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Postal vote oddity…

By simbo 17 October 2007 51

Okay, possibly I’m creating a storm in a teacup with this one, but…

A flyer called “postal vote application information” arrived in my letterbox this week, and presumably appeared in a few other people’s letterboxes as well. It contains, as you’d expect, a fair bit of info about postal votes, including two official application forms.

However, it also contains, on the back, a fairly obvious political ad for Garry Humprhies and Natalie Colbert.

If this is an Electoral commission publication, then why has it got advertising for candidates?

If it isn’t, why is it made up to look like it IS an official Electoral Commission Publication?

Does anybody else smell bodginess here, or is it just me?

What’s Your opinion?

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Postal vote oddity…
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Maelinar 2:53 pm 19 Oct 07

Gratz to Cameron.

(if that accountability…)

Mr Evil 2:32 pm 19 Oct 07

I couldn’t help but notice how much Annette Ellis looks like an extra from Monsters Inc on the Postal Vote Application I received yesterday!

Cameron 1:06 pm 19 Oct 07

Fair enough 🙂

justbands 12:30 pm 19 Oct 07

OK, fair response.

& to be honest, I’m an IT professional myself & not likely to need your services anytime soon in any case. 🙂

Cameron 12:27 pm 19 Oct 07

If you read it as me being a patronising prick, then nothing I can do about it. I certainly didn’t mean it as such. Put it down to the limits of text-based communication. The PS probably was, I’ll grant you that.

I’m not on RA to advertise my business. The link through my username is there because I don’t like hiding behind the anonymity of the internet. I like being held accountable for my comments here.

If that accountability means you’ll never be my customer, well so be it.

justbands 12:17 pm 19 Oct 07

Fair enough. Although you could have said as much without being a patronising prick. Not good advertising for your business (linked via your username here) you know.

Cameron 12:12 pm 19 Oct 07


Cameron 12:12 pm 19 Oct 07

I must not have been clear enough for you, but I was referring to the postal app mailout, which is what this thread primarily refers to.

My first reference to the letter you’re referring to was the sentence you quoted in your last post.

justbands 12:09 pm 19 Oct 07

> I never saw the letter you’re referring to, so I can’t comment.

Didn’t stop you before. FFS.

Cameron 11:16 am 19 Oct 07

Caf: “Don’t cry to me, I’m just putting the facts out there.”

Wasn’t crying to you at all – I used your name to reference your comment. I realised all you were doing was pointing out a fact.

Justbands: “When the delivery method involves trickery, then my immediate (& I believe logical) suspicion is that the message contains the same.”

I never saw the letter you’re referring to, so I can’t comment.

And I’ll FFS whoever I like FFS.

By ‘the left’ I assume you mean The Greens? Cos I’ve already got one from Labor’s Annette Ellis, and my friend over the border in Struggle-Town has already got one from Mr Mustache, Mike Kelly… I think the only reason the Greens and Democrats don’t do it is purely pragmatic – they don’t have any pennies to spare! I imagine it’s quite expensive to mail something to every house in Australia…

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