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New housing tract for West Belconnen. 4,500 homes

By johnboy - 5 June 2013 63

The Riverview Group have announced their grand vision for West Belconnen as well as letting us know about themselves and their CEO David Maxwell:

The Riverview Group has welcomed today’s announcement of its partnership with the ACT Government to develop 4,500 homes in West Belconnen.

The first stage, on land adjacent to Holt and West Macgregor, contains 400 blocks of land with the first 200 blocks of land planned to be available in 2015.

“We’re delighted with today’s ACT Government announcement of the project and look forward to the next phase being the rezoning process,” said Riverview Group Managing Director David Maxwell. “Our aim is to deliver affordable housing. We will offer a range of house and land options from smaller detached dwellings all the way up to larger residential lots. There will be something for all home buyers.”

The West Belconnen development is 13km from Civic and 6 km’s from the Belconnen Town Centre.

UPDATE: Andrew Barr has chimed in, apparently everything’s about “transformation” now:

The ACT Government is continuing its transformation of the Territory by today announcing a major new residential development in west Belconnen.

The Government has entered into a partnership arrangement with locally owned land development company The Riverview Group to construct 4,500 new homes adjacent to Holt and West Macgregor, accommodating about 12,000 people, over the next decade.

It will be a boost for housing affordability and a stimulus for the construction sector.

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63 Responses to
New housing tract for West Belconnen. 4,500 homes
cranky 7:17 pm 05 Jun 13

This has everything to do with NSW developments in Googong (and highly likely Tralee) being considerably more affordable than the current overpriced, over taxed offerings in Weston Creek and Gungahlin.

Given that economy is the key, it will be interesting to see what ludicrous sighting/solar orientation/overshadowing impediments will be imposed.

I am all in favour of selling affordable housing blocks onto the market. But at every turn, the ACT Gov is seen to be extracting the maximum dollar for the square metre, and then compelling very expensive design rules on the builders plans.

Doc Dogg 7:09 pm 05 Jun 13

Pork Hunt said :

Is it a new suburb? What name if so?

Well it is close to the chicken farm so how about Sanders 😉

KeenGolfer 7:08 pm 05 Jun 13

So looks like it’s both sides of Stockdill Drive behind the golf course all the way through to Southern Cross Drive to the power station and old tip area/current industrial area.

Jim Jones 6:41 pm 05 Jun 13

Pork Hunt said :

Is it a new suburb? What name if so?

They should call it ‘Bourbon Estates’

Pork Hunt 6:30 pm 05 Jun 13

Is it a new suburb? What name if so?

CicsoKid 6:14 pm 05 Jun 13

The website eventually leads here…

There is your location.

thatsnotme 6:07 pm 05 Jun 13

I’d love to know where they’re going to put these houses. If it’s the area next to the existing West Macgregor development, then residents can look forward to views of the electricity substation, the sounds of the dog boarding kennel, Canberra Sand and Gravel (plus various other landscaping places), and on a good day the aroma of the Parkwood Eggs factory.

It’s sure to be affordable, because nobody who could possibly afford to live anywhere else would choose to live that close to what’s basically an industrial estate.

JC 6:04 pm 05 Jun 13

As a Belco (Macgregor) boy from way back I am trying to figure out where this is. Next to Holt is the golf course, the main power feed for Canberra and the old tip site.

Next to Macgregor (west Macgregor doesn’t exist as a suburb) there is a small amount of land that has the old shit works, then the old tip (and current asbestos tip), Parkwood Eggs and the West Belconnen industrial estate.

So both places not really suitable I would have thought.

Then there is Dunlop with vacant land heading towards the boarder and the Jaramlee farm in NSW and Gininderra Drive heading there but ending. If anywhere this is about the only suitable land out that way.

The Canberra Crimes has a map but only small and no map on the links above.

JC 5:57 pm 05 Jun 13

Col1234 said :

I hope they upgrade the roads first so they dont have another Cotter Road mess.

One of the funniest posts I’ve seen on this site. Funny because Cotter Road is being upgraded NOW before all the extra people move into Molonglo. So not exactly sure what you want done differently.

Mike Bessenger 5:40 pm 05 Jun 13

Great, who’s going to want to live next to a waste tip, asbestos tip, waste lands, Belconnens largest substation and get a nice wiff of shit everyday from the poo factory.
At least they will all be kept warm with CSG’s monthly fires.

Very poor access to this area, what the fuck are they thinking….oh money, that’s right

p1 4:19 pm 05 Jun 13

Wow, shame they didn’t know about this when they took the cheapest option possible ‘fixing’ those intersections on Southern Cross Dr.

But I guess they can transform them too after a few people get killed….

Or, they could remove all those speed cushions on Spofforth St and route the additional traffic that way.

Col1234 4:15 pm 05 Jun 13

I hope they upgrade the roads first so they dont have another Cotter Road mess.

johnboy 3:39 pm 05 Jun 13


ML-585 3:02 pm 05 Jun 13

Great. More traffic along Southern Cross Drive!

Jerry Atric 2:27 pm 05 Jun 13

I hope that the planning is also sensitive enough to allow the houses to keep the rural views which are some of the best in Canberra.

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