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Postal vote oddity…

By simbo - 17 October 2007 51

Okay, possibly I’m creating a storm in a teacup with this one, but…

A flyer called “postal vote application information” arrived in my letterbox this week, and presumably appeared in a few other people’s letterboxes as well. It contains, as you’d expect, a fair bit of info about postal votes, including two official application forms.

However, it also contains, on the back, a fairly obvious political ad for Garry Humprhies and Natalie Colbert.

If this is an Electoral commission publication, then why has it got advertising for candidates?

If it isn’t, why is it made up to look like it IS an official Electoral Commission Publication?

Does anybody else smell bodginess here, or is it just me?

What’s Your opinion?

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51 Responses to
Postal vote oddity…
bd84 11:32 pm 17 Oct 07

Standard electioneering!
You will get one from every party at every election. I think you will find that the actual form is the AEC standard.. or it wouldn’t be accepted by them of course 🙂

Ruby Wednesday 10:22 pm 17 Oct 07

I got one for Fraser, but my only interest in it was wondering why on earth anyone would use a capital letter for Trillion when it is not at the start of a sentence.

ant 9:10 pm 17 Oct 07

I got one yesterday from Gary Nairn, and one today from Col. Mike Kelly!

HA 8:50 pm 17 Oct 07

My advice, as I offer for ALL junk jail (as is this junk from the Libs) is seal it up, mark it “unsolicited mail”, and “return to sender” and pop it into the mail box. The Liberals will have to pay for that delivery. And if you wanna be real clever and cost them even more postage, retrieve the postage-paid envelope they enclose in their propaganda (before sealing the envelope back up) and send it empty, as they have to pay for that too. Sick of the Libs and their “clean campaign in the ACT”. Give me a break Gary. You’re on the nose and on the way out.

Bring on Senator Tucker. She’s got Margot Kingston in town helping with the Greens campaign. Good one.

jacross 8:15 pm 17 Oct 07

I got this letter along with the rest of my family and my fiancees family. It looks like most people got it. You’d have to be a pretty big idiot to not realise that it is from the Liberal Party but sadly it seems a good chunk of people these days are pretty big idiots so i wouldn’t be surprised if we hear more about this (I briefly heard them talking about it on the ABC, apparently Mike Kelty in Eden-Monaro has done it as well).

caf 7:40 pm 17 Oct 07

I’m not sure the AEC (I presume you meant AEC rather than AusPost) can prevent people making their own versions of their forms. Maybe if they copyrighted the forms? I’m not sure.

boomacat 5:49 pm 17 Oct 07

It looks like Australia Post are letting political parties advertise on the postal vote forms.

I don’t think this evidences any wrongdoing on behalf of the political parties concerned (I’m sure the Labor party does it too) but I don’t think it should be permitted.

Anything to do with official electoral institutions should be seen to be absolutely free from association with political parties.

BeyondThought 5:31 pm 17 Oct 07

Christ Ralph it’s just all black and white for you isn’t it?

yeah, the facts often are.

Gungahlin Al 5:29 pm 17 Oct 07

Christ Ralph it’s just all black and white for you isn’t it?

Ralph 5:17 pm 17 Oct 07

So you’re talking about a yellow envelope, with a symbol of the flag mast of Parliament House? This is the one isn’t it??

I don’t see the Australian Government crest on there, so I didn’t treat it as an official Australian Government document.

Treat it as a quasi IQ test.

BeyondThought 5:16 pm 17 Oct 07

yeah, i got one in fraser which had gary humphries and troy williams. it’s all legit aparently and no doubt we will get one from labour too.

Androyd 5:14 pm 17 Oct 07

I think it’s been pretty standard and legal for years for parties to offer postal vote assistance in this way. What seemed new (and dodgy) on the one we got this time around was that the envelope was deliberately designed to look like something official and non-partisan, to ensure you opened it up to find Gary’s propaganda letter. The good news is there is a reply paid envelope to the Canberra Liberals as part of the package, so if you have anything to say to them about their methods, put it in the envelope and send it back at their expense!

Senator Gaz 5:11 pm 17 Oct 07


I thought I would write in and clarify a few points as my office has received a number of inquiries on this very matter.

The letter which was sent out this week is intended to ensure that those who cannot make it to a polling booth on November 24 still get the chance to have their say about who will govern Australia for the next three years.

It does also include a message from myself and my fellow candidates – Natalie Colbert and Troy Williams – and as such falls under the provisions of the Commonwealth Electoral Act.

The Act requires that all political material bear an statement indicating who has authorised and printed it – this document fully complies with that requirement by featuring an authorisation statement on the middle page.

I am very careful to ensure that any material sent out in my name complies fully with the Electoral Act and is not designed to mislead. This is because I believe the ACT has a great tradition of fighting clean, intelligent election campaigns and I hope to see this continue over the coming weeks.


Jonathon Reynolds 5:10 pm 17 Oct 07

Gees simbo talk about huff and puff to hype up a conspiracy theory… all it is a standard postal vote application from the Liberals.

I suggest you put your tin foil hat back on and you will feel a lot safer.

caf 4:53 pm 17 Oct 07

I got one of those in Fraser too, and I’ve seen reports of the same from electorates interstate.

It’s definitely not an AEC mailout. It seems like it would have been paid for from the Senator’s provided funds for mailouts to their constituents (all MPs and Senators get this).

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