Personal statement from Darren Churchill (Australian Democrats candidate for Fraser

Darren Churchill 24 November 2007 6

As the elected member for FRASER I will:

* balance economic policy with social and environmental considerations. Good economic management is about getting the balance right. It’s a “triple bottom line;”
* introduce human rights and privacy legislation that will protect all people, regardless of race, gender, religion or place of origin. NO privacy invasions, NO Access Card;
* ensure that law enforcement agencies are accountable to the courts and the parliament;
* maintain the traditional Democrats principle of supporting legislation that is fair and equitable and seek to amend and make fairer that which is not;
* support social spending programmes for affordable housing and Paid Maternity Leave;
* ensure that whichever party forms the government, they are held accountable for their actions;
* support industries that create jobs and are kind to the environment, and not those that will make problems for future generations. NO uranium mining and NO nuclear reactors;
encourage investment in sustainable agricultural practices and sensible rural water management.
* encourage sensible use and management of urban water;
* encourage and support environmentally sustainable practices in renewable energy and energy efficiency

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6 Responses to Personal statement from Darren Churchill (Australian Democrats candidate for Fraser
barking toad barking toad 9:43 pm 23 Nov 07

All those delicious motherhood statements straight from the democrat manual.

What about the potholes?

barking toad barking toad 9:19 pm 23 Nov 07

Bit rough there Vic

But spot on

Vic Bitterman Vic Bitterman 8:15 pm 23 Nov 07

The formatting suggests it’s a copy and paste from a policy document somewhere. Nice effort there darren.

Wouldn’t expect anything else from a waste of space political party though.

Darren Churchill Darren Churchill 8:03 pm 23 Nov 07

Hi Cranky and Ari,
Cranky: Democrats voters in Canberra can still vote for us in the Senate. That is what I recommend, if they like my ideas and want to support my party. I recommend a vote for the closest candidate to us in the Reps for Canberra (your choice). I would have liked a teammate in canberra too. I have two good teammates in Norvan Vogt and Anthony David for the Senate. Norvan lives in Canberra. I live and work in Fraser.
Ari: sorry about the format be hard on the eyes. I agree, it is a bit. Hope you enjoyed what I have to say anyway.
Darren Churchill

Ari Ari 7:29 pm 23 Nov 07

What the hell is going on with the formatting of that post?

It’s certainly hard on the eyes.

cranky cranky 6:30 pm 23 Nov 07

Pity you’ve disenfranchised seat of Canberra voters!

Displays a fairly severe case of lack of political acumen.

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