Salvos Tuggeranong vandalised

Skidbladnir 16 January 2008 20

ABC Online article

Tuggernaong Salvos store has had its stock and premises damaged in a random act of vandalism, where someone filled the place with diesel fuel at around 0930 last night.
The place has an alarm, so it may well have been an attempted arson which was poorly planned and\or executed.

ACT Coordinator and Spokesman, Mr Harry Cooper (not the TV Doctor) is apparently livid, but doesn’t want to put it into spoken words, fearing for his soul should he do it.

I’m guessing they’ll be thankful to anyone willing to donate money or stock to cover their losses, or anyone who can give a hand (any tradies or professional cleaners want to volunteer?) wants that warm and fuzzy feeling.

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20 Responses to Salvos Tuggeranong vandalised
idea_authority idea_authority 8:11 pm 17 Jan 08

And again, but this time my clock says 7:54 and the post says 8:10. Damn Vista.

idea_authority idea_authority 8:10 pm 17 Jan 08

umm, why does it say I posted at 3 am. It was 10:45 or so by my computer’s clock. Oh heck, I’ve got Vista.

nyssa76 nyssa76 1:26 pm 17 Jan 08

Have you seen the ones at Erindale?

It was raining yesterday and there was a whole lounge suite sitting there plus other crap.

Same thing happened at Isabella Plains shops and a person wrote “This is a charity bin not a dump” on a faux leather sofa left there.

Mr Evil Mr Evil 12:28 pm 17 Jan 08

Bonfire, I agree wholeheartedly with you that the bins should be removed from shopping centres.

bonfire bonfire 12:20 pm 17 Jan 08

there were two articles in the Chronicle on this issue.

article one – people dumping unwanted goods at inappropriate times.

article two – people stealing from salvo drop off points.

it seems to me they are simply ungrateful bastards.

i find these charity bins to be an eyesore. they should all be removed.

Sammy Sammy 11:20 am 17 Jan 08

Even the Chisholm shops are starting to look tame in comparison to the Lanyon shops.

sjp sjp 9:17 am 17 Jan 08

Scrotes, scrotes everywhere. It’s driving me up the wall.

Thumper Thumper 8:33 am 17 Jan 08

Charnwood is nirvana compared to Lanyon.

Besides, all the dropkicks moved from Charny to Florey when the governmentstated selling off the old govie houses.

in fact a mate of mine tells me that Holt is far worse that cahrnwood for yoofs wandering the streets and up to no good.

ie, kicking down letterboxes, stealing cars, eating old ladies, raping your cat, etc…

vandam vandam 7:16 am 17 Jan 08

Well with all the business thats going on with the cabbies, maybe we need security guards at bus stops too. Or maybe the govt can install cameras in the problem suburbs! oh, but they can’t even get that right in the CBD!

idea_authority idea_authority 3:39 am 17 Jan 08

The turds down in Lanyon are far too busy messing up their own valley to worry about stuffing up Charities elsewhere. In just three months, the new ad-supported bus shelter near the Lanyon shops has had all the glass and the advertising panel smashed and completely destroyed 12 times. Each time a glazier fixes it the next day. There really are some scum. So much so there are now guards on duty at the Lanyon Shops in the afternoon when kids are around because of a huge brawl last month.

vandam vandam 10:21 pm 16 Jan 08

Whilst I’m pretty disgusted with this kinda behaviour, I’m surprised that this doesn’t happen more often in Charnlop, Dunwood or Lanyon! The little turds prob came from there!

You You 8:05 pm 16 Jan 08

Jesus we have some pieces of shit living in this city…….

Thumper Thumper 7:03 pm 16 Jan 08

String the bastards up by the nuts and hang them upside down at a taxi rank in civic at 0300.

Mr Evil Mr Evil 5:51 pm 16 Jan 08

Well there you go, you learn sumthink new everyday.

Ingee, I’ve give you a call next time I’m organising a Jewish Fire Sale. 🙂

Ingeegoodbee Ingeegoodbee 5:45 pm 16 Jan 08

Actually Mr E a good dose of Dr Diesel’s Fire Starter does quite the trick when you want to set a lot of stuff on fire but don’t want to get yourself blow up. splash 20lt of unleaded around a shop and light a match and chances are you’ll be lucky to emerge with your ear-drums in tact (forget about your hair). Diesel on the other hand is a much more subtle pyrotechnic tool…

Mr Evil Mr Evil 5:34 pm 16 Jan 08

Diesel isn’t easy to ignite, so I don’t know what sort of tools would want to try and burn a place down with it.

I wonder if it has anything to do with the fact that the Salvos have been monitoring theft from their bins and dumping outside the Tuggers store lately? Perhaps this is payback from so moronic bogan for being caught out by them?

What kind of scumbag rips off or tries to destroy a charity shop????

howdy howdy 4:53 pm 16 Jan 08

They’ll regret it in the morning when they realise the only clothes they have to wear are covered in diesel fuel…

Ari Ari 4:51 pm 16 Jan 08

As an Army, don’t they have a Corps of Engineers ready to swing into action?

Sammy Sammy 4:45 pm 16 Jan 08

The message here is that diesel is still too cheap.

Skidbladnir Skidbladnir 4:19 pm 16 Jan 08

I realise I typed 0930 instead of 2130.

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