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Parking on the Nature Strip along Majura Avenue

By richardg - 1 November 2011 41

majura avenue

I have lived on Majura Avenue for over 30 years. Many Majura Avenue dwellers are now being hounded by the traffic authorities to stop parking on their own nature strips.

This is a long standing problem which has now been exacerbated by: the increasing and inappropriate use of Majura Avenue as an arterial road; the development of single-bedroom units with inadequate provision for parking for guests, delivery vehicles, etc; and a lack of flexibility in the rules for the use of nature strips.

To set the scene, the nature strips along Majura Avenue are between six and eight metres wide. Although there are signs prohibiting stopping northbound along Majura Avenue between Wakefield Avenue and the first bus stop, there are none prohibiting parking between that bus stop and Cowper Street. Residents are therefore quite entitled to park on the roadway, restricting Majura Avenue to one-lane northbound – I would imagine that the evening peak hour traffic would be backed up along Limestone Avenue to the Australian War Memorial!

In 2004, when I was warned against leaving my car on the nature strip outside my house, I responded in writing, asking what the difference is between my getting approval to construct a semi-permanent garden on my nature strip and my (or others) occasionally parking there? I also asked whether the ACT Road Transport Authority, as it then was, would prefer me to park on the roadway? I also pointed out that eliminating residents’ current right to park on the roadway should also involve a reduction in our rates to reflect the loss of a current amenity.

The result was a vacuous letter from the traffic authorities about creating gardens on nature strips, and the complete cessation of further action to implement any ban on parking on nature strips along Majura Avenue.

There was a subsequent attempt a couple of years ago to warn me about parking outside my home; when I contacted the traffic authorities to ask if the policy had changed, I was assured that my notice was a mistake and that they had been targetting the next door house. (Hardly good policy implementation but good enough for my personal purposes!)

Now, with the building of units along Majura Avenue, it has all started again. Not only residents but their guests, delivery vehicles and tradespeople are presumably required to park on the roadway.

One hopes we can line up one of the Opposition MLAs so that if the traffic authorities attempt to gazette a parking ban and erect No Parking signs, a motion of disallowance of the legislative instrument can be lodged immediately, to allow time for yet another inquiry into the chaos that passes for urban planning in North Canberra.

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41 Responses to
Parking on the Nature Strip along Majura Avenue
woppadingo 2:20 pm 01 Nov 11

You guys should shuddup!!!!
Its an age old practice to park on ‘your’ own nature strip. Technically it might be government land, but so is the land your house is on – its a 99 year lease. Also I dont see the government mowing my front nature strip. I have to do it myself. I dont live on Majura avenue. I live in another part of Canberra where we often have a car or two parked on the nature strip. We even have some pavers down in that area. my dad did a get a ticket for parking there a few years ago, but fought it and did not have to pay the fine.

Deref 2:14 pm 01 Nov 11

Henry82 said :

The nature strip doesn’t belong to you, it’s owned by the council


Majura Ave’s been expropriated by NSW?

puggy 2:06 pm 01 Nov 11

Henry82 said :

The council is probably clamping down because having cars parked everywhere looks tacky, and hypothetically it poses a risk as people can’t see what’s behind your car (relevant near intersections).

I wish the “council” would do that around Gungahlin.

nice_enough 2:05 pm 01 Nov 11

Firstly it looks like sh*t having people park on nature strips. Secondly and more importantly it’s dangerous for people reversing out of their driveways if parked cars are blocking their view of traffic…

p1 2:04 pm 01 Nov 11

johnboy said :

Yes, because society is so much better served by people parking on a busy road and blocking a lane, rather than harmlessly putting them on the nature strip.

Exactly my point. if the road it blocked up with cars, maybe they will start letting people park on the nature strip. Especially since they do anyway on 97.5% of suburban roads in Canberra.

Thoroughly Smashed 2:04 pm 01 Nov 11

Perhaps you could erect a sign on your property, facing the road and informing passing motorists of how they can use your street more appropriately.

Thumper 2:03 pm 01 Nov 11

Occupy the nature strip!

Well, 99% of them anyway….

p1 2:03 pm 01 Nov 11

This law irritates me, not due to its existence, but because of its massively varied application.

That said, if it legal to park on the road, then I would do that.

johnboy 2:01 pm 01 Nov 11

Yes, because society is so much better served by people parking on a busy road and blocking a lane, rather than harmlessly putting them on the nature strip.

Chop71 1:49 pm 01 Nov 11

suck it up princess.

You choose to live there, you choose to own a car, you can also choose where you park it.
Now I see YOU have 2 choices. Move your car or get a ticket.

Holden Caulfield 1:19 pm 01 Nov 11

“inappropriate use of Majura Avenue as an arterial road”

Well, it does have four lanes; it’s not exactly a one way road is it.

Aside from that, I agree, you should be able to park on your nature strip.

Henry82 1:16 pm 01 Nov 11

The nature strip doesn’t belong to you, it’s owned by the council, however its your responsibility to maintain it. The council is probably clamping down because having cars parked everywhere looks tacky, and hypothetically it poses a risk as people can’t see what’s behind your car (relevant near intersections). As for your garden example (which is less likely to lower the decorum of the area), if it grows too high, they’ll ask you to cut it down to an appropriate level.

Looking at the cars parked on the nature strips on street view, it seems to be used for laziness & convenience (a quick getaway) rather than for genuine lack of driveway space. If I was you, I’d organise the troops in the street, and then start parking cars on the street 24/7 as per the current parking rules until the council gives in, or they erect no parking signs.

Sgt.Bungers 1:14 pm 01 Nov 11

I have often wondered what the point of four lanes was on this section of Majura between Wakefield Ave and Cowper Street. As you say, with all the extra development there, and with many of those townhouses likely to become share-houses with 2 or 3 cars to park, it’s inevitable that some residents will need to park outside of their garage and on the street.

The orientation of that bit of Majura Ave needs to change, but of course moving gutters and relaying asphalt isn’t a cheap operation.

My suggestions, in order of cost 🙂

Solution 1: Leave lanes as is but allow parking. Implement Canberra’s first tow away clearway from 4-6pm Monday to Friday Northbound, 7:30 to 9:30am M-F Citybound.

Solution 2: Re-orientation of lanes… given almost all motor vehicles turn left at cowper street to go to Dickson, with only a small amount heading straight ahead towards Hackett, are two northbound lanes needed for that entire section of Majura? Why not close the northbound left lane between wakefield and 200m short of Cowper St, convert it to on street parking?

Solution 3: If four lanes at that point of Majura is deemed critical, widen Majura Ave to allow on street parking and cycle lanes.

Solution 4: Free up Northbourne by providing more viable public transport between City and Gungahlin. Bus and/or cycle lanes down the middle of Northbourne may help?

old canberran 1:10 pm 01 Nov 11

Nature strips are part of the road reservation and as such belong to the owner of the road ie the Government.

TheDancingDjinn 1:03 pm 01 Nov 11

“parking on our own nature strips” are they not government owned? I always thought you had the responisbilty to keep it tidy, but had no ownership of it as a piece of private property. am i wrong?

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