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Search for the best Nachos in Canberra City

By lisagrace - 30 January 2008 57

After (half) eating the worst Nachos I have ever had at the new Babar’s on Bunda street last week, I am now on the hunt for the BEST Nachos in the city.

A friend has always gone to machiattos however last time was very dissapointed.

Any reccommendations would be greatly appreciated. 🙂

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57 Responses to
Search for the best Nachos in Canberra City
tybreaker 3:42 pm 30 Jan 08

Wouldn’t have a clue who is the best but I can point the finger at Goodberry’s Erindale (and possibly any Goodberry’s) for being the worst! Try $8.95 for the corn chips alone and then $1 for every topping you want – cheese $1, chilly meat sauce $1, sour cream $1, guacamole $1 etc etc. Ends up being one expensive plate of nachos considering how cheap a dish it really is.

Stung 3:41 pm 30 Jan 08

I wholeheartedly endorse Zambreros for tacos & burritos

but like somebody else said, avoid it between 12-1 lunchtime

jenny talia 3:22 pm 30 Jan 08

I had a bad experience at the new babars on the weekend too. Was served a warm milkshake (ergh) and the most tasteless chicken sandwich ever.

Zambreros is great too! Just make sure if you go for lunch you avoid the peak. You could be waiting a while

Dante 3:21 pm 30 Jan 08

It’s the same as the place that’s just opened up underneath Sultans (aka the old Quatro). I rate most of their food but the nachos aren’t the greatest. You get chips and cheese for a price, and then three dip things for it for an additional surcharge… it’s just not the piled up steaming hot mince & beans all over a kg of corn chips that I usually expect from nachos. You do, however, only live once.

Bludger 3:15 pm 30 Jan 08

lisagrace, no Zambrero’s is still very much open. Best burrito’s in town too. You won’t be disappointed! It’s also located in the civic bus interchange – the old quatro bar.

lisagrace 3:05 pm 30 Jan 08

Will have to take the short walk up to Braddon to see if that place is still there, someone at work thinks its closed…

And yes I could make my own Nachos and make them exactly as I like them, however we want to go and have lunch at a cafe and pay someone else to do it, but hopefully without forgetting the guacamole and without burning the chips!

Any more recommendations people?

Nicj 2:14 pm 30 Jan 08

Traditionally, the late night tradies nachos were the best….or maybe just seemed like the best…..

mattyf 2:02 pm 30 Jan 08

Consider making the corn chips too. Diego’s White Corn Tortillas are available in Woolies and a few Coles around town. A light brush with oil and grilled or baked and you end up with the best base for tostadas or (broken up) for nachos.

Ingeegoodbee 1:45 pm 30 Jan 08

Supabarn sells decent corn sgips, but you have to make sure you get the unsalted ones.

stereo henry 1:28 pm 30 Jan 08

Fruit shop outside supabarn Civic has great corn chips.

I also reckon if you’re after good nachos just make them yourself, they aren’t difficult:

corn chips
good tasty or cheddar cheese
guacamole (just chop the hell out of couple of chillies, coriander, 2 tomatoes, i red onion, lime juice, 3 avocados and salt to taste)
salsa (blend or chop tomatoes, red onion, coriander, lime juice salt pepper)

cover corn chips with cheese and place in oven at 180 degrees, melt cheese and heap sauces on top, add some sour cream and some jalapeños if you want.

jennybel75 1:08 pm 30 Jan 08

thick, plain corn chips suitable for making nachos?

Lyneham supermarket and Campbell supermarket have them. A number of other locals would as well I suspect.

fnaah 1:00 pm 30 Jan 08

While we’re on the subject, does anyone know where you can buy the thick, plain corn chips suitable for making nachos? Coles and Woolies only seem to stock Dorito’s and CC’s these days.

Danman 12:49 pm 30 Jan 08

I believe you are talking about Zamberos – across the road from Debarcle.
Look for the sliding door.

Great tortilla wraps – have not had nachos there.

grundy 12:47 pm 30 Jan 08

Yeah, my wife got nachos a lot from that place at the end of that street. Not sure if it’s still open, it was often empty.

sepi 12:42 pm 30 Jan 08

I heard about a great hole in the wall mexican place in Braddon near debacle – haven’t found it yet though. Might be worth a try.

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