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My dog + Your dog = ?

By weeziepops 14 March 2009 50

Every night I put my stafford on his lead and head out for a walk.  He stays on his lead for the duration of the walk and I pick up his poop in accordance with requirements.  In short, we don’t impact negatively on anyone as we enjoy our evening stroll. 

Last night, I had to contend with two very yappy Pomeranians who stopped traffic by standing in the middle of the road and barking at us before deciding to push their luck by coming over to have a go at my dog.  I then enjoyed an interaction with a woman who, seeing that I was holding my dog back from the path, deigned to unglue her mobile phone from her ear long enough to assure me that her dog (off lead, of course, and eager to spend some quality time in my personal space) was “harmless”. 

That’s great, I told her, but how do you know mine is? 

In fact, he isn’t great with other dogs – I keep him on a lead and expect other dog owners to do the same.  And if my dog behaved the way those Pomeranians did, I’m sure people would be baying for his blood. 

Rules apply to little dogs, too, you know!

What’s Your opinion?

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My dog + Your dog = ?
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Calamity 1:17 pm 25 Jul 11

Hank said :

Not all small dogs should get a bad rap. I have a pug and almost every dog growls at him; his reaction is to lie on his back and expose his fat tummy ready to be eaten. On the other hand I have to say I’ve have never met a normal toy poodle, they all snap and bark and are overall horrible animals (the ones I’ve met).

I have a little shih tzu and am mortified to say that he has started growling & barking at big (friendly) dogs! I say to him (cause you know, he understands human) ‘WHAT are you doing??! He could have you in one bite!’ – but at the business end, I will a) always tell him off for starting fights so as to try & teach him better behaviour and b) keep him on a lead at all times in public spaces. I do this as much for his safety (he is tiny – it would not end well for him) as I do it for the other dogs – because I hate to think that he would bait a big dog, big dog would bite him, and big dog would be the one put down. Really not fair – so as a small dog lover, I am 100% behind the big dog owners here!

Just because they are wee does not mean they can’t cause significant trouble!

Hank 12:55 pm 25 Jul 11

Not all small dogs should get a bad rap. I have a pug and almost every dog growls at him; his reaction is to lie on his back and expose his fat tummy ready to be eaten. On the other hand I have to say I’ve have never met a normal toy poodle, they all snap and bark and are overall horrible animals (the ones I’ve met).

Pokerface 12:38 pm 25 Jul 11

A vet told me that if every dog was kept on the lead when they were on walks he’d be out of business! Save your pocket and keep your dog on a lead. That way it can’t run onto the road or attack people or other dogs, and prevent it being attacked (hopefully). I’d love for my dog to run free but there are too many hazzards out there, and I love her too much. It’s a small sacrifice to ensure I’ll have her till old age. And she loves her walks, on the lead or off!

peterh 3:56 pm 16 Mar 09

Madame Workalot said :

Thank you Holden, I was trying to find words for that sentiment but couldn’t do it without being nasty!

Dogs by their very nature are unpredictable. They cannot be expected to be kept completely under control of their owner by verbal command only. It is our responsibility as pet owners to ensure they are under complete control in variable areas, for their own safety as well as the safety of others.

if you let a dog off the leash in an area where i and my kids are, even if you cannot see me, you put my children at risk. off leash areas are designed so that littlies can walk at the park without fear.

if joycestanton’s dog came bounding up to me, with my kids, I don’t care how trained the dog is. my kids aren’t trained to react calmly, they will carry on a treat. or run away, or do something the dog won’t expect. and then I will be forced to use my big walking stick to defend them.

I don’t do it often. i haven’t needed to. but saying that your dog off the leash because there aren’t any victims around, well, that is a bit of a joke. How do you know? and for the record, all 3 kids are allergic to dogs. we operate a strict no dogs policy in my house, the last thing I need is to spend a week in hospital whilst the kids struggle to breathe.

oh, and would you walk across the oval / park or area you were in to bag their droppings? off leash, they can go where they please.

Furry Jesus 3:43 pm 16 Mar 09

astrojax said :

three post nutbag.

someone had to say it. ; )


imarty 2:44 pm 16 Mar 09

I went to a zoo on the weekend and it only had a dog in it. It was a Shi-Tzu.

astrojax 1:23 pm 16 Mar 09

three post nutbag.

someone had to say it. ; )

Furry Jesus 11:02 am 16 Mar 09

bloody italics

Furry Jesus 10:59 am 16 Mar 09

Madame Workalot said :

JoyceStanton said :

I think you’re wrong. How about someone who is absolutely terrified of dogs? … Alternatively, if you’re not prepared to take your dog to a designated area for them to run free, you should consider a cat instead.

Couldn’t agree more MW. Who speaks for the dog-phobic? As for cats, don’t get me started on cat-owners who take no responsibility for their little predators’ killing off the local wildlife (Princess Jesus, I hope you’re reading this).

Furry Jesus 10:54 am 16 Mar 09

I always call Domestic Animal Services when I see dogs roaming unsupervised. Having been a big dog owner for most of my life, I understand that people who don’t know my dogs will often feel a bit nervous/anxious/terrified by them when they come bounding up, so I never take them anywhere without a leash, and I always live in houses with big fences to keep them in.

Owners who can’t see beyond how their cute little poochie behaves at home and are dismissive of the need to err on the side of caution for the people who live on the other side of their little picket-fenced dream world need a solid wake-up call. I know of several cases of children being bitten by local dogs and the owners always seem to respond with some dumb-assed sentiment about how little poochie’s never done anything like that before…or worse “the child must have done something to provoke him…”

I can’t see community education having much impact, as many of the owners of unsupervised dogs are so blind/naive/self-centred that they assume it’s always the other person/dog/dog owner. Can we have open season for roaming dogs, perhaps one month a year, where the local citizenry can gun up and hoon around the streets shooting the loose ones and draping their carcasses over the bonnet (no, I’m not particularly sentimental about pets). Might get over the threshold of some selfish owners – might being the operative word.

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