Police Wrap – 8 August

johnboy 8 August 2008 18

1. A Charnwood drug warrant has seen two people helping police with inquiries after a small amount of heroin was found. So passe.

Billy the bulldog 2. Have you seen this dog? Bill here has been stolen from Cooksey Place in Florey.

Billy’s named after his owner’s son who recently died in a motorcycle accident so they’d quite like to at least get the dog back.

    Police would urge anyone who may have seen Billy or people acting suspiciously in Cooksey Place, Florey, to contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 or via www.act.crimestoppers.com.au.

3. Simon Corbell has welcomed 17 police recruits (to match the lone pines?).

I’m sure we all hope to meet them only in happy circumstances.

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18 Responses to Police Wrap – 8 August
Overheard Overheard 9:47 am 09 Aug 08

He’s got an unusual face. Is it just me or does it look like it was modelled on the opening credits for Dr Who, circa mid 1970s (the Jon Pertwee and Tom Baker years)?!

bundahgirl bundahgirl 9:38 am 09 Aug 08

Thats a gorgeous puppy, I hope they get him back soon

Overheard Overheard 8:54 am 09 Aug 08

“Get Off” is an absolute ball-tearer. I went on a ‘YouTube’-athon after this discussion. There’s quite a bit of Dandys stuff there.

Thumper Thumper 8:13 am 09 Aug 08

Thirteen tales is my fav Dandys record…

johnboy johnboy 2:14 am 09 Aug 08

I’m just thankful, and slightly amazed, she didn’t sever anything vital as she smashed it in beyond the point of no return.

Overheard Overheard 2:09 am 09 Aug 08


I’ve gone close to doing the same many times. Spending so much time on the road, I often fall foul of what you were saying on the 2XX thing about how changing a CD is more hazardous than some illegal manoeuvres (sp?) in cars such as phone calls and texts. If I had a dollar for every time I’ve been zipping along some freeway or highway with the CD wallet or case open, the last CD held in the mouth, and the next one being selected while variously scanning the dozens of available CDs, and every now and again making sure I don’t plough into that fence or oncoming truck….. not good.

Most of my pop/rock CDs are down the coast — now I’m on a mission to find my copy of ‘Thirteen Tales of Urban Bohemia’!

Speaking of which, MissJill has apparently vanished so it looks like I’m keeping my 2CA album!

johnboy johnboy 2:05 am 09 Aug 08

Wow, too stupid to take the OT warning.

I debate countless people here everyday who disagree with me, and have nothing to prove to me.

Ontopic and relevant if you want to see your words here in future.

I should note that most people in moderation get almost all their comments on to the site after they’ve been checked and generally are rehabilitated after a week so maybe there’s hope for you too. (note the correct use of the dooble oo)

MRB MRB 2:02 am 09 Aug 08

JB, remember this line?

” *he sighs as once again he is dragged unwillingly into a debate with the corrupt and the ill-considered* “

‘Ragging’ is all one way, is it? Damn, who would’ve thought that having a debate with Johnboy would mean you’re corrupt and ill-considered?

Hold yourself to the same standards that you apparently hold others too (let’s face it, it’s people that have a differing opinion to you that really get’s your moderation blood flowing, isn’t it?).

johnboy johnboy 2:00 am 09 Aug 08

I’ve got a DW cd forever embedded in my car console where a drunk girlfriend mistook a seam for the CD player.

God I copped hell for that whole business.

Overheard Overheard 1:55 am 09 Aug 08

Headbonius said :

Actually JB, in your foppish, latte world heroin may be “passe” as you term it. In the real world it is far from passe. It is an evil, insidious drug that destroys lives. Still popular, still killing people. Would it have been “cooler” if it was Meth?

What JB said: it’s a song lyric/title: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZXMVNOIEyBs.

Ah, more memories. I tore a calf muscle in the mosh pit at the ANU Refectory at a Dandy Warhols gig in 2000.

johnboy johnboy 1:52 am 09 Aug 08

Keep up the offtopic and you’ll go. Feel free to debate editorial policy via email john@the-riotact.com .

But I’m very flattered that you consider RA editorial policy to be on a par with anti-corruption in policing.

If you read more widely you’ll see that HB has been ragging other contributors tonight, I generally apply a lower standard when it comes to myself.

Anyway thanks for the vote of confidence.

MRB MRB 1:46 am 09 Aug 08

Geez, johnboy, you are very selective when it comes to threatening moderation huh? Does it only happen when your soft outer shell is threatened? Keep it consistent wll ya? Out of the posts I’ve seen lately, there are not many that actually relate directly to the topic at hand.

In a recent thread, you ask “who will police the police”, but I ask…..who will moderate the moderator?? I was under the impression that a moderator was an impartial role, but since you got back, I’ve only seen either biased views from yourself (usually masked in one-line comments laced with insinuations), and stories about topics that can only be described as….well…..pointless. (hole in the wall etc.) And your comment about the hospital implosion wasn’t exactly well received either (something about it being humourous??)

And now, I insist (and eagerly await…) a response with some more of that wit that we’ve all come to expect.

…unless I’m moderated because you don’t like what I’ve said.

ant ant 12:12 am 09 Aug 08

Skating? holy dooley.

I hope they find Bill soon, whenever I see dogs of that sort being “lost”, I worry because there is an active dog fighting scene here and they often take these dogs either to be in it, or to use in “training”. (bastards).

johnboy johnboy 11:12 pm 08 Aug 08

And the Dandy Warhols are playing Stonefest.

Here’s hoping UC come through on our media access request.

simbo simbo 11:11 pm 08 Aug 08

Hey, to be fair, that is the first time you’ve been called “foppish”. Next you’ll be accused of taking snuff or something.

And HB, you may not have heard of the Dandy Warhol’s song – it was an obvious reference to me, but.. then again, I suppose CrazyChester’s reference to “The Weight” was obvious to her…

johnboy johnboy 11:06 pm 08 Aug 08

der, of course.

BTW you’ve been skating the abuse line HB, watch that.

Headbonius Headbonius 11:04 pm 08 Aug 08

Actually JB, in your foppish, latte world heroin may be “passe” as you term it. In the real world it is far from passe. It is an evil, insidious drug that destroys lives. Still popular, still killing people. Would it have been “cooler” if it was Meth?

boomacat boomacat 10:19 pm 08 Aug 08

poor puppy, I hope his owners find him soon.

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