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Possum Mutilators of Ainslie

By che - 19 August 2009 46

[Update – RSPCA ACT has followed on below with the results of what occurred]
[First Filed August 18, 2009 @ 23:38]

RSPCA ACT has put out a statement asking for any witnesses to a number of possum bashings in the Ainslie area on Tuesday afternoon.

    “Late Tuesday afternoon a number of possums were brought to RSPCA by
    government rangers. All were female brush tail possums and all were
    discovered in a park near Ainslie Primary School, in Donaldson and
    Doonkuna St Ainslie. Possums were examined by RSPCA veterinary staff.

    “The possums were all found within 10 metres of each other. Vet
    examination has shown that they have been savagely beaten to death,
    presumably last night. All three were Joey carrying females. It
    appears that the young have been forcibly removed from their pouches
    and teats. Our staff searched the park and found one Joey barely alive
    which has since died. Two joeys are currently unaccounted for.

    “This is a despicable and sickening act of deliberate cruelty and we
    are pleading for someone to come forward who may have seen or heard
    something on Monday evening.”

    Anyone with information can call RSPCA on 1300 4 777 22 or the local police.

[Updated – August 19, 2009 @17:38]

    Further details on findings regarding possum deaths in Ainslie first
    reported yesterday…

    ACT government vets at TAMS underwent an extensive post mortem today.
    Results have shown “extended ill treatment prior to the death” of the
    animals. The animal’s injuries included “drag injuries”, “one has been
    dragged by the tail [or back legs] across hard ground” and “one has
    been tied by a front leg/arm and dragged or swung around”.

    All the possums had “multiple and severe upper body, spinal and facial
    fractures as well as internal injuries.”
    “Needless to say the possums have suffered greatly at the hands of
    their attackers prior to their deaths.”
    The one small Joey recovered had “sustained heavy fractures to the
    spine, jaw and legs, front and rear”. Evidence shows a “shockingly
    brutal and sustained attack on the animals, possibly by more than one
    The matter is currently under joint investigation by RSPCA and TAMS
    with the full support of the AFP.
    Two young joeys are still unaccounted for and if still alive would be
    in grave need of specialist attention by now.
    It is illegal to kill a wild animal under the Nature Conservation Act (ACT).
    Aggravated animal cruelty in the ACT carries with a maximum fine of
    $20,000 and or two years in jail.
    Anyone with any information can contact Crimestoppers, RSPCA, TAMS or the AFP.

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46 Responses to
Possum Mutilators of Ainslie
Secret Squirrel 9:26 am 19 Aug 09

Obviously you guys have never had possums having nightly sprint races in your roof at 3am!!!

wishuwell 9:26 am 19 Aug 09

Thumper I meant Why??? as in why why why would someone do this.

Thumper 9:03 am 19 Aug 09


Because I’ll be moderated if I say what I’d like to about these callous, cruel, and sadistic individuals who did such a thing.

motleychick 9:03 am 19 Aug 09

Disgusting people. Absolutely horrible.

peterh 9:02 am 19 Aug 09

why wish them a cushy spell in the AMC? I hope that they are caught doing this in NSW. Then they will rot.

weeziepops 8:56 am 19 Aug 09

They won’t get locked up. And if they get a guilty verdict, chances are it will be set aside or whatever the legal process is for letting a person off with a slap on the wrist. We have seen too many cases of animal cruelty in Canberra where the proof has been overwhelming that the person was guilty and nothing happens. Postcode justice, thy name is Canberra.

PBO 8:44 am 19 Aug 09

What could a Possum do to deserve such barbaric treatment? I call “lex talionis” on these fools.

Hells_Bells74 8:33 am 19 Aug 09

Oh even idiots can usually find better things to do! These ‘things’ were purely evil!

VYBerlinaV8_the_one_ 8:19 am 19 Aug 09

Typical of idiots with nothing better to do. It takes a small and pathetic human to do something like this.

wishuwell 8:16 am 19 Aug 09


Thumper 8:02 am 19 Aug 09

I’m speechless…

Hells_Bells74 8:00 am 19 Aug 09

How very BIG of them to pick on little possums, hex on them!

Granny 12:57 am 19 Aug 09

I don’t know whether to be angry or sad or just despair.

sunshine 11:54 pm 18 Aug 09

absolutely DISGRACEFUL! hope they find the mongrels who did this and sent them to prison

You 11:44 pm 18 Aug 09

That is absolutely disgusting. I hope they catch whoever did this, lock them up and let them rot.

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