Simon gets confused again

johnboy 13 March 2007 13

The ABC informs us that Simon Corbell is thinking about trying to ban alcohol at Skyfire. How he intends to enforce a ban on top of Mounts Ainslie, Black, and Pleasant and from on top of Red Hill (not to mention every lake facing balcony in Civic and Kingston) is a bit of a mystery.

Even more mysterious is how he thinks a ban on licit alcohol is going to help when the problem is kids drinking from sly goonbags and bottles of coke with vodka added. Injecting oranges with vodka is another popular way around stupid bans such as proposed.

But wait, it’s so much cheaper and easier than doing anything useful about it!

Nearly as bad are proposed alcohol free zones which will create effective free fire zones where chaos shall rule.

Adequate resources for police and fines on the parents of children drunk in public might be a bit tougher but if done well could even be revenue neutral, and address wider problems.

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13 Responses to Simon gets confused again
queen_vic_toria_II queen_vic_toria_II 1:39 pm 14 Mar 07

And we all thought Corbell was from the left!

Banning alcohol FOR THE ENTIRE SKYFIRE is a stupid idea. And as everyone else has pointed out, it ruins it for everyone who drinks responsibly. I think fining parents for their under age children drinking is a great idea, as at the end of the day the parents need to be responsible. Put more money in the police or alcohol awareness instead of putting us into a police state… and get over yourself Simon!

snahon snahon 1:12 pm 14 Mar 07

“…he new one of them through a mutual friend.”

niiiiccceeee, so these days its ok to beat up a friends friend for their stuff is it ?

Maelinar Maelinar 8:52 am 14 Mar 07

There’s a f..king lake there. 20,000+ responsible citizens giving the drunken minority a dunking without any cause for concern regarding Police intervention might be a positive way forward.

threeze, I just wish the media hadn’t picked up the story about youtube and myspace. A haven of video crime that was actually posted into the wider world that dumb shietheads didn’t realise that the police could use in evidence against them…

It’s a pity they’re a little wizer now before the plod could make more significant additions to the prison community – and I blame it all on the media, they’ve misrepresented the community interest.

auntiesocial auntiesocial 11:38 pm 13 Mar 07

No gaelhope not Qbn or Charny.
One of the neighbours kids came home with 4 stitches under his eye after not giving up his necklace. Said the group was from Tuggers, he new one of them through a mutual friend.
So it’s smoke butts, dog turds and muggers for tuggers.

gaelhope gaelhope 7:39 pm 13 Mar 07

if they arrested every drunken hooligan, there’d be nowhere to put them all anyway. Quamby’s chockers, BRC is always full, the Watch-house usually has a spare bed or so, but it’s no place to put a drunken teenager. Maybe we could round em all up and cart em off to Queanbeyan with the rest of the boges…they probably all came from there and Charny anyway.

gurunik gurunik 4:48 pm 13 Mar 07

So 4000 (doubtful I reckon) pissed teens stuff it for the 20000+ (my own made up figure) drinkers of legal age responsibly enjoying a drink by the lake and having picnics etc? Just enforce the laws we have instead of getting all fascist on us simon.

seepi seepi 4:41 pm 13 Mar 07

The alcoholic frolic was eventually cancelled die to drunken idiots. Sad to see skyfire go the same way.

snahon snahon 4:37 pm 13 Mar 07

I suspect its more to do with a general degradation of societal norms and lack of appropriate punishment regimes.

threeze threeze 4:15 pm 13 Mar 07

i don’t remember this being an issue 10 years ago when i used to be underage so im wondering what has changed in the makeup of young canberrans that causes such a dramatic change in behavior? i bet its YouTube and MySpace.

lets ban them and see if that fixes the problem.

futto futto 4:03 pm 13 Mar 07

cops on bikes with the right to breath test people who are making public disturbance. if one is found, they call up the roaming paddywagon to sort out the arrest/ect. you should be able to get through alot more people that way.

Also, the police on the bike should be female, blonde and wearing spandex. This will help with compliance with the above breath test. 🙂

Mr Evil Mr Evil 3:55 pm 13 Mar 07

A curfew: it’s the only way I tell ya! 🙂

Any teenagers caught out after 7pm will immediately conscripted into the Army and sent to Iraq.

johnboy johnboy 3:43 pm 13 Mar 07

Because what the anti-social element need is to be diluted amongst the law abiding citizenry, not concentrated.

The stupid ideas of the NSW Government could fill a bookshelf.

GnT GnT 3:23 pm 13 Mar 07

News Year’s Eve and other fireworks celebrations in Sydney have alcohol free areas imposed. The NSW government seems to think this is an idea which works.

Tell me again why you think this is a bad idea?

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