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Police chase suspect into Bus Interchange at high speed, 21 year old woman in critical condition.

By johnboy - 31 July 2005 36

ABC Online is reporting on a tragedy in civic in the wee hours of Saturday morning when a car doing 80km/h hit a woman pedestrian.

Police spokesman Rob Gilliland says undercover police were following the car but it was not a high-speed chase.

“We’re very confident that police have complied with our protocols and procedures,”

“All procedures have been followed” has to be one of the least convincing excuses for tragedy in all the world of bureaucrat-speak

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36 Responses to
Police chase suspect into Bus Interchange at high speed, 21 year old woman in critical condition.
Maelinar 1:55 pm 01 Aug 05

Don’t get me wrong LG, I don’t mind multiculturalism.

I don’t like people who have that many hangups about their previous country that they have to import their ‘authentic’ foods because … well I don’t know why they do it, perhaps you could insert why…

I’m appalled by those who ‘gang’ up into groups of similar culture (lebanese, neo-nazi, muslim etc) and attempt to push their ideal onto others, but then again I’m equally appalled at christians for doing that as well. It doesn’t surface because we generally don’t talk about those topics.

I’m very curious why people want to come live in Australia and then insist on maintaining ‘their’ way of life, to be honest, if that’s the way they want to live, perhaps it would be better if they moved to the country that supports it.

And although I was born in Australia, I was brought up overseas. I’m as multicultural as you can get. For a white guy at least…

Unfortunately I see on the news when steriotyped groups get themselves in the shit, by drugging and pack raping, by putting axes through heads, etc etc, and I consider that people have problems.

The problem is everybody isn’t like me. I go to the pub and get pissed, no matter what country I am in. I drink with anybody who will listen to me ranting, and am sociable to everybody I meet.

The fact that I don’t like you will definetly not be because of your skin colour or ethnic background. I don’t make blind assumptions of people, although I will be quick to steriotype people into my own categorical internal system.

That’s because I am an intelligent person who has made a habit of learning other peoples custom and demeanour.

If I find out you take time off work exceptionally just to catch Jerry Springer on Foxtel, I can pretty much sum you up quite quickly.

(you is in the third BTW, I’m not directing this at LG at all)

Frankly, at the moment I’m supportive of reversing citizenship. That’s because unless you can tell somebody that their actions can have extremely dire results, they don’t give a fuck.

Vanstone is just the sword the government needs to be weilding at the moment, not to hinder people who are genuine refugees, but to decline those people who we don’t want in Australia access.

I can see this conversation going quickly to the anti-detention critics, I would just like to say right now, that I have worked within groups, and have friends who work within immigration, who have seen refugees destroying their documentation.

They destroy their documentation so that it will be harder for the authorities to establish where they have both come from, and their past that they are perhaps escaping from. Because we don’t want to accept into our country people who are on the run for human rights violations, extreme crime etc, there is a delay in establishing their identity.

When they do that, I don’t have any problems with detention. I’m sure that they are free to leave the country at any time they like. If they don’t like their conditions, leave. Go start a colony in Antarctica for all I care.

If people are going to be unsociable when they get their citizenship – and I am stereotyping one certain crowd at the moment, I am aware of the fact that the majority of crime is conducted by Australians, I believe that their citizenship should be forfeit if applicable. There’s enough wankers in Australia (just look in Queensland) at the moment, we don’t need to be welcoming more.

Involving their families will make them model citizens.

But we’re not going to go that way are we ?

Australian Backbone was taken away from us years ago. There isn’t any men from snowy river’s anymore, no Breaker Morants. They’d have been locked up years ago for being a public nuisance.

But I can tell you one thing, They were Aussies in the true sense of the word.

bulldog 1:40 pm 01 Aug 05

Agreed JB, but if the police are trying to publicise an offender’s visual description for the populace than these ‘un-PC labels’ may allow for a greater likelihood of identifying criminals.

Seems pretty straight-forward to me.

The vexing part about lebo-bashing is that they visualy don’t differ much from most mediterranean and/or middle eastern folks. Why not just say ‘wogs’, or is that too confronting as well?

C’mon, we’re all thinking it. If we can’t say it here where can we?

johnboy 1:27 pm 01 Aug 05

Well it depends if their ethnic origin actually has any bearing on the crime committed. Otherwise why add the detail?

There is a perception (unbacked by any research I’m aware of) that red-heads are over represented in bar fights. Should ever drunken brawl make mention of the hair colour of the brawlers?

kimba 1:22 pm 01 Aug 05

I’m sick of all this PC shit…I call a spade a spade! It’s like this crap that you can’t describe someone as a Pacific Islander or as an Aborginal if they commit a crime.

LurkerGal 1:15 pm 01 Aug 05

I’m a bit appalled by the comments that are anti multiculturalism to be honest. And the stereotyping. But hey, thanks for keeping me in a job!

AnuTiamat 12:42 pm 01 Aug 05

Her name is Clea, not Clare. I don’t mean to be pedantic but if these are to be her last few days of this world then at least let her be known by her real name. I wish her luck.

el 11:38 am 01 Aug 05

Did they end up catching the guys in the car?

christof 11:33 am 01 Aug 05

Hummm… I like the new headline, and I agree with Maelinar’s commoent about the kind of multicultural we actually need…

Clare, the girl hit (and the sister of a dear friend of mine) was celebrating a return from a year in the US with friends and is expected to die.


Thumper 10:29 am 01 Aug 05


Got to agree with G on this one. When will people take responsibility for their own actions, rather than blaming someone else?

I agree with the previous headlines;

“Criminals run from Police and hit innocent female at the bus interchange.”

Maelinar 10:27 am 01 Aug 05

In response to the anti-steriotype nazi’s out there;

It’s very surprising that no muslims are terrorists, but most terrorists are muslim.

Historical data speaks for itself.

I certainly know which group of people I would be looking for immediately if I was investigating a pack rape.

And you’re all thinking the same ethnic group now aren’t you ?

… Aren’t you ?

I think we’re all a little bit racist, but that’s because we’re all a bit too much ‘politically correct’ multicultural instead of being ‘tolerant but don’t break our laws or you’re fucked’ multicultural.

Special G 9:17 am 01 Aug 05

The focus of blame when this type of tragedy happens is always landed on the Police.

Should the article read ‘Criminals run from Police and hit 21 year old female in the bus interchange.’

We need more Police on our streets and Courts that take notice to stop this type of thing happening.

Where’d the lebanese guys story come from?


bulldog 9:13 am 01 Aug 05

Just as people should be ‘innocent until proven guilty’, the policy in Australia at the moment is that they’re ‘Lebanese until proven otherwise’.

Personally I don’t give a damn about being politically correct, but let’s be fair, the Lebanese can’t be everywhere at once.

Jazz 9:06 am 01 Aug 05

mal, maybe the ‘some guys’ are lebanese???

justbands 8:42 am 01 Aug 05

I know nothing about this..just a comment….do thet have to be “some Lebonese guys”? Can’t they just be “some guys”???

kimba 3:21 pm 31 Jul 05

I understand that this incident is related the the bashing death at the Echo Bar last week. the story goes that some Lebonese guys from Sydney tried to run-down one of the guys involved in the bashing but hit the girl who was in the wrong plave at the wrong time. Can anyone confirm these details?????

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