Police, protesters clash outside Burmese Embassy

CharlieBell 28 September 2007 32

This is from the ABC news site. You’d think we were in bloody Burma or something. Apparently the authorities don’t like democracy protests here either.

There have been several scuffles between police and protesters outside the Burmese Embassy in Canberra during a demonstration over this week’s attacks on monks in and around Rangoon.

More than 30 police and several police dogs have formed a line on the road outside the Burmese Embassy.

Earlier dozens of Burmese and Australian protesters formed up to march down the road.

Police came forward and the protesters sat down on the road with their signs.

After several minutes a scuffle broke out with protesters falling over.

One woman was pushed down and struggled to get back up.

Police formed a line yelling move and pushed protesters back, including one man holding his five-year-old daughter.

After some tense disputes, protesters have agreed to move off towards the Chinese Embassy where they intend to picket.

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32 Responses to Police, protesters clash outside Burmese Embassy
VYBerlinaV8 now_with_added grunt VYBerlinaV8 now_with_added grunt 7:09 pm 01 Oct 07

Protests are a waste of time. Perhaps those protestors should go an get a job.

Special G Special G 7:07 pm 30 Sep 07

You must let us know when you are going to try that one Hasrubahl. I’ll be the one standing on the side watching you getting eaten by one of the Police dogs and laughing my arse off.

I’m thinking there is another DJ on another site who Jemmy may have taken offence to. For your info DJ has been abusing people here for quite some time. Throw a logical or illogical heated arguement into the mix and anyone will have a dig at you.

Back on topic it’s always good to see violent protesters smashed using appropriate force by the Po-lice. Comes back to that Chris Rock video “How not to get your arse kicked by the Police”

Hasdrubahl Hasdrubahl 3:29 pm 30 Sep 07

Protestors overrunning Police, and locking them up in their own paddy wagons, would sell even more papers, vandam.

-I await the day.

vandam vandam 8:57 am 30 Sep 07

The problem with protests, is you always have one idiot who turns up purely to create violence. This idiot gets a crowd behind him then all of a sudden this mob of people think they are invincible. If the Police wouldn’t have turned up, what would’ve happened, All the protesters would’ve stormed the embassy.

I’m not against protests, but there’s always one idiot that ruins the whole point of the protest. A protest should be about getting a message across, via numbers and voice, not by violence.

If they resort to violence they deserve everything they get.

Oh and while I’m on it, why does the media only show the ‘Police brutality’ and not the ‘protest brutality’????? I’ll tell you, because Police on the front page arresting someone sells more papers!

terubo terubo 10:02 pm 29 Sep 07

Well, at least they didn’t shoot anybody.

jemmy jemmy 6:49 pm 29 Sep 07

I’ve got nothing against pointing out lack of evidence or illogical arguments, but I don’t see the need to include personal invective. Apart from the ill-mannered side of it, it causes posts to degenerate into “You stink. No, you stink.” silliness.

Mash Mash 3:25 pm 29 Sep 07

I’m with DJ on this one.

There are some people on this site, who seem to make outrageous comments, without having one single shred of evidence to corroborate their claims.

People who weren’t there, but comment solely on what they see presented in slanted media outlets do not see the reasons why the Police were there and took the actions they did.

That being said, it seems to be a no win situation for the police in this city, with people whinging when they don’t see a presence, and then whinging again when they see more than they expect!

…on a lighter note, a city full of the real Robocop would be kinda cool… maybe.

barney barney 1:30 pm 29 Sep 07

May the force be with you …

DJ DJ 12:08 pm 29 Sep 07

I’ve been ‘Canberra-centric’ for over 25 years – this isn’t my first posting.

If personal spleen equals pointing out the stupidity of baseless dribble by using readily available facts then so be it.

jemmy jemmy 10:22 am 29 Sep 07

Oh no, how the hell did DJ find RiotACT?

What are you doing here DJ, got bored with trolling newsgroups? You’re Sydney-based anyway, why are you in a Canberra-centric site?

