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Myer Public Service Christmas Shopping Offer Thurs 14 and Fri 15 Dec 2006

podfink 15 December 2006 26

I have just got an email with a PDF flyer stating that

“…Myer would like to thank you and your families for supporting our stores throughout the year! We are delighted to announce a special Christmas Shopping Offer to all Public Service employees and their families.

On Thursday 14 and Friday 15 December, you will have access to an additional 10% discount storewide, over and above the fantastic promotional offers already available at Myer Canberra City, Myer Belconnen and Myer Tuggeranong.

By presenting this flier you can make use of this special event with your Christmas shopping….”

Can anyone verify that they have actually got the 10% off?

[ED – and many thanks to the great number of you who helpfully emailed the flyer in]

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26 Responses to Myer Public Service Christmas Shopping Offer Thurs 14 and Fri 15 Dec 2006
Felix the Cat Felix the Cat 4:25 pm 18 Dec 11

James-T-Kirk said :

Now, to ebay some of the crap, and reap the profit – Ahhh, ebay – The place where you can get $50 for something you brought for $20….

Usually works the other way around for me. 🙁

PantsMan PantsMan 4:22 pm 18 Dec 11

poetix said :

And it came to pass that a five year old thread was reborn to them…

Most treads can be revived with a mention of public service bashing.

Valleyboy Valleyboy 4:08 pm 18 Dec 11

Oops, sorry. I got here from another link, just saw “15 Dec” and didn’t notice the year. *blush*

Mods, how about deleting my brainfart?

poetix poetix 3:40 pm 18 Dec 11

And it came to pass that a five year old thread was reborn to them…

Valleyboy Valleyboy 3:17 pm 18 Dec 11

Hear! hear! LurkerGal.

Two questions for all the people hating on public servants:

1. Are you an Australian citizen?
2. Are you a person of good character (ie, no serious criminal record)?

If so, then you too are eligible to enjoy the benefits that you envy public servants for. To succeed like a public servant, do what public servants already did: sit the competitive general entrance exam, or apply to be considered in a merit-competitive selection process for an advertised position. It helps if, like many public servants, you’re prepared to leave family and friends behind and relocate to Canberra or somewhere else where you otherwise might never have thought of moving to.

Living in Canberra and bitching about public servants is as pointless as living in Mount Isa and complaining that the place is full of miners. Without a federal public service to drive it, there would be no Canberra. If there had been a natural economic rationale for a large regional city in Canberra’s location, such a city would’ve been well underway growing in the nineteenth century. There wasn’t any such city here. In all likelihood, nearby Goulburn would simply have been a bit bigger if Canberra hadn’t been created..

Mr_Shab Mr_Shab 3:12 pm 15 Dec 06

I was going to say “be as a sure rock in the stream and let the it flow over you, Grasshopper”.

I just wanted to see if anyone would bite at “my taxes pay your wages”.

James-T-Kirk James-T-Kirk 2:50 pm 15 Dec 06

Have a great christmas VY!!!

It’s all tooo easy…

Take care LurkerGal – Have a good one as well…

James-T-Kirk James-T-Kirk 2:47 pm 15 Dec 06

Shit, It’s just like Chistmas – I printed the PDS, and the checkout chick didn’t bat an eyelid –

Now, to ebay some of the crap, and reap the profit – Ahhh, ebay – The place where you can get $50 for something you brought for $20….

simto simto 2:45 pm 15 Dec 06

Bugger all, my taxes pay your consultancy fees…

VYBerlinaV8 VYBerlinaV8 2:45 pm 15 Dec 06

Hook, line and sinker…

Mr Evil Mr Evil 2:41 pm 15 Dec 06

Hey, my taxes pay your wages: what are you buying me for Christmas???

Mr_Shab Mr_Shab 2:33 pm 15 Dec 06

Relax LG – let it wash over you, like bone-headed comments like “my taxes pay your wages”.

LurkerGal LurkerGal 2:27 pm 15 Dec 06

Get over and and stop your whinging. If it’s that important to you, join the public service. Fer Chrissakes! And for the record, anyone can join a union, not just the public service.

People who work at Coles Myer get discounts there. People who work in other service industries get associated discounts.

I am SO FUCKING SICK of the public service bashing.

Fiona Fiona 1:29 pm 15 Dec 06

So, which public service do you need to be to get this? Do you need to show id? etcetc

James-T-Kirk James-T-Kirk 1:24 pm 15 Dec 06

Ohhh, Poor blody VY, obvuiously didn’t get the 15% raise I got.!!!

VYBerlinaV8 VYBerlinaV8 1:23 pm 15 Dec 06

Where’s our fucking union when we need them.

James-T-Kirk James-T-Kirk 1:23 pm 15 Dec 06

VY, Yea, We should learn to whine, just like them, that will fix things.

VYBerlinaV8 VYBerlinaV8 1:22 pm 15 Dec 06

Yeah, bloody public servants get all the breaks. Someone should some controls on their behaviour. I think it’s really unfair how people employed for the public good get to use that position to gain unfair advantages.

James-T-Kirk James-T-Kirk 1:20 pm 15 Dec 06

Looks like another example of Public Servants getting an unfair advantage(tm).

Hmmm, I wonder how the teachers are going in sorting out the 3-4% crap.

podfink podfink 11:23 am 15 Dec 06

Any chance emd can email the flyers for Sussan and Target?

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