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Segway sighted!

By johnboy - 22 January 2009 53

I saw this old fellow roaring around O’Connor footpaths this afternoon.

It’s only the second Segway I’ve seen in Australia.

In NSW it’s illegal on “both roads and footpaths”.

Any thoughts on its legality here in Canberra dear reader?

What’s Your opinion?

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53 Responses to
Segway sighted!
Fiona 9:11 pm 22 Jan 09

That could have been it.

Were they blue or green? I was thinking maybe I saw them once advertising internet. Or Electricity. Or drugs.

or, it was Dick Smith.

threeze 8:39 pm 22 Jan 09

Fiona, when the big Dick Smith Powerhouse opened in the Canberra Centre they had people riding them all over the place with placards stating that the big Dick Smith Powerhouse was now open in the Canberra Centre.

Fiona 8:25 pm 22 Jan 09

don’t they use them for advertising in some places? Kinda like the scooters that tow mini trailers with signs on them… but I don’t remember where that was. Could have been Syd.

jennybel75 8:19 pm 22 Jan 09

I’ve seen a guy on one leaving Geoscience Australia a couple of times. I’m guessing he’s the same guy others have seen around and about in Narrabundah.

Deckard 8:06 pm 22 Jan 09

toriness said :

Hehe very ‘arrested development’. I like.

The first thing I thought of was Gob Bluth.

Anyone for a frozen banana?

Vic Bitterman 8:05 pm 22 Jan 09

I’d love to do one of the rides at Olymic Park in Sydney :

Pandy 7:25 pm 22 Jan 09

Why should it be licensed and buff grannies riding race bikes should not?

caf 7:09 pm 22 Jan 09

It’s not legal on a road or road-related area in the ACT. The reasoning is as follows:

The Segway is clearly unregistered (lack of registration plates).

The Road Transport (Vehicle Registration) Act 1999 says in s.18(1) that a person may not use an unregistered registrable vehicle on a road or road-related area.

The same Act defines “any motor vehicle” as a registrable vehicle. In turn it defines a motor vehicle as “a vehicle built to be propelled by motor that forms part of the vehicle”, which clearly includes the Segway.

The Road Transport (Vehicle Registration) Regulation 2000 exempts certain vehicles from the registration provisions (like bicycles), but none of the classes applies to the Segway.

Note that footpaths adjacent to roads and bike paths are both are “road-related areas”.

toriness 6:55 pm 22 Jan 09

Hehe very ‘arrested development’. I like.

Holden Caulfield 6:50 pm 22 Jan 09

I’ve seen a couple of these in town, or possibly the same one twice. Both on the fringes of the Parliamentary triangle from memory. Maybe it was Narrabundah way too???

Roadrage77 6:39 pm 22 Jan 09

There’s a bloke in the Narrabundah area who gets around on one.

Bowlo 6:38 pm 22 Jan 09

There’s a guy I’ve seen in Ainslie a couple of times lately. Raced across the road in front of me down the road from me. He’s a speed merchant.

Geoffco 6:30 pm 22 Jan 09

I often see one in the afternoons coming through the forest near the Cotter Rd/Tuggeranong parkway intersection.

Still seems out of place here. Keep double checking to see if it’s Steve Wozniak… 🙂

Snarky 6:17 pm 22 Jan 09

There’s one in Rivett, too. Often see him going to the shops and back. it looks like fun to ride. If someone offered one to me I’d take it, but they’re about a hundred times too expensive to justify buying I’m afraid.

As for legality – no idea. In terms of safety I’d rather meet a Segway than a monkeybike on a footpath.

cranky 6:12 pm 22 Jan 09

Remarkable machines. Anything to aid mobility adds to the enjoyment of life.

Gov would have a problem defining the machines to extract the maximum fees and taxes.

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