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Stabbed 57 times, but no intent to kill

By lemaChet - 23 April 2008 66

From the SMH article…

Glen Porrit has been found not guilty for murder (and instead found guilty of the lesser manslaughter charge) as Justice Higgins told the court that “he was not satisfied beyond reasonable doubt that Porritt inflicted any of the injuries with an intention to kill his mother or with reckless indifference to the probability of her dying.”

It is of course possible, based on the other claims made at the court, that he didn’t intend it…..

What’s Your opinion?

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66 Responses to
Stabbed 57 times, but no intent to kill
CanberraResident 11:03 am 23 Apr 08

oh, and about 20 years ago, there was a case on the outskirts of Sydney, where a senior citizen was awoken by a burglar. The senior citizen took an axe and hit the burglar over the head with the sharp edge. The burglar was out cold. The senior citizen then continued to hit the burglar, with the sharp edge of the axe, SEVENTEEN TIMES. The burglar was dead and the senior citizen did time in gaol.

Not the same thing I know, but an example of someone going overboard with a weapon.

Porritt went overboard. Mentally unstable, abused or whatever – he went too far.

Mr Evil 11:03 am 23 Apr 08

Hitler was crazy, and no one’s had any trouble accusing him of murder i.e. genocide. 😉

farq 11:01 am 23 Apr 08

If he was crazy, how could he have had intent to murder her?

CanberraResident 10:55 am 23 Apr 08

JD114, it seems outrageous to not see this as murder, given the bloke stabbed the victim 57 times.

Is the court now saying that he didn’t mean to kill her?
Or are they saying he didn’t know the 57 stabs would kill her?
Or are they saying the stab wounds were not deep enough to cause death?
Or are they saying Porrit thought it would take 58 stabs to kill her?
Or has Porritt gone down the “mentally unfit” to know what I was doing road?

What exactly are we supposed to think JD????

The guy stabs his own mother 57 times … no excuses of child abuse will make that OK – sorry – but he’s a friggin’ murderer in my eyes.

farq 10:48 am 23 Apr 08

Agreed papadoc. Site has gone downhill.

papadoc 10:24 am 23 Apr 08

This site has recently become a forum for the usual faces to critisize anyone who they believe to be below them (Everyone).

This site’s gone to shit.

Hamilton 10:20 am 23 Apr 08

JD 114 – Well said. Who needs to tune in to Jerry Springer anymore when you can get just as much red neck action on this site!!

Mr Evil 10:06 am 23 Apr 08

Yeah, not black and white at all. The whole family are f#cked – they should all be in prison.

I still fail to see how cutting, slashing and stabbing another person 57 times can be considered to be manslaughter, especially when he’d previously said to his sister on a chatroom site that he wanted to kill both parents.

And all because they took his acne medication perscription away from him!

Psy 9:51 am 23 Apr 08

I agree with JD114 – this was case was definately not black and white.

JD114 9:37 am 23 Apr 08

The problem with this site is it allows the unwashed portion of society, those without sufficient nouse to see beyond their restricted redneