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Residential rates up only 4.5pc but levies on rise

By Charlotte Harper 7 June 2016 62


ACT home owners will be relieved to learn that residential rates will rise by 4.5 per cent rather than 8.75 per cent as flagged in the last Budget, however unit owners are set to contend with larger increases and all rate payers will face some unexpected hits to their hip pockets in the form of new and increased levies.

All property owners will pay the new annual $30 Safer Families Levy as well as increases to the Fire and Emergency Services Levy and Victims Services Levy of around $10 apiece as well as to the Ambulance Levy of between $5 (individuals) and $10 (families).

The Victims Services Levy will rise by a further $10 in 2017-18.

General rates will rise by an average of 4.5 per cent for residential properties in 2016-17, and an average of 7 per cent for commercial properties. Residential rates are expected to rise by a further 7 per cent each year for the next five years.

For units only, a change in the rates methodology will also add around $150 on average in 2017-18 and $115 on average in 2018-19. The Government will change the general rates calculation for multi-unit dwellings to base it on the total average unimproved value of the land rather than the individual average unimproved value of the unit. This is designed to lead to greater equity in general rates paid between houses and units.

Commercial rates are expected to rise on average by 6 per cent each year.

The Safer Families Levy and increases to existing levies will billed via Canberra property owners’ rates bills.

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Residential rates up only 4.5pc but levies on rise
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JC 1:59 pm 14 Jun 16

Ps Belconnen is still waiting for William hovell drive to be duplicated.

And school courses belconnen saw its fair share of them close over time too. Latham, Higgins, Holt, Flynn Charnwood high, Gininderra High for starters. And new schoonls one K-10 on the old ago Gininderra High site. Bit like tuggers isn’t it? And they were closed for the same reason some in Tuggeranong was closed which is changing demographics. You will find the same issue ain’t apply in Gungahlin simply because there is not a one suburb one school policy like the bulk of Canberra and Gungahlin had. Many older suburbs share schools with newer suburbs thus ensuring a ready supply of appropriately aged kids. So guess +1 to Tuggeranong and +2 as tuggers has two colleges Gungahlin just 1.

JC 1:51 pm 14 Jun 16

Garfield said :

JC, you have been given numerous evidence and information on this site about Tuggeranong getting less money per capita for Education, Government programs, Public transport, Infrastructure spending and maintenance etc, but you choose to ignore it or you argue minor details.

Forgetting the evidence for a moment, even Labor party Ministers agree that Tuggeranong has had less money spent on it (compared to other areas) since self Government. Tuggers used to be Labor heartland until the School Closures and the government reneging on multiple budgeted promises.

Your arguments that Tuggeranong got more money spent on it in the 80 and 90s are also false. The plan for Tuggeranong’s development over a 20 year period (unlike Belconnen) was to duplicate roads and build infrastructure as the population grew, not beforehand. However, planned and future budgeted road duplications and public infrastructure for Tuggeranong, got shelved when Local Government started in 1990. That’s why Tuggers is full of single lane main roads with space for duplication, a cheaply built City centre at the edge of the township, a terrible Lake and surrounds and a lack of public institutions and quality public spaces.

Tuggeranong Schools were closed on mass in the 2000s and many Northside schools were kept open purely for political purposes. Now according to NAPLAN results, Tuggeranong schools fill 5 of the bottom 7 primary schools and all 6 Tuggers public high schools sit at the bottom for performances. Tuggeranong never used to have the greatest schools, but they were generally middling in Canberra, now they have plummeted to the bottom due to funding cutbacks and closures.

Tuggeranong residents contribute almost a quarter of Canberra’s Local and Federal Taxes, Rates & Charges, but get much much less of their dollars back in return. You would gain more credibility if you were able to accept this information, not just continue your regular words to bag out Tuggers as people with nothing to complain about compared to your Gungahlin counterparts.

I fail to see any of these so called facts. I see lots of whinging say about roads and overpasses that once challenged do not stack up. Take the comments above both Tuggeranong and Gungahlin are in the same boat. Yeah Tuggeranong doesn’t have roads as good as Belconnen nor by the same token does it have roads as good as the Southside townships of Woden and Weston creek. But you hit the nail on the head self government changed it all. It made it come from where the rest of the country subsidised the territory to the hilt to one where we now have to pay for most of this stuff ourselves. Just like the rest of the country. I challenge you to go to any city I Australia and go to suburbs built at the same time as Tuggeranong and for you to tell me that Tuggeranong is any worse off. It isn’t. You will see single lane roads bit of duplication where needed that then feed into arterial freeways. Just like Tuggeranong and Gungahlin.

And the latter is the crux. It seems Tuggeranong people see this as a north vs them fight when really they mean Gungahlin. But look at the facts and Gungahlin quite rightly gets a disproportionate amount of the infrastructure spend solely because it is the new town. Tuggers contributes 25% so what? Doesn’t mean it should or for that matter shouldn’t have 25% spent on it. The money should be spent where needed and simple FACT is new suburbs need a disproportionate amount of new money spent

And your wrong when Tuggeranong was being built it was being showered with a disproportionate spend too though ya mostly federal money up until 1989 at least.

So really Gungahlin is being treated exactly the same as Tuggeranong when Tuggeranong was being built. The facilities that each has is comparable on a size of population perspective. Everything else is really just fluff around the edges to suit an argument.

And have I mentioned where I live. Yep West Belconnen and I have no mates in Gungahlin either. And west belco people are having the same whinge and I tell them they are wrong too. West belco is no better off nor any worse than elsewhere in Canberra.

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