NRMA blasts ACT Govt over Greed Cameras

Felix the Cat 2 September 2007 68

NRMA president Alan Evans has blasted the ACT Government over speed cameras, saying they were “ineffective and ill-conceived and calling them “revenue raisers”.

According to this article in The Canberra Times in the last financial year mobile, fixed speed and red light cameras generated $7.9 million in revenue, up from $6.4million for the previous period.

In a related article in The Chronicle there are some statistics regarding road accidents. According to the article the number of on-road (as opposed to off-road??) crashes in the ACT for the 12 months ending July 07 was 6535. That figure 100 more than for the same period last year.

The greed cameras obviously aren’t working, people are too busy driving along watching their speedo rather than the road and so are having more accidents. I thought road safety was supposed to be the whole purpose of these cameras?

Solution is of course is to get more of these cameras, that is bound to fix the problem…

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68 Responses to NRMA blasts ACT Govt over Greed Cameras
JC JC 2:14 pm 08 Sep 07

“Watch Northbourne intersection at the moment with London Circuit. Roadworks and a 40km speed limit. They may well have recalibrated the speed camera just for that.

Comment by Ralph — 3 September, 2007 @ 9:07 am”

Ralph, the rules for speed cameras in the ACT is that in road work areas speed camera’s are only allowed to use the normal speed limit and not the reduced one. That is why you will see coppers policing roadworks and never see a van. The same rules apply for fixed camera too.

Ingeegoodbee Ingeegoodbee 10:38 pm 07 Sep 07

In my early 20’s I managed to get pinged prodding a worked 911SC to just a tad over 200. My court appearance was reported in the legal section of The Age (along with all the other court reports) but no big storey – but that was two odd decades ago.

el el 7:55 pm 07 Sep 07

220km/h? *That* would’ve made the news. (Yep, I’m calling Stanhope a liar).

Felix the Cat Felix the Cat 7:28 pm 07 Sep 07

I heard a report on the radio news (can’t find anything online, Canberra Times is hopeless online) with John Stanhope defending the new speed camera saying over 80 people have been booked by them already and that one person was clocked at 220km/h on the Tuggeranong Parkway. That is just an utterly stupid speed to go at and this person deserves to have the book thrown at them – several times, very hard.

el el 5:37 pm 07 Sep 07

3 LANES even.

el el 5:01 pm 07 Sep 07

Hindmarsh Drive – 3 lines each way and it’s an 80 zone.

Cameron Cameron 3:03 pm 07 Sep 07

“It all comes down to those other things such as day dreaming, on the mobile, listening to doof doof music, being drunk or being a dickhead in a hotted up car, who thinks it’s fun to drag people off the lights and see how fast their car can go.”

I couldn’t agree more. The way to fix that is to make it incredibly tough to obtain your drivers license and weed out all the dickheads.

Speed cameras used under the circumstances we have been describing are not a deterrent, they are not for safety’s sake, they are revenue.

If I’m in a ridiculous speed zone, and there are all too many, I will certainly go over the limit by up to 10 if I feel it is safe to do so. That section of the Monaro that I mentioned earlier is a good example – so is Lanyon Dr, so is Namatjira (though I’m a lot less inclined to disobey the limit there due to the proximity of the homes – which for mine is a solid reason for a 60 zone).

Aeek Aeek 9:58 pm 06 Sep 07

How many car/motorbikes is that lately? Didn’t we just have 5 in 1 week?

vandam vandam 6:30 pm 06 Sep 07


In regards to speed limits, not all of us agree with them, but there would be a set of guidelines, that indicate what the speed limit should be, ie turn off streets, hills, etc etc. I don’t agree with the 60KPH on Namitjira Dr, where the lanes are so big they could be divided into two, but I obey them.

Point is, whether we agree with the speed limit or not, we still have to do it. I agree however that whether your doing 90 or 70 in a 80 zone, it doesn’t make you either a worse driver or better. It all comes down to those other things such as day dreaming, on the mobile, listening to doof doof music, being drunk or being a dickhead in a hotted up car, who thinks it’s fun to drag people off the lights and see how fast their car can go.

More speed vans and Police would deter this behaviour.

Felix the Cat Felix the Cat 6:16 pm 06 Sep 07

There was an accident this morning at the roundabout of Federal Highway and Anthill St Watson where a 12 ton truck travelling south failed to negotiate the roundabout and rolled over. The driver was unhurt. No idea how it happened as when I went through the intersection later after the truck was cleared there were no skid marks on the road. Maybe his load shifted mid corner and caused the truck to overbalance.

This is the intersection where a $peed camera was recently installed.

