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Obstacle event a disgrace, dangerous: participants

By Charlotte Harper 22 February 2016 4


Participants in an obstacle course event at Bungendore over the weekend have labelled the event as “disappointing”, “dangerous” and “a disgrace” and set up an online petition calling on the organisers to refund their tickets.

The petition is online here.

Dozens of ticketholders who participated in the first session of ObstaSplash on Saturday morning posted complaints on Facebook afterwards, with some dubbing the event “Obstacrap” or “Obstajoke” because they said there was little or no water or foam on the inflatable obstacles to prevent painful friction occurring.

Many of the complainants reported suffering friction burns to their skin while a few said they had suffered more serious injuries: a broken leg, a broken ankle and a dislocated shoulder among them.

The RiotACT understands organisers deleted the Facebook event page for the Canberra leg of Obstasplash, where most complaints were published, at around lunchtime on Saturday. In several cases, organisers blocked complainants from posting on their page.

The Obstasplash organisers did publish a response to online comments late on Saturday evening: “We sincerely apologise and all complaints will be addressed, but the team are working flat out on the course.”

Attendees on the Sunday posted updates saying there did seem to be more water and foam for their visit.

Ticketholders who have written to ObstaSplash to ask for their money back received a standard reply saying organisers would be in touch later in the week.

“Rest assured that your email will be answered,” it read. “But as you can appreciate the senior staff and all of the team are working flat out on the course to resolve the problems that were encountered on this first run out of Obstasplash.

“After tomorrow’s event and packing up the team will be back in the office Wednesday/Thursday and will respond to your email then. Thank you for your patience.”

RiotACT met on Sunday with one attendee who was sporting numerous bruises sustained on her arms and legs during the session. She described getting stuck in a ditch as a lowlight of the event, which she said was “a disgrace”. We have learnt of the claims of more serious injuries via posts on other Facebook forums.

On their website, ObstaSplash organisers describe their event as “a 5km inflatable obstacle course suitable for all levels (ages 13 upwards)” that will also operate in NSW, QLD, SA and VIC during 2016.

“There’s no mud or technical obstacles, just inflatables, slides, soapy water (for extra speed) and Dance Stations,” they write. “With a relaxed party atmosphere you tackle around 12 inflatable obstacles spaced 300-400 meters apart including our ObstaMaze, ObstaScream, ObstaBlueBalls, and ObstaDance stations.”

Several of the Facebook posts refer to specific injuries sustained at ObstaSplash on Saturday:

Rebecca Osborne:
I was in the first wave of the first day. I have a leg broken in 3 places from this obstacle.

Dolly Lama:
My fiancé broke his ankle, one of his friends injured his back and all of them left with friction burns. The hospital staff told us of many more breaks and injuries. All in our group said it was poorly organised and not enough water. We paid $65-105 per ticket. What a joke!

Charissa Dunkley:
I twisted my ankle on the very first obstacle so I didn’t get to complete the course. Definitely not worth the money I spent

Sue Warner:
Well my son dislocated his shoulder on the second obstacle, spent the afternoon in Queanbeyan Hospital when we arrived the doctors asked have you just come from Bungendore

Emmeline Maxine Maybanks:
Two of my friends injured their tailbones landing, as the obstacles did not leave room for a landing (except the last one), pretty sure two of our group left with concussions, and one with an injured knee. We all got some sort of rubber burn.

Other Facebook posts complain that obstacles were not sufficiently inflated and about the lack of water.

Ryan Mills:
Terrible waste of money and a very dangerous and pelt [sic] manage event, no water and half inflated obstacles, obstacrap”

Natalie McMullen:
When I first clicked on this it said over 1000 comments. Then when it opens only 685?!?! Disappointing. As someone who was there at 9am on Saturday I would love to hear from the organisers why the actual event differed so much from this video! I know this is an animation of the obstacle prototypes, but the actual course was not even close … It looks like the 2nd last obstacle was set up back the front if you watch the video.

Marten Sneds:
We’re calling it “Obstascrape” due to the lack of water!

Sarah Lebner:
– We only had water on the second last obstacle.
– Some of us got friction burn.
– Instead of spacing the obstacles to make a 5km course we were told to run to the end of a fence and back before getting in line for the next obstacle… through very rough ground perfect for spraining and ankle.
– It’s called obstasplash… there was no splash.
– The swing obstacle didn’t have ropes to swing. The slides didn’t slide because of no water.
– Long waits to register.
– Jumping off things in to dry ‘pool’ spaces on to the hard ground was pretty dangerous.
– Did I mention there was no water?

RiotACT approached The Canberra Hospital and Queanbeyan Hospital this morning for data on the number of injuries sustained at ObstaSplash if available but we have yet to hear back.

We also approached the organisers of ObstaSplash for comment earlier today but they are yet to respond.

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4 Responses to
Obstacle event a disgrace, dangerous: participants
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HenryBG 4:00 pm 23 Feb 16

Acton said :

“The obstacles are a little cheeky,” – just a little too cheeky for sensitive Gen Ys?
Toughen up. Or stick with a garden hose and one of these:
Imagine if this sorry lot of whingers had to face the Kokoda Trail.

Apparently the guy with the dislocated shoulder had only recently come out of shoulder reconstruction surgery.

In other news, people playing rugby break a rib, people playing cricket break a finger, people cycling get gravel rash.

justin heywood 11:31 am 23 Feb 16

“My fiancé broke his ankle, one of his friends injured his back… “

“I twisted my ankle on the very first obstacle….”

“Well my son dislocated his shoulder on the second obstacle…”

OsteoSplash might be a better name for this event, judging from the reviews.

Ghettosmurf87 11:11 am 23 Feb 16

Acton said :

“The obstacles are a little cheeky,” – just a little too cheeky for sensitive Gen Ys?
Toughen up. Or stick with a garden hose and one of these:
Imagine if this sorry lot of whingers had to face the Kokoda Trail.

Where did you pluck the “Cheeky” comment from?

From all the reports that are coming in, it would seem that the event didn’t provide what it advertised, had scant regard for safety features and failed to provide assistance to those injured. Seem like pretty reasonable things to expect and that it would be fair enough to complain about their lack when you have paid $65-$105 for tickets…

Why in the world would you compare an event that people have paid money to enter with a war time trail in harsh conditions?

What’s next? Shall we tell those people that complain about local development to just shut up and stop whinging because it’s no where near as bad as having your homes bombed in war time? Ridiculous!

Acton 8:41 am 23 Feb 16

“The obstacles are a little cheeky,” – just a little too cheeky for sensitive Gen Ys?
Toughen up. Or stick with a garden hose and one of these:
Imagine if this sorry lot of whingers had to face the Kokoda Trail.

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