To the others, I’m sorry for this rare personal attack by me, but this guy will ruin RiotACT. Note the personal spleen in the above posts.

DJ DJ 8:30 am 29 Sep 07

Fluges, dashing robocop overalls and technical terms aside you have not addressed the facts I pointed out. Have you decided to stop while you only look mildly ignorant?

I believe that the Government will protect your right to demonstrate peacefully. Break that trust or become violent in any manner and expect that you will be treated accordingly.

Special G Special G 7:18 am 29 Sep 07

Thats very swanky Robocop looking outfit. No doubt practicle as well as stylish. Maybe the Police should be getting around in that gear all the time.

Fluges Fluges 9:47 pm 28 Sep 07

Thanks DJ – I didn’t know the technical police term for that particular tactic.

DJ DJ 9:33 pm 28 Sep 07

Fluges, ah yes, now I see it, that old chestnut – the classic no look backwards hands down kickaroo to the cods. Can’t believe that I didn’t see it after the first thirty times I looked.

NOBODY HAS ANSWERED MY QUESTION. Why did the Police get involved? It was in the footage and was focused upon by several agencies. Perhaps it was the attempted lighting of a flag next to the Police which no doubt would have been raised so the whole crowd could see… dripping burning fuel down onto the Police below and also on the infants being carried in the crowd.

Spoiling for confrontation? Brute force? Are you serious? One arrest that was let go without charge. No injuries to anybody and regardless of this the demonstration CONTINUED.

It could also be clearly seen that there were senior Police present talking to the demonstrators and that they obviously were not prepared to follow limitations placed upon them with the view to maintaining the peace.

cranky cranky 9:05 pm 28 Sep 07


My point is that your ‘very reasonable limits’ have been wound back to ‘one wrong move and we thump ’em’.

Police officers should not be seen as so readily wading in to restore the peace by way of force.

The overwhelming impression given by today’s coverage, preceeded by the APEC vision, is that the cops were spoiling for a confrontation, to be settled by brute force. Do the Police have negotiators? Could save a heap of bad PR and compo claims.

Fluges Fluges 9:04 pm 28 Sep 07


Photo from the SMH. Can you see the foot of the cop on the right? Looks like he’s giving the guy on the ground a sly, backward kick in the balls!

DJ DJ 8:57 pm 28 Sep 07

SBS News also addresses the violent history of protests by these people…


DJ DJ 8:48 pm 28 Sep 07

I note with interest that nobody has mentioned why the arrest was made…. Fluges, you seem to have a limited grasp on everything relating to todays incident… do tell…. share your outrage and explain to everybody why this travesty occurred.

DJ DJ 8:45 pm 28 Sep 07

You have no idea. Did the Police stop the protest, cause it to be shortened in length, deny media coverage or protest movement between locations?

A dog barking from over 30m away from somebody is hardly ‘snarling’. Woof – the neighbors puppy made a noise and could kill us all at any moment. Arghhhh the terror! Hysteria! Brutal Police you claim – where were they? Did I miss something?

Canberra resembling Rangoon? Are you on drugs or not taking prescribed medication? If you saw the local news you must have missed the part where a male demonstrator clearly stated that he had no problem with the Police today – the footage aired put him in the middle of the incident where all the cowardly thugs dressed as robocop overzealously set upon the peaceful crowd.

Take a child to a protest and you should expect the child to be taken away.

Protest beyond the very reasonable limits placed upon you by society and expect consequences.

cranky cranky 8:43 pm 28 Sep 07

Fluges, I thoroughly agree.
I’m no Police hater, but the thuggery demonstrated recently by Police allowed to ‘control’ small crowds is totally out of keeping with any sense of measured reaction to the perceived threat.

Someone up the chain of command is instructing/permitting/promoting this over-reaction to semi-organised demonstrations.

Has this whole reaction taken on a political bent? Does it assist a government doing badly in the polls? I don’t know, but I don’t like it.

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