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So it goes…

By Skidbladnir 11 December 2007 57

The ACT Liberals have achieved something today that they first attempted years ago, but at 1502hrs on Monday December 10 2007, the ACT Liberal Party had their first successful public implosion.

Richard Mulcahy has been given the boot, and is now to cross-bench as an independent MLA, as a sacrifice to the AHA Scandal.

ABC Online Article -link-

[ED – Kramer]
Mulcahy bites back
Then ACT Libs pres returns fire
If this implosion continues the ACT Libs will soon become a black hole.

What’s Your opinion?

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57 Responses to
So it goes…
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Cameron 11:55 am 14 Dec 07


Neocom 8:36 am 14 Dec 07

Cameron responds by saying: Toughen up.
That’s so sliberal of you Cam.

Elvis Las Canberras wrote:
Mulcahy is quite a good bloke – narrow minded bloggers should meet him.
Stop pimping for him Elvis, if the sad ex-sliberal wants to meet people and make new friends he should set up on Facebook or try RSVP.

barney 10:36 pm 13 Dec 07

Go shoot some feral pigs out at the Brindies. Sink a few. Shoot the breeze at Faniak and that little shit Smyth….Bonding session, boys !!!

Elvis Las Canberras 10:30 pm 13 Dec 07

Mulcahy is quite a good bloke – narrow minded bloggers should meet him.

Cameron 3:42 pm 13 Dec 07

Neocom wrote: Some rubbish

Cameron responds by saying: Toughen up.

Neocom 11:27 pm 12 Dec 07

Cameron wrote: “Toughen up!”
Neocom responds by farting in the general direction of this supercilious sliberal spongeboy.

TAD 9:34 pm 12 Dec 07

I know Dmac its a bit contradicive.

What I mean is I’m a Labor voter and intend to continue being so. I just wish Stanhope would F-off so I could vote for them locally because I as sure as hell won’t while that f-wit is there.

morgan 3:26 pm 12 Dec 07

the amazing thing about all this is the Liberal MLAs do not actually give a f-ck about winning

all they care about is keeping their jobs cos they could not earn as much out in the big bad world (apart from, ironically, mulchay)

oh the irony of many competent people not bothering to consider running cos being an MLA does not pay enough

tom-tom 3:19 pm 12 Dec 07

skinbladir- i also went to school with mulchays son, he was a top bloke then and is still one now…. i mightn’t agree with his politics but at least he’s not annonymously slagging off peoples families on the net

dmac 2:26 pm 12 Dec 07

“The ACT Liberals could put 3 cats and a pot plant up as candidates at the next local election and I will still vote for them. (Stanhope makes my blood boil – yes I am a staunch Labor voter and always have been)”
can’t get stauncher then that…

sallyann60 10:29 am 12 Dec 07

I can not see what all the fuss is about:

Australian Industrial Relations Commission

Case: 2006/76
s.278(1) RAO Schedule – Commission to be advised of breaches of Part or rules Application/Notification by Australian Hotels Association-New South Wales Branch


15 November 2007
09 October 2007
18 September 2007
23 November 2006

Skidbladnir 10:22 am 12 Dec 07

Random spot of gossip:
I went to school with Mulcahy’s son and didn’t like any of Clan Mulcahy then but haven’t had much to do with them since.
I also don’t like Smyth who used to be one of our customers and had a tendency to talk down to us, and my old man went out with Corbell’s mum a great many moons ago.
My car also got hit (paintwork scratched and by a Channel Ten Political Correspondent Who Will Not Be Named when he was on his mobile phone.

postmanpat 10:18 am 12 Dec 07

Wasn’t Smyth the leader last election? And wasn’t that a bit of a flop? I remember some terrible commercials..

Skidbladnir 10:11 am 12 Dec 07

Stefaniak continues his retreat to fantasy land, saying the party can be turned around within six months, even though ABC has reported he has lost support as leader (so who is in charge\has a plan\has a clue\isn’t an incompetent, now that they also got rid of their shadow treasurer?) and several MLAs are worried they’ll lose their seats.

Anyone here a member of or associated with ACT Libs feel like offering anonymous insight or making an anonymous statement to allay any concerns people may have now that the local media are openly reporting that the Opposition is fatally broken?

Mr Evil 9:44 am 12 Dec 07

Good riddance to Mulcahy: he looks dodgy and anyone who suggests reopening Garema Place to traffic is a tool anyway.

Mael, I hope Dave is a bit more media savvy than Wild Bill when it comes to using a mobile phone in front of a TV camera while driving????

Neocom 9:02 am 12 Dec 07

Mælinar – the more I hear about your cat Dave, the more I think he’ll make a great opposition leader for the Liberals. If he has a good meow we can organise for him to leave 20,000 phone messages on election eve.

Thumper 7:59 am 12 Dec 07

Dave is cool…

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