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Police Wrap – 3 August 2010

By johnboy - 3 August 2010 27

1. The mystery box of Yarralumla:

ACT Policing is appealing to members of the community to help solve a long-running mystery surrounding the location of a large wooden box found partially buried in bushland in Yarralumla.

Police were called to the secluded location on February 25, after a Royal Canberra Golf Course greens keeper initially alerted the suspicious find to an AFP Protective Services member on duty at Government House.

Measuring 2.1m long by 90cm wide and 50cm deep, the empty wooden box had been carefully constructed with a fixed panel and a moveable panel, set into a hole into the ground, and covered with a thin layer of pine needles.

A crime scene was established at the location and AFP Forensic Services were called to take samples and examine the immediate area around the item. Several stains were found on the box and several miscellaneous items of clothing were found in the area.

A series of forensic tests were found to be inconclusive, as were fingerprint and chemical samples. Further enquiries by police have been unable to determine what the box had contained, or why it had been buried and concealed at that location.

Acting Sergeant Justin O’Hehir, the case officer for the investigation, said that all avenues of enquiry had been exhausted and appealed to any members of the community who may have any more information about the item to call Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 or via the website at

“Given the suspicious nature of the item and its location, police took all precautions to protect the scene and investigate. Those investigations have proved inconclusive so we are hoping that someone out in the community may be able to assist by calling Crime Stoppers and providing information which could resolve this case,” A/Sgt O’Hehir said.

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27 Responses to
Police Wrap – 3 August 2010
Woody Mann-Caruso 2:21 pm 03 Aug 10

Local teenagers pr0n stash from pre internet days?

“Those were dark days, son. It…it still turns my blood cold to talk about them.”

georgesgenitals 1:56 pm 03 Aug 10

If it’s a practical joke, that’s awesome. Other than that it’s almost certainly a hiding place for something that someone shouldn’t have.

Funky1 1:36 pm 03 Aug 10

Lots of rational possibilities:

Uni students’ prank

Gunrunners storage box

Hungi pit

Entry hatch to a Darma Initiative bunker

Twilight movie promo gone wrong


Thumper 1:15 pm 03 Aug 10

Yes, I was going to go for the that, although according to Vampire Lore (TM), the box would only be vacant at night.

He/ she could be on holiday.

justin heywood 1:08 pm 03 Aug 10

Thumper said :


Yes, I was going to go for the that, although according to Vampire Lore (TM), the box would only be vacant at night.

I confess I’m not up to date on the sleeping habits of Zombies. Do they sleep?

prhhcd 1:07 pm 03 Aug 10

Thumper said :

I’m going for the most rational explanation.



Inappropriate 12:56 pm 03 Aug 10
screaming banshee 12:49 pm 03 Aug 10

Has anyone thought to look under the box?

Muttsybignuts 12:33 pm 03 Aug 10

Someone was trying to catch a Governor General in their natural habitat?

Thumper 12:07 pm 03 Aug 10

I’m going for the most rational explanation.


molongloid 12:01 pm 03 Aug 10

Sounds like a bolthole. Or possibly for staged removal of a body. Quickly immobilise and stuff victim in hole. Come back later to collect in white van. Or maybe I watched too many episodes of Dexter.

p1 10:45 am 03 Aug 10

Local teenagers pr0n stash from pre internet days?

colourful sydney rac 10:37 am 03 Aug 10

Afordable housing?

ConanOfCooma 10:20 am 03 Aug 10


If it can be opened from the inside, I’d say it might have something to do with wildlife, but buried a little shallow for a den box.

Innocent explanations aside, it sure does sound like a coffin, or a drug stash location. Perhaps a vampire from Queanbeyan liked to stay there?

Woody Mann-Caruso 10:15 am 03 Aug 10

Really big geocache? 😉

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