better – two small dogs versus traffic as well as versus me and my dog, well, the odds aren’t really in their favour. These dogs don’t know any better, but their owners should. Next time, I’ll be taking my dog home and going back to pick up the poms and take them to the RSPCA so they have to pay a reclaim fee to get them back – might make them consider keeping their pets in their yard.

PB – staffords do get a bad rap for no good reason, but it’s nothing to how people react to my poor old mastiff cross. Talk about passing sentence before determining guilt or otherwise! It comes down to people whose poor ownership practices impact on undeserving dogs.

pelican 5:47 pm 14 Mar 09

Well no-one ever said dog owners were a considerate bunch if the continous yapping of a dog three houses up is any indication.

All kudos to responsible pet owners but thumbs down to the selfish ones who don’t care about shift workers needing their sleep.

gun street girl 5:41 pm 14 Mar 09

Agreed. Despite that, they don’t seem to sense that even a restrained big dog will make a meal of them if they go looking for trouble. Hence, it’s up to the owners of these guileless little dogs to keep them out of harm’s way.

ant 5:29 pm 14 Mar 09

Yes, small dogs will often go out of their way to pick fights. They’re often quite savage and seem to like fighting, the bigger the other dog the better.

threepaws 4:42 pm 14 Mar 09

Pomeranians and other small dogs have little man syndrome.

Pommy bastard 3:50 pm 14 Mar 09

Staffy’s are lovely dogs with an undeserved reputation. (I’m biased)

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