Rao committed for murder

johnboy 17 February 2007 16

The ABC reports that the Cube Nightclub owner, Maurizio Gianpier Rao, has been committed by the Magistrate’s Court to stand trial for the murder of Nato Sueala.

This matter has a lot of history but as it’s a murder trial we’re going to have to ask that you keep the fevered speculation down.

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16 Responses to Rao committed for murder
qld qld 6:45 am 19 May 09

Rao was innocent.

The Islanders were much more proactive in the words of the judge.

vg vg 6:24 pm 18 Feb 07

Fair cop then

Ingeegoodbee Ingeegoodbee 6:02 pm 18 Feb 07

Wasn’t having a go at you vg … could have worded it better – I really meant I (as in me) didn’t pretend to know, it’s just I see a lot of guys working hard in law enforcement to keep our community safe get let down when the judicial process dosn’t deliver. In my mind, moving from commital to trail just means that the prosectuions case isn’t made of straw. You’d probably know more than anyone that it’s a long way from commital hearings to a sucessful prosecution.

vg vg 4:40 pm 18 Feb 07

It’s his site after all.

jr jr 4:29 pm 18 Feb 07

Thats what I love about the people that run this site… when they don’t have a defence it is a resort to attack.

johnboy johnboy 4:04 pm 18 Feb 07

you’re really talking a bunch of crap lately JR, changed your meds?

jr jr 4:00 pm 18 Feb 07

“This matter has a lot of history but as it’s a murder trial we’re going to have to ask that you keep the fevered speculation down.”

johnboy: since when have you actually been genuinely concerned about due legal process? Ha! This will be a first!

vg vg 12:48 pm 18 Feb 07

I didn’t say that at all. All I’m saying is go in and listen to some actual evidence (not what the CT tells you) and the picture will be clearer. There’s a massive difference between innocent and not guilty

johnboy johnboy 10:33 am 18 Feb 07

yeah, bugger that presumption of innocence bollocks!


vg vg 9:30 am 18 Feb 07

People should spend a day in Court listening and seeing some of the evidence……that’s all I’ll say

papadoc papadoc 5:29 am 18 Feb 07

Well amidst all the speculation, obviously this guy has done something wrong. There were many options that could have been taken in this case: Murder, Manslaughter and even Self Defence, but the fact is that he is being tried for murder. Guilty or not, the prosecution has enough evidence whereby they believe they can prove said charge. Unfortunate for all involved as this case will be an interesting one to watch…

vg vg 10:58 pm 17 Feb 07

A commital hearing means the prosecution has enough evidence to prove a charge.

I don’t pretend to know the judicial process. After 17 years I do know it.

You may also need a crash course on what inverted commas mean

Ingeegoodbee Ingeegoodbee 8:48 pm 17 Feb 07

I would have thought that a commital simply ment that he had a case to answer rather than any question being resolved about his guilt or innocence – then again I don’t pretendto know about the judicial process just because I work in law enforcement.

vg vg 7:47 pm 17 Feb 07

I think the fact he was committed for trial, ergo a prima facie case was established, would suggest his ‘innocence’ is somewhat not established

Deadmandrinking Deadmandrinking 4:42 pm 17 Feb 07

Let the courts decide, pandy.
He really didn’t have to use a knife.

Pandy Pandy 12:07 pm 17 Feb 07

He is innocent I tell you.

I put the blame squarly on the drunken mates who tried to gate crash the venue.

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