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Police, protesters clash outside Burmese Embassy

By CharlieBell - 28 September 2007 32

This is from the ABC news site. You’d think we were in bloody Burma or something. Apparently the authorities don’t like democracy protests here either.

There have been several scuffles between police and protesters outside the Burmese Embassy in Canberra during a demonstration over this week’s attacks on monks in and around Rangoon.

More than 30 police and several police dogs have formed a line on the road outside the Burmese Embassy.

Earlier dozens of Burmese and Australian protesters formed up to march down the road.

Police came forward and the protesters sat down on the road with their signs.

After several minutes a scuffle broke out with protesters falling over.

One woman was pushed down and struggled to get back up.

Police formed a line yelling move and pushed protesters back, including one man holding his five-year-old daughter.

After some tense disputes, protesters have agreed to move off towards the Chinese Embassy where they intend to picket.

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32 Responses to
Police, protesters clash outside Burmese Embassy
DJ 8:48 pm 28 Sep 07

I note with interest that nobody has mentioned why the arrest was made…. Fluges, you seem to have a limited grasp on everything relating to todays incident… do tell…. share your outrage and explain to everybody why this travesty occurred.

DJ 8:45 pm 28 Sep 07

You have no idea. Did the Police stop the protest, cause it to be shortened in length, deny media coverage or protest movement between locations?

A dog barking from over 30m away from somebody is hardly ‘snarling’. Woof – the neighbors puppy made a noise and could kill us all at any moment. Arghhhh the terror! Hysteria! Brutal Police you claim – where were they? Did I miss something?

Canberra resembling Rangoon? Are you on drugs or not taking prescribed medication? If you saw the local news you must have missed the part where a male demonstrator clearly stated that he had no problem with the Police today – the footage aired put him in the middle of the incident where all the cowardly thugs dressed as robocop overzealously set upon the peaceful crowd.

Take a child to a protest and you should expect the child to be taken away.

Protest beyond the very reasonable limits placed upon you by society and expect consequences.

cranky 8:43 pm 28 Sep 07

Fluges, I thoroughly agree.
I’m no Police hater, but the thuggery demonstrated recently by Police allowed to ‘control’ small crowds is totally out of keeping with any sense of measured reaction to the perceived threat.

Someone up the chain of command is instructing/permitting/promoting this over-reaction to semi-organised demonstrations.

Has this whole reaction taken on a political bent? Does it assist a government doing badly in the polls? I don’t know, but I don’t like it.

Mr Waffle 8:41 pm 28 Sep 07

I was a bit shocked by the footage they showed on the news (Win I think?). The cops took down this one guy, then when he friend tried to run up to him a cop grabbed him with a hand over the face and slammed him down on the ground. Didn’t know we had Hulk Hogan wannabies on the force.

Fluges 8:17 pm 28 Sep 07

The police in this country are out of control. Witness their behaviour at APEC. And now, when the whole free world is protesting about the events in Burma, 60 protesters in Canberra, mainly members of the local Burmese community chanting for peace and democracy, are set upon by overzealous, cowardly thugs, who turn up dressed as robocops, compete with snarling dogs. 40 riot police with dogs to ‘control’ 60 men, women and children, is plainly an hysterical over-reaction. Their numbers and thuggish, violent behaviour is inciteful in itself.

Of course, given enough notice, the coppers would have erected a fence 2km from the Burmese Embassy, costing several million dollars, and declared a seclusion zone or something. Thank God they were caught by surprise and didn’t have time to plan.

A photograph in the Sydney Morning Herald shows a pregnant Burmese lady being pushed to the ground. The Age describes police pushing a woman holding her crying 2 year-old daughter. This level of violence against Australian citizens, who are merely trying to exercise their democratic rights in a ‘free’ country, is disgusting. Of all the protests around the world that I just saw on the television, Canberra most resembled Rangoon.

asp 8:02 pm 28 Sep 07

If the people who are living under an oppressive system can remain mostly peaceful, what excuse do these protesters have? If they want to get violent and abusive, do it online (not here). Don’t attack the Police.

Jey 5:11 pm 28 Sep 07

uh, there are lots of shit parents out there … I dunno!

Snahons_scv6_berlina 5:06 pm 28 Sep 07

and your point is what jey ?

Jey 4:57 pm 28 Sep 07

I’ve seen small children at much more inappropriate places – heavy metal concerts, for instance.

Snahons_scv6_berlina 4:10 pm 28 Sep 07

“who brings a small child to a protest ” – an unfit parent.

barney 3:52 pm 28 Sep 07

I think that the Police are a bit bent. There is something wrong with them. Maybe a few things actually…

Thumper 3:50 pm 28 Sep 07

Yeah, but the army doesn’t brass up protesters here…

hingo_VRCalaisV6 3:16 pm 28 Sep 07

Why are the fuck are they protesting here? Sure, it sucks balls whats happening over in Burma, but its not like the Australian Government is against the protesters. Do you know who they are protesting against? The Chinese in general? I don’t see what this achieves being in Australia.

If anything, the Police are just trying to remove them because they are being a public pain in the arse by blocking the road.

If they slow down my trip past there on my way home this afternoon, I’ll have a reason to protest as well.

Mr Evil 3:09 pm 28 Sep 07

Wow, that sounds like a Resistance press release!

piperdoon 3:05 pm 28 Sep 07

who brings a small child to a protest – peaceful or not – asking for trouble IMHO

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