Raiders crash willy nilly

johnboy 7 May 2007 10

The ABC reports that the Raiders have capitulated 46-30 to the silvertails at home.

We, as always, remain open to the thoughts of the Raiders’ faithful.

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10 Responses to Raiders crash willy nilly
Mess Mess 7:32 pm 07 May 07

If they are going to give the raiders a penalty for the ball being stripped it should have been a penalty try. As for the Raiders performance, it was ok, good in the first half, and as soon as manly got some ball, it all fell apart. As i said last week, Neil Henry really needs to work on the Raiders defence

Sammy Sammy 3:59 pm 07 May 07

I also think — having watched it in slow motion via my PVR — that the decision to not award the Campese try was correct.

He did not ground the ball. It popped out of his arm before he grounded it, giving the (initial) impression that the ground caused the ball to pop, and therefore it was grounded.

What actually appeared to happen was that he squeezed his arm, perhaps in an attempt to maintain control of the ball, and the ball popped out skyward, before being grounded.

Sammy Sammy 3:56 pm 07 May 07

Genie, as a fervent Raiders supporter, I was happy to see Manly get that try. There was plenty of doubt as to whether his foot was on the line, and also whether he dropped the ball *just* before grounding it.

The benefit of the doubt should always go to the attacking side, and thus I was happy to see the try awarded.

Ralph Ralph 2:32 pm 07 May 07

I also watched the replay last night on Foxsports and it looked like Campese fumbled the ball in-goal.

At the game I couldn’t figure it out either.

Genie Genie 2:06 pm 07 May 07

If you watch the Bigpond highlights on Campese was ruled to have “lost” the ball.

My opinion still stands that the ref’s dont like the Raiders (or the Bunnies) and that a decision will rarely go in their favour.

the sheriff the sheriff 1:45 pm 07 May 07

anybody know why campese’s try was disallowed? I was at the ground and I couldn’t figure it out.

Ralph Ralph 12:37 pm 07 May 07

I thought the foot was one the line.

Genie Genie 12:24 pm 07 May 07

Sammy – Would that be the same try that went to the video Ref and he failed to see the players foot was on the line as he grounded the ball ?

Sammy Sammy 9:06 am 07 May 07

The Raiders comprehensively won the first half, and then fell to bits in the second.

The head clash between Costigan and Learoyd-Lahrs was sickening.

The try from ex-Raider Robertson following a miracle ‘pass’ from Lyon was magic.

Ralph Ralph 8:14 am 07 May 07

If they played like they did in the first half they would’ve won the game.

As usual too many handling errors.

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