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Police bling

By johnboy - 28 March 2007 41

I’ve been noticing some of our police cars are a lot flashier these days.

Would we, perhaps, prefer a more utilitarian and cheaper get out?

What’s Your opinion?

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41 Responses to
Police bling
gaelhope 9:05 pm 28 Mar 07

Well I love it! It just needs some underbody neons…

Vic Bitterman 8:46 pm 28 Mar 07

It’s just an XR8 with a new graphics pack. Big deal.

They are a cheap car when you are talking a fleet discount included, and has the grunt to safely get to an emergency job.

Actually lucky to see an XR8 around, they almost got banned a while ago due to engine stalling issues.

cranky 8:45 pm 28 Mar 07

‘If he was impolite he wouldn’t have talked himself out of anything’

That is one bloody arrogant comment!

vg 7:48 pm 28 Mar 07

Or maybe ‘bust a cap in his ass ‘cos he was dissin my ride’.

If he was impolite he wouldn’t have talked himself out of anything

DJ 7:35 pm 28 Mar 07

C’mon VG… he said he was polite.

I love the efforts people go to. More like hot air and bravado – he probably said something like “yes sir, no sir, sorry sir”, while thinking – “I was ’bout to pull out my 9mm and put a cap in him”

vg 6:19 pm 28 Mar 07

“and i politely told him to f-off because they were OEM”

I bet you didn’t

zephyr9673 4:59 pm 28 Mar 07

I don’t like it, the colour or the size.

Besides, I like my police cars designed for comfort, especially in the back seat, they should have Humvees or limos, you know, something you want to get into, without having to have a fight about it, locking up the roudy drunk would be a lot easier if there were a fully stocked bar fridge.

And for speed a style, A lotus or Ferrari, what 14 year old car theif wouldn’t want to stop if he had the opportunity to hop in a faster car.

Could save lives!

To bad about the rapists, there must be days where a cop wouldn’t wonder what for.

bonfire 2:46 pm 28 Mar 07

semi slicks ?

if its grooved, with tread to the adr approved depth – he can kma.


im awaiting my ‘annual’ roadworthy. its been over a year since the stanley steamer was ‘defected’.

Thumper 2:43 pm 28 Mar 07


yep, saw the exact same incident. You wouldn’t have picked him for a walloper.

deceit 2:42 pm 28 Mar 07

I met a cop with a car similar to this. The stickers were said to be put on their for visual aid and to appeal to youth as being ‘cool’.

Then he tried to defect me for having ‘semi-slicks’ and i politely told him to f-off because they were OEM.

bonfire 2:37 pm 28 Mar 07

do afp get a uniform allowance ?

Indi 2:21 pm 28 Mar 07

Main Force Patrol…when the gangs take over the highways, remember they’re on your side.

Nik_the_Pig 2:20 pm 28 Mar 07

Clothing allowance? wtf?. Can’t even claim boot polish as a tax deduction (well that’s the excuse I use for my scuffed boots anyway)

DarkLadyWolfMother 2:15 pm 28 Mar 07

Maybe they’re trying to get in with the “fully sick” crowd?

terubo 2:14 pm 28 Mar 07

Certainly flashier than the unmarked one I saw on Adelaide Ave this morning – looked like a plain blue Ford.

He’d stopped someone, presumably for speeding. Thing that amazed me, the cop looked like he’d just come off a building site or something…don’t they get a clothing allowance?

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