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Pies: Michels Pastiserie vs Bakers Delight

By Maelinar - 8 August 2008 30

We’ve discussed pies here before. This review is about one type of pie which has unfortunately suffered from the demise of the pie, the Steak and Kidney pie. S&K pies have declined in popularity, however if you have the taste for them, you will be one of the few of us who order them at every opportunity. Here’s a blow by blow comparison between Michels S&K pie and Bakers Delight. A Michels S&K pie is a 10/10/10 for comparison purposes:

BD Taste (Flavour) = 9
Size = 10
Ingredients = 9
Decor/Cutlery = n/a
Waiting Staff = n/a
Cost = 10

Bakers Delight just don’t cut it in my books – instead of steak you get mince, and by virtue of the couple I’ve tried, I’m firmly of the opinion that kidney is merely a condiment to be added as an afterthought. While I’m not specifically discriminating against them, a purist will know when their teeth hit kidney, which will be sorely missed if you attempt a BD S&K pie. Beyond that, it tastes <i>like</i> kidney, so no hard feelings… By way of comparison, the Michels S&K pie has definite chunks of steak, and definite chunks of kidney – surprising given their market plan of dumping a shopfront in the middle of a transit area in a mall.

The michels pie is my immediate recommendation, I’ve not actually found a third retailer of S&K pies in Canberra (worthy of comparison). I’d recommend if you are a fan of the S&K pie, hit up the michels nearest you, over the BD S&K pie, unless there isn’t one, where a BD S&K pie will fill you up until you can get to a mall that has a Michels outlet – 9/10.

What’s Your opinion?

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30 Responses to
Pies: Michels Pastiserie vs Bakers Delight
Mælinar - *spoiler 5:44 pm 09 Aug 08

My bad – I meant Brumby’s. I don’t pay them that much service to be able to differentiate between the two.

Regarding the other point – that’s why its entitled *spoiler alert*. The episode on Sunday is S04 E04 or E05, I haven’t kept track.

gun street girl 5:24 pm 09 Aug 08

crabb said :

Where can you find a baker who does a decent cake these days?

Cross the border and try Continental Cakes in Queanbeyan. Failing that, Bruno’s and Silo are decent.

fhakk 5:18 pm 09 Aug 08

Hey, you sure you’re talking about Bakers Delight and not Brumbys?

I’ve never encountered that sweet gravy action at any Bakers store I’ve been to. I think it’s a policy of theirs.

crabb 3:43 pm 09 Aug 08

I’m with Danman about the former Baker’s Dozen in Kippax – those pies were worth crossing town for, and the Beef and Guinness especially was a corker. Sigh, those days are gone.
Maelinar etc – I’ve never seen a Baker’s Delight that does pies – do you mean Brumby’s, or am I missing something? Re Michel’s – the cakes etc always look good but always taste crap. Where can you find a baker who does a decent cake these days?

Danman 3:26 pm 09 Aug 08

Used to be an awesome baker in Kippax – they had medals and ribbons lined up on the wall – sadly they’re taken over by the saigon hot bake chain and now sell the gelatinous MSG jellied meat style pies that seem to be so popular with the asian bakeries.

If I want a pie I have to plan ahead – farmers market is the go – or Elaine’s.

Sometimes I make a home made beef Guinness and whole mushroom pie… now thats the ducks nuts 🙂

Duke 2:21 pm 09 Aug 08

If it is what I think it is I preferred the campy old 70s-80s version with the shakey sets and the boom mic appearing in every other shot.

Deadmandrinking 12:08 pm 09 Aug 08

If it’s what I think it is and it begins with a D I don’t know if their is a S04…I think it’s only 3, maybe?

Mælinar - *spoiler 10:33 am 09 Aug 08

I’ve watched the Doctor die.

I’ve said too much.

bundahgirl 9:33 am 09 Aug 08

Try Griffith Butchery and Bakery. All pies made totally on premises, high quality product- you’ll notice the difference from plastic pies.
Also Dannys Bakery at Narrabundah make their own pies from scratch and their bread too, all products highly recommended +++

Duke 8:28 am 09 Aug 08

Why is it that almost every little country town has an awesome bakery yet in the whole of Canberra it’s so hard to get a good pie? Those Mrs Macs pies you buy at petrol stations rate highly for me.

Can’t help you maelinar, I usually go for the cheesy bacony tomatoey type ones. What series are you watching?

mirage3 8:07 am 09 Aug 08

Not quite local but the bakery in Braidwood makes a very nice S&K pie.

Mælinar - *spoiler 7:46 am 09 Aug 08

Name any local baker that still produces S&K pie then.

el 12:58 am 09 Aug 08

What ant said.

ant 12:02 am 09 Aug 08

Nasty mass produced plastic pies by both establishments mentioned. This just can’t work, you have to go to the local bakers who take pride in their pies. Michels and Bakers Delight dont’ take pride in anything except money.

s-s-a 10:39 pm 08 Aug 08

You mean there is nowhere to get a S&K pie that has been cooked on the premises AND is worth of being eaten? How sad!

I generally boycott Michel’s due to all of their food being trucked in from Sydney. I didn’t even know BD sold pies??

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