Red Moon over Canberra

GnT 29 August 2007 13

Last night saw the “Red Moon” lunar eclipse, and we’ve had a couple of stories and images submitted to RiotACT.

From asp:

As promised, here are the photos of last night’s Lunar Eclipse, taken from the foreshore of Lake Burley Griffin.

Aside from sharpening and minor contrast adjustments in Lightroom, they have not been edited, colored or otherwise changed in anyway. What you see is the result of a good camera, L series lenses and the use of 16bit imaging to provide wider colour depth. Images were taken with a Canon EOS 350D with Canon EF100-400mm zoom telephoto and on occasion, a 1.5x extender.

Lunar Eclipse 1
The vibrant Red Moon over Canberra (Photo: A.Spence)

The moon towards the end of the eclipse (A.Spence)

The moon after the eclipse (A.Spence)

An enjoyable astronomical show. Though someone forgot to email the moon the schedule. The widely reported end time of between 9:15 and 9:13 turned out to be more like 10:15 for the moon to fully return to normal.

Photographer’s Notes: After much experimentation, I managed to take a few very good ones and many that were acceptable. The digital camera really came through, though I was disappointed to not be able to make use of the Fuji Velvia I had imported from the US. Lens is a wildlife lens with great focal range, though not a large aperture. Gitzo 3530 tripod and Arca Swiss Double Pan head worked a treat. Still performed well. Will now relax with coffee after spending 5 continuous hours on feet.

Images copyright AS Photography. A locally owned nature photography and publishing business.

From oddball508:

For those that didn’t wish to venture out or just couldn’t get to see it here is a collections of images from Tuesdays spectacular lunar eclipse.

Lunar Eclipse 28/8/2007

I have some more images of the eclipse taken while out near Tidbinbilla Tracking Station.

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13 Responses to Red Moon over Canberra
asp asp 1:37 am 30 Aug 07

dSLR would be a very big advantage over that FZ30. Annoying thing though is the kit lenses are useless. So you can pick up a cheap dSLR these days, but the price triples for a decent wide and a decent tele lens.

ant ant 12:19 am 30 Aug 07

agh, I’ve just processed mine. the sliver of light ones were nice in full shot mode, with that splash of light blasting off the moon, and a bright star to the right, but cropped it was a mess o noise. How i hate that camera! Great lense, horrible sensor.

asp asp 11:46 pm 29 Aug 07

“I suspect the best ones will be where there was a sliver of light over the top of the moon.”
I thought so to at the time. But on reviewing the images, they came out vary glare ridden, over exposed and distorted. Hopefully yours came out better because no matter what I tried, it didn’t work at that stage of the eclipse.

ant ant 9:11 pm 29 Aug 07

Very, very nice. I am now regretting not grabbing a 350 or 400D last US trip. I got The Worst Camera Ever Made last year (a Lumix FZ30) and got some tripod shots last night, but I know they’ll be as noisy as hell. I suspect the best ones will be where there was a sliver of light over the top of the moon.

The dog down in the shed next door HOWLED as the moon got covered, I don’t know how he knew it was a Bad Thing and not just some cloud going over. He started up quite early, when there was just a smidge of moon darkened.

after the moon came back out, all the local magpies started up with their morning warbling.

Pretty good show, all round. I noticed a lot of aeroplanes blinking around up there… must have been some joy flights to watch it.

asp asp 7:49 pm 29 Aug 07

As I said, I was out there with a Canon EF100-400mm lens. By no means true astronomy photographic gear. Not bad results though.
Imagine my shock when I read a quote from the head of the local astronomy club (a club which one would think should have at least ONE telescope) telling of his joy at staring up at the moon using “binoculars” in Commonwealth Park. Even if they’re amateurs, that’s pretty poor for an ASTRONOMY club.

Stung Stung 4:42 pm 29 Aug 07

its like how the footy is better on TV , you can actually see the details

Kramer Kramer 1:51 pm 29 Aug 07

I went outside a few times last night to have a look (with my dodgy eyes), it was cool to see but the photos look way way better.

Maelinar Maelinar 1:22 pm 29 Aug 07

looking at something with your own eyes is sooo last century.

JD114 JD114 1:20 pm 29 Aug 07

Spot on bighead. Why anyone would want to go outside and look at the spectacle with their own eyes when they could be holed up inside watching pixelated images on a flat screen power-hungry device is beyong comprehension.

Next we’ll have people on here saying a walk up Mt Ainslie in the fresh air is not as good for you as a session in the gym. The hide!

bighead bighead 9:34 am 29 Aug 07

I was annoyed when I got back inside afterwards to find out there was a live stream on the discovery website. That would have been much more enjoyable to watch.

bourke bourke 8:25 am 29 Aug 07

It really was JUST SO COOL!!!!

Canberra did very well weather-wise and time-zone wise I think.

Carzee Carzee 8:02 am 29 Aug 07

Well I had a go too. ISO 50, f22, on a 200mm, mirror lockup, cable rel., angle finder 2x, solid tripod. Well, this was my first ever attempt…. and i just couldn’t get the focus dead on and the moon is way too small in the frame. This is one occasion where 1.6 cropcams have it on their own.

Thumper Thumper 7:55 am 29 Aug 07

Great shots. I was too lazy and just kept wandering outside every now and then to take a shot.

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