31 May 2008

Norvan ... the Maverick?

| NarrabundahResident
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This week I received a brochure in my mailbox advertising this new Community Alliance Party. Seeing that the election is only a few months away I am quite sure that it wont be the last. The brochure promised open government, improved services and lower rates and charges this seems like they are on the right track but I am skeptical how they are going to achieve all of this.

In the brochure there was a short biography of the CAP’s Molonglo candidate Norvan Vogt. He seemed quite interesting, so I did a bit of research on the internet just to see if this guy was legitimate and I found his email interview on this site. He got a fairly good review from the posters on this site but there is something I can’t understand. It seems that he has the credentials to be a good MLA, lots of community service, small business background, post graduate education and has experience as a representative, having been involved in many leadership roles and so on. However it all seems too good to be true, why would someone of his calibre throw his weight behind the CAP, a new and untested party?

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Norvan has my vogt!

I am also pro-gabling, Norvan!

: )

I first met Norvan a few years ago. In all my dealings with him i find him to be a very admirable person.

I wish him all the best in his political endeavors.

CraigFromCurtin12:13 pm 06 Jun 08

I’ve actually met Norvan and I think he’s just what we need. Go Norvan!

Ingeegoodbee11:21 am 04 Jun 08

My concerns about the CAP are on the record already Norvan, but by any measure you’d have to be seen as an asset for that group.

Sounds good to me!

Hello All

I would like to put a hold on people defending me on my behalf (I don’t want a Margo Kingston episode), I welcome your support but I can speak for my self, and I also don’t dig the personality cult thing. I don’t post a lot on the RiotAct because I don’t think that many of the rioters appreciate the RiotAct being used as a dumping ground for media releases and contrived opinions from political hacks masquerading as anonymous posters. I really like the Riot Act because of its free speech and lack of spin and I embrace any legitimate criticism that comes my way. If I didn’t have a thick skin I wouldn’t be in this battle.

I would like to clarify a few things that have been said, just to remain transparent.

# I did not work on Marry Porters campaign nor did I work on the Democrats Campaign in 2004. I was just back from Costa Rica and I was not involved in local politics at the time

# Micheal Hissink was not my uncle, he was a very close family friend and due to Dutch tradition I usually refereed to him as Oom (Dutch for uncle) Micheal. He was a great mentor and the world is a colder place with out him.

# I did meet with Bill Stefaniak after the federal election, but I won’t comment on what was said that is a private matter.

# Being of Dutch decent, I am actually pro-gables, they important part of architecture 🙂 sorry thumper I hope that would not stop you from voting for me but it is very important for me to state my position on this 🙂

#I received close to 2% of the vote, which was the second best result for the Democrats in the country after Andrew Bartlett. I would have liked 4% to get the funding but I am very proud of the result my team of 10 and I achieved on a budget of less than $1000.

# I’ve been riding a motorbike as my main mode of transport since I was 17. I currently ride an old restored BMW R80 called Gretel. It took me 2 years to find her and another year to get her on the road.

To answer the first question, I am basically running because I have had a gut full of what has been going on in my town and I want to stop the rot.

Re: Skidbladnir question – I helped start the Alliance so there is not a pervasive dominant ideology that everyone worships, because ideology gets in the way of getting good outcomes. Sure we are a collection of issue groups and activists (save our schools, Bushfire survivors, Tharwa bridge and many others) but the one thing that unites all of us is the lack of good, transparent, accountable government in the ACT. The election is not until October I have a lot of work to do, all I ask is that you judge me on my actions and outcomes not on hype, spin and hysteria.

Cheers for your attention,

Norvan Vogt
Candidate for Molonglo
Community Alliance Party.

Don’t say that he has never done anything! You have no idea about you are talking about. Norvan has done plenty. When he was 17 he was running his own IT Company. When he was 21, he was working for AusAID on his first posting. When he was 23 he delivered a whitepaper to 300 people at a major UN Symposium on volunteering. By the time he was 25 he was running his own Aid projects in Latin America. When he was 27 (having dropped out of high school when he was teenager) he worked his way, by going to night school, into a masters degree at UNSW.

wonderwoman802:01 pm 03 Jun 08

No defiantly Cute not Hot – cute/suave. He doesn’t do that ‘popped collar’, ‘chesty shirt’ ‘spiked hair’ what-a-Tool-look that most see as hot! Like Brad Pit is hot but Norv is more like George Clooney – suave.

In the last federal election, the Democrats were even more on the political fringe than the Citizens Electoral Council.
How’s -that- for a self-destructive once-proud party.

Can Norvan explain why he was willing to beat the drum for a (politically) dead horse then, and what is different this time?

Georgetee, I agree – I can’t believe the amount energy and effort he spent on the Democrat’s last election. They where a dead duck long before last election with no hope of achieving anything, the quicker they die off the better I say the Greens will take their place. How the hell can you vote for a party that can’t even manage them selves never alone work out who they are and what they stand for? The Democrats have been a dead party since when Cheryl Kernot left them. It has been depressing to see a once proud party like the Democrats convulsing in self hate in the process of their death-throws. Norvan was an absolute idiot for running for them! many of us tried to persuade him to not run for them. He gave up a lot of money and screwed his job prospects and barely passed Uni, all for what? Apparently he felt that he was obligated to run for them for some strange reason. As far as the alliance goes I think that they have a 50/50 chance. Either way they certainly have the ALP shit sacred!

