Search for the best Nachos in Canberra City

lisagrace 30 January 2008 57

After (half) eating the worst Nachos I have ever had at the new Babar’s on Bunda street last week, I am now on the hunt for the BEST Nachos in the city.

A friend has always gone to machiattos however last time was very dissapointed.

Any reccommendations would be greatly appreciated. 🙂

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57 Responses to Search for the best Nachos in Canberra City
ant ant 9:32 am 09 Feb 08

I’m guessing Dollys moved when the Workies club closed and the carpark was no longer full of boozed-up people returning to their cars and uni students staggering back to their colleges.

el ......VNBerlinaV8 el ......VNBerlinaV8 9:48 pm 08 Feb 08

Yeah, Francesco’s is great! Ditto Zambrero – excellent choice for lunch.

And Jonathon: Dolly’s has moved to, of all places, Southlands Mawson!

And as for this:

Machiatto’s was solely responsible for the demise of the Gypsy Bar. I would never be seen dead inside the place.

I will never, ever go there again. Thanks for the heads up.

Moo The Conqueror is back Moo The Conqueror is back 9:04 pm 08 Feb 08

I have known through some circles, the owners of Babars. I have never met a more pig headed pair of individuals than John & Spiro, aka the Sleaze Brothers.

They have forever treated their staff like dirt, paid them poorly, hardly lifted a finger themselves, unless it’s to click them together to order more Coffees for their friends whilst discussing which BMW they have just ordered.

Hardly great business practices. This is evident as a reliable source has informed me they have had trouble paying the rent at Woden. This has resulted in some heated clashes with Westfield’s leasing manager. Westfield always come out on top.

So I am not surprised of people bagging the crap of the slop they serve and over charge for.

My advice to all my friends is always avoid Babars and the Sleaze Brothers altogether. They are arseholes. Always have been, always will be.

ant ant 10:34 pm 31 Jan 08

I haven’t been game to try mexican in Oz recently. Montezuma’s was bloody awful. Best mexican I had was in Salt Lake City in 98, just a shed with no power, concrete floor, and some mexicans with trestle tables, big pots on gas flames full of meat and fish mixture, they only sold burritos, drinks floating in a tank of water and ice, and home-made salsas to help yourself. For years after, I dreamed of these burritos.

Then last US winter, my friend took me to the most popular restaurant in south salt lake… it was them! The place still had a concrete floor but it was polished, they’d painted up the shed, and added fajitas and tacos and stuff to the menu. But I knew what was good! Burritos! aaaahhhhh.

the place is called Lone Star, on Fort Union. If you’re ever in Salt Lake, you gotta go there.

popgoescanberra popgoescanberra 9:25 pm 31 Jan 08

Gabi’s caravan behind Dept of PM&C under the oak trees has great nachos for only $5 or $6!!!!

JackW JackW 6:51 pm 31 Jan 08

make your own, cheaper and you can only blame yourself if it’s crap

bunnycoat bunnycoat 5:09 pm 31 Jan 08

I agree that the best nachos are homemade but beware of the fat content – it’s huge. Glad to see Montezumas bite the dust – it was dreadful IMHO, however not much worse than most Tex-Mex chains in Oz. Babars food is ordinary and the wine glasses are disgracefully minute so a big rip off for wine by the glass. But I DO like Zambrero! Have also tried Francesco’s and I give it good marks for trying to make OK Tex-Mex with a few differences, but not worth a second visit.

unoriginalgirl unoriginalgirl 3:27 pm 31 Jan 08

The mexican place in Manuka is called Francesco’s – owned and run by former Canberra Cannon Dave Neilson. Tasty nachos, homemade their sangria and you can take away.

tickboom tickboom 3:07 pm 31 Jan 08

oh – the asylum! blast from the past!

Danman Danman 2:26 pm 31 Jan 08

Way Way OT but Machiatto made complaints to teh EPA regarding the sub bass vibrations that were coming through the wall as a result of Live Music in the (Bus interchange) Gyp. I heard that the 2nd gyp met is demise as a result of money being embezzeled, but I habve nothing to substantiate that. I loved the gyp – would always go after work (chef) and get kicked out at closing every sunday morning. Saw some sweet gigs there including a small band in canberra called salio ku6eo (prononuced kusixeo) and I discovered Iota there – had to pick my jaw up off the ground after that gig, his vocal range blew me away.

I believe teh Asylum bar which was pre Gypsy bar – next door to Macchiato may have met the same demise…. Canberra live scene sucks.

Lowey Lowey 2:08 pm 31 Jan 08

And Machiatto’s was solely responsible for the demise of the FIRST Gypsy bar (the one on the bus interchange).
I dunno what was responsible for the demise of the one that opened over King O’Malleys…


Danman Danman 2:01 pm 31 Jan 08

Just strolled over to Zamberos for a chicken coriander salsa and garlic sauce burrito.

Great food and staff as usual.

la mente torbida la mente torbida 1:12 pm 31 Jan 08

Have to agree with caf. I’m not a big fan of Mexican food but Malibu Mex do deserve special mention.

Sands Sands 12:38 pm 31 Jan 08

I will never understand why people still go to Babars and how there are 3 of them in Canberra! (probably more but I don’t want to know about them).

Back in the day, La Grange used to have the best nachos ever. $5 and a jug of water. Music to a students ears. (actually free beer would have been music…)

toriness toriness 11:56 am 31 Jan 08

and my homemade nachos were fab last night. thanks for asking 🙂

caf caf 11:48 am 31 Jan 08

There’s a great mexican place in the atrium of the south-west corner of the Manuka shops. They do a mean mexican-style soft tortilla taco.

Special mention to Malibu Mex in Bodalla for inventing the Steak Burrito.

Skidbladnir Skidbladnir 11:00 am 31 Jan 08

The best Mexican I have had in a long time was in Wagga, strangely.
Sure, its a bit of a distance to travel to get some nachos if you’re hungry, but if you’re there seek it out.

damnintellectuals damnintellectuals 10:49 am 31 Jan 08

I have to say, after reading this thread and looking through the Zambrero website, there is no Mexican food in Canberra. Even the Americanized version of Mexican looks dodgy. Maybe I should open a tortilla factory.

Bells Bells 10:35 am 31 Jan 08

I found something like a pubic hair in my lemon tart at Babars on the weekend. Disgusting.

Jonathon Reynolds Jonathon Reynolds 10:06 am 31 Jan 08

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