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NRMA blasts ACT Govt over Greed Cameras

By Felix the Cat - 2 September 2007 68

NRMA president Alan Evans has blasted the ACT Government over speed cameras, saying they were “ineffective and ill-conceived and calling them “revenue raisers”.

According to this article in The Canberra Times in the last financial year mobile, fixed speed and red light cameras generated $7.9 million in revenue, up from $6.4million for the previous period.

In a related article in The Chronicle there are some statistics regarding road accidents. According to the article the number of on-road (as opposed to off-road??) crashes in the ACT for the 12 months ending July 07 was 6535. That figure 100 more than for the same period last year.

The greed cameras obviously aren’t working, people are too busy driving along watching their speedo rather than the road and so are having more accidents. I thought road safety was supposed to be the whole purpose of these cameras?

Solution is of course is to get more of these cameras, that is bound to fix the problem…

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68 Responses to
NRMA blasts ACT Govt over Greed Cameras
Thumper 9:37 am 03 Sep 07

Nope Woody, haven’t had a speeding fine, or any fine for that matter, for over 20 years….

I don’t speed, simple as that…

hingo 9:29 am 03 Sep 07

The camera on Barton Highway is a joke. In the UK, they have the balls to stand up to this kind of crap:

Woody Mann-Caruso 9:27 am 03 Sep 07

They’re extremely effective. They simultaneously punish people who break the law and build our coffers allowing increased spending on services. They do this without expensive manpower, all day, every day.

Seriously, it amazes me that you’re all happy to bitch and moan about revenue raising on one hand but happily take expensive government services with the other. Then again, if you’re complaining, chances are it’s because you’ve been done for speeding, so you’re not the brightest crayons in the box to begin with, are you?

Thumper 9:17 am 03 Sep 07

I wouldn’t mind seeing speed cameras outside schools.

That would be a good idea. But the Barton Highway? 80 klicks…..

Ralph 9:07 am 03 Sep 07

Watch Northbourne intersection at the moment with London Circuit. Roadworks and a 40km speed limit. They may well have recalibrated the speed camera just for that.

VYBerlinaV8 now_with 9:02 am 03 Sep 07

Personally I’d like to see more marked police presence on the roads. Twice yesterday I had morons turn in front of me without giving way requiring me to stand hard on the anchors so I didn’t hit them. Having more police presence deters a lot of this kind of carelessness, especially if police were to issue more tickets relating to basic road behaviour (eg fail to keep left when not overtaking, fail to use indicator, fail to give way, fail to stop at stop sign, etc).

VYBerlinaV8 now_with 8:58 am 03 Sep 07

The sad thing is that everyone knows speed cameras are nothing but revenue raising, but what can we do about it? Locals learn fairly quickly where the cameras are and realise that with reduced police presence, they can speed pretty much everywhere else, and slow down for the scameras. It’s a total waste of time in terms of road safety. What we really need are measures to keep traffic moving.

Special G 8:47 am 03 Sep 07

Bighead it’s drivers like you who think going through yellow lights is good, push the odd red light and cause accidents. Go back and check the road rules on yellow lights. Asp probably knows them, better than you do.

jemmy 8:38 am 03 Sep 07

I forgot to add the important bit: The relevance of the above is that a revenue-starved territory government will look at the numbers and work out that a territory with a population of 400,000 should be able to generate ($800m / 5,000,000 [pop Vic] x 400,000 [pop ACT]) $64,000,000 concurrent revenue, i.e. every single year.

There is no way the ACT govt will be able to resist, esp since the political backlash will be less than Vic’s as many drivers here are visitors and not voters.

jemmy 11:57 pm 02 Sep 07

In Vic, now up to $800m from $500m *per annum* with *1 in 3* drivers ticketed. I simply refuse to believe 1 in 3 people are driving unsafely.

As I said before, insurance companies no longer ask Vic drivers for their ticket history. To put it another way, insurance companies, who have a vested interest in not insuring drivers that have crashes, no longer believe there is a statistical link between getting a ticket and that person driving unsafely.

If there is no link, why does the Govt still issue a ticket? Revenue.

asp 11:16 pm 02 Sep 07

“Anyone noticed a recent slow down on the Tuggeranong Parkway near Cotter Road?”

Yeah and it’s getting annoying. Everyone for two days in a row going past there slowed to 80kp/h in a 100 zone. I (ashamedly still on my L plates, I started late) overtook them and kept to 95. Come on , its just wrong when L platers in Corollas overtake Commodore SS. Not only are they revenue raisers, but they’ll cause more accidents than they prevent.

bighead 11:10 pm 02 Sep 07

I had a trailer load of stuff last week on Gininderra Drive. Coming towards the speed camera, the light went yellow with enough time for me to get through… but the car in front has slammed on their brakes. I was bloody scared trying to slam on my brakes and have my tyres lock up while trying to stop a trailer. They are poorly planned and only used for revenue. I have almost had a good 5 crashes due to people just slamming on the brakes to stop for a only just turned yellow light.

Aeek 11:09 pm 02 Sep 07

um, lots of multi cars on the Parkway near Cotter Road. Something to do with merging traffic?

ant 10:32 pm 02 Sep 07

Anywhere they install those things on a straight, wide bit of road, they are just after money, full stop. Less policing, more money-gathering. Poor government.

Kramer 10:25 pm 02 Sep 07

…and install cameras on long straight stretches of road where drivers are safely exceeding the speed limit.

Anyone noticed a recent slow down on the Tuggeranong Parkway near Cotter Road?

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