I heard on the radio news this afternoon that there was a fatal crash involving a motorcyclist and a car on the Barton Highway just past Hall and that the road is blocked by police in both directions while they investigate what happened.

Again I don’t know how this could of happened as there are two lots of greed err..sorry I mean speed cameras further back towards Canberra on this highway. I thought speed cameras stopped accidents…that’s what the Govt keeps telling us, must be true, right?

sepi sepi 11:58 am 06 Sep 07

Hmm – funding cuts to charities that look after druggies and mental health = madness and mayhem in Civic?

I often see various local pollies out and about at lunchtime so they must know what it is like out there.

asp asp 12:32 am 06 Sep 07

“How bout the ACT Govt donates all speed camera revenue to charity?”

Damn right. Government cut funding to charities very badly in the last budget and I don’t think its any better in the current budget.

Cameron Cameron 4:00 pm 05 Sep 07

No, speed limits aren’t guides, but the suggestion that they’re always accurately placed is laughable.

People have already named Lanyon Drive. How about the ridiculous section of 80kph past the “Alexander Maconochie Centre” on the Monaro Highway?

If I had the time I could think of tonnes of other examples of ridiculous speed zones.

I don’t think people would tailgate if the safe & responsible drivers out there didn’t do 5 to 10kph under the limit. I’ve caught myself tailgating when I keep expecting the car in front of me to wake up and realise that they’re doing 60 in an 80 zone, but then *I* wake up and realise they’re just an idiot and slow down myself.

People that have all the time in the world also think that it’s fine to take four and a half years to go from zero to whatever-the-speed-limit-is when coming off an intersection or a roundabout. I’m not suggesting that they floor it and get to the limit for the sake of it, but dicking around getting to the limit out of laziness or carelessness is just stupidity.

There are a thousand causes of accidents, and for my mind the “safe” drivers are just as responsible as those that do 10 over the limit.

As for the new cameras – let’s forget for the moment the fact that they’re in stupid places. The fact that the Monaro Hwy cameras a) don’t have signs warning drivers about their presence, and b) are HIDDEN BEHIND OTHER SIGNS, is a big pointer for me that they’re not there to serve as a deterrent, but to cash in.

That is irresponsible government.

A press release from Stanhopeless a while back suggested that they looked forward to the day when Canberrans reduced the amount of speeding revenue the government collects. RUBBISH. How bout the ACT Govt donates all speed camera revenue to charity? Would they be as sneaky or stupid with their placement then? Doubtful.

asp asp 3:47 pm 05 Sep 07

foetn = often. It’s the anicent Greek spelling:)

asp asp 3:46 pm 05 Sep 07

“Speed limits are in place for a reason…”

Please tell me the reason why it’s 80 on the dual carriage way between Canberra Av and Jerrabombra. please. You say there’s a reason so you must share it with us. I’ll admit it here, right now, I do that road at 90 until the speed camera. So does almost everyone else. So why should I obey a little sign that says 80 that is so blatently revenue raising tool? I don’t speed foetn, but that is one place where I technically do. So why is it wrong along that stretch?

vandam vandam 3:21 pm 05 Sep 07

Wow some pretty heated comments up here.

My view, Fixed camera’s don’t increase road safety, More Police is too expensive, So why not have a couple more speed vans? Nobody knows where they will be set up, forcing drivers to slow down. It’s those arrogant drivers in the ACT (and there are a lot of them) that are the ones contributing to revenue. Speed limits are in place for a reason, they are not a guide, and this idea that Canberrans think they can do 10kms over the limit shows how poor their driving skills are.

astrojax astrojax 1:25 pm 05 Sep 07

shoot tailgaters – prob’ly fix most of the speed and red/yellow light running too…

2 seconds – is it that hard to count to two??

i liked woody’s rant. good on ya, woody. and yes, rawhide k2, tea is served in the slow lane. scone?

sepi sepi 9:44 am 05 Sep 07

The problem is people just drive as normal up to green lights. If the light has been green the whole time you are driving up to it then ideally you should slow a little expecting you might have to stop. You shouldn’t be screaming up to it, and then slamming on the brakes. It’s not as if the light changing is totally unexpected.

Special G Special G 7:49 am 05 Sep 07

Hardly see anyone go through and red light? I see someone push the ‘Yellow’ and go through red lights every day.

As for the cab driver probably tailgating otherwise he would have been able to stop.

VYBerlinaV8 now_with_added grunt VYBerlinaV8 now_with_added grunt 7:40 am 05 Sep 07

Sepi – I agree with you. My point was more the purist view that better skills would be more effective in accident prevention. In the real world, speed limits play a critical role. It’s just a matter of getting them right, and being sensible about compliance measures to ensure the best outcomes.

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