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So it goes…

By Skidbladnir - 11 December 2007 57

The ACT Liberals have achieved something today that they first attempted years ago, but at 1502hrs on Monday December 10 2007, the ACT Liberal Party had their first successful public implosion.

Richard Mulcahy has been given the boot, and is now to cross-bench as an independent MLA, as a sacrifice to the AHA Scandal.

ABC Online Article -link-

[ED – Kramer]
Mulcahy bites back
Then ACT Libs pres returns fire
If this implosion continues the ACT Libs will soon become a black hole.

What’s Your opinion?

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57 Responses to
So it goes…
boomacat 6:22 pm 10 Dec 07

Oh it makes me so happy to read further of the deepening demise of the so-called “Liberal” party, these morons deserve everything they get.

Pandy 5:46 pm 10 Dec 07

An opening for you Jonathon.

cranky 5:30 pm 10 Dec 07

The CT, Libs, and probably Sonic have the benefit of knowledge re the contents of the transcripts of the case against Mulcahy, which he (Mulcahy) has succesfully managed to have suppressed.

Perhaps Stefaniak has acted in the best interests of the Party. Perhaps Mulcahy is up to his neck in something malodourous, which will only be revealed at a later date, long after todays action has taken place.

That said, Stefaniak still strikes me as more electable than any of the other contenders.

Cameron 5:23 pm 10 Dec 07

Crikey: “They undermine the only MLA (Mulcahy) with any ability and potential.”

I suspect the public perception may differ from the reality.

dmac 5:17 pm 10 Dec 07

hmmmmn, funnily enough his webpage makes no reference to being a Liberal but his link to his pressers takes you to the ACT Liberal page – which is convenient there you can read about how united they are, against him…

Crikey 5:03 pm 10 Dec 07

Why on earth would any sound person contemplate joining the Liberals, and especially seek preselection with them. You’d have to be a bloody idiot. On second thoughts, most of the Liberal MLAs are bloody idiots.

They undermine the only MLA (Mulcahy) with any ability and potential.

Mælinar 4:45 pm 10 Dec 07

Cameron – it’s because they are a soccer team. Don’t show up for practice and you’re off the squad.

johnboy 4:43 pm 10 Dec 07

They work fast.

dmac 4:41 pm 10 Dec 07

he has already been removed from their website!

Avacry 4:11 pm 10 Dec 07

I think the current state of the opposition shows the value of independents/small parties in the assembly. Lets hope there are a few viable ones to vote for come next election.

Cameron 4:04 pm 10 Dec 07

I find it interesting that Bill’s release is called “Liberals United”…

TAD 4:01 pm 10 Dec 07

The ACT Liberals could put 3 cats and a pot plant up as candidates at the next local election and I will still vote for them. (Stanhope makes my blood boil – yes I am a staunch Labor voter and always have been)

Avacry 3:59 pm 10 Dec 07

Here is a press release by Bill on the Canberra Liberals website.

sepi 3:58 pm 10 Dec 07

At least things might be interesting for a bit!

Cameron 3:47 pm 10 Dec 07

It is any wonder there are Labor governments everywhere – the Liberals just implode and implode again in opposition.

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