This guy is just another want to be like Zed, never achieved anything and who now wants a cushy job and look important. You have to do more than just look good in a suit to get elected. Democrats and now the CAP he must like loosing! You could see that the Democrats where going down the toilet a mile off, the CAP will go the same way!

Not really … it’s more that he is Hot than Cute! ;-}

emd said :

Being relatively young goes in his favour, I think. The Legislative Assembly is a bit lacking in younger people who understand what’s going on. Plus it’s nice to see a candidate turn up to give a speech with motorcycle helmet in hand 🙂

Better than a gay bike helmet and lycra pants anyway.

I think I remember a picture of him on a motorbike on TroyWilliams.com.au
But its also possible that the image of Brendan Nelson on a motorbike has just been mentally superimposed over all potential Liberal candidates.

Jonathon Reynolds11:08 am 02 Jun 08

Skidbladnir said :

Didn’t Astonishing Troy buzz around town on a motorbike?

Troy has a SAAB convertable.

Didn’t Astonishing Troy buzz around town on a motorbike?

Being relatively young goes in his favour, I think. The Legislative Assembly is a bit lacking in younger people who understand what’s going on. Plus it’s nice to see a candidate turn up to give a speech with motorcycle helmet in hand 🙂

two points georgetee

1. Just because Norvan is not on every community council and lobby group like the usual suspects tarting them selves around for media exposure does not mean that he has got no community profile! He has been volunteering with the Salvos in Canberra for many years; he helped start the street van and volunteers in the refuge. He has been part of local Scouts for 22years, got a queen scouts award and his BP award. His worked for local NGO’s like Volunteering ACT. He has been on the board of the local YMCA. besides just look how many people voted below the line for him last election.

2. Why would the other parties want to recruit him well…

Norvan has long standing connection to the conservation movement in the ACT, being the nephew of the late Michael Hissink and having set up the ecoACTion website back in the late 90’s for the ACT Conservation Council he also worked on many eco-housing concepts like the ecovilla project with Corcon. Also during the 2007 Fed campaign he turned up to a number of Greens events even after the preferences debacle.

He is one hell of a social activist, every thing from protesting against homelessness and gabling, right through to being on a number of Federal government boards such as Defence Support Council and the Digital Divide forum. Norvan also worked for Mary Porter MLA at Volunteering ACT for 3 years and helped her with her campaign in 2004.

His grandfather, his father and Norvan all owned business for many years in Canberra. Every posting that he went on overseas has a small business development aspect to it such as working for the Chamber of commerce in Vanuatu or setting up sustainable microtourism projects in Costa Rica. Face it the guy is a small businessman man And everyone’s know that the Libs struggled to get a full ticket seeing that their talent like Troy Williams and Jackie Mayers didn’t put up their hands.

Mike Crowther7:26 pm 01 Jun 08

Sorry for the delay in responding whatsup. Yes I have a website, but this one…. http://cap.org.au/
is much more interesting reading.

I must agree with you georgetee. The old parties don’t recruit on the basis of talent, they tend to go for loyal political advisers, with a few party hacks to make up the numbers.
At any rate, it matters not a tinkers cuss what you or I think. It’ll be down to the people on Oct 17th eh.

wonderwoman805:34 pm 01 Jun 08

I think he‘s Cute!

I read the riot act heaps but don’t post, I saw this on on Norvan and thought I would cos I know him. Norvan was my Team leader when I was working at Defence. To tell you the truth I never liked Norvan and I don’t think he liked me much either. We often had differences of opinion. Although, I do respect him enormously, this is because he was the kind of rare team leader who will go into bat for you even if he doesn’t like you. With Norvan you always knew where you stood. I was treated very poorly by the operations manager at the time. Norvan first tried to get the operations manager to change his mind but that was not going to happen. In the end he threatened to resign unless the situation was fixed, It got fixed shortly after. You can say what you like but the he defiantly gets outcomes.

I very much doubt it! Why the hell do you think a 30something nobody who has no community profile is going to be approached by the ALP or the Libs?

I find it interesting that the ALP, Libs and the Green have failed to recruit Norvan. I think that they would have tried seeing that all three of them have very little talent on their own tickets.

What other choice does this git have, the Democrats are dead so he had to pick someone. I would have sat this election out, the ALP is going to be returned with a smaller margin that’s all

I think that Norvan would make a capable parliamentarian, its just he was not the best candidate last election, he needed a lot more polish. However, it’s hard to look good when you are up against seasoned politicians, with over 10 years of experience, such as Gary Humphries, Kate Lundy and Kerrie Tucker. In saying that, it was marvelous to watch him trip them up every now and then. Like at the big Getup forum at ANU, having not being invited because the greens where running the show, where he asked a question from the audience that stumped all three candidates. Gary even backed Norvan up saying that it was a shame that we was not down on stage, he probably needed the company. He punched well above his weight but I think that he was rather naïve to think that the Greens would stick to the preference deal. Maybe he learned his lesion last time?

I’m not one of ’em. With no knowledge except what you the opening post says I would suggest that the current political parties are crap and this bloke is smart enough to stay away. More info please, if there is some other mob with half a brain that puts them ahead already. Mike Crowther… do you have a website ?

Mike Crowther5:38 pm 31 May 08

Perhaps because we (yes I am one of ’em)are a new and untested party. Have you looked at the operation of the ‘old’ parties lately?

Why would any kid with that much talent nail his colors to masts like theirs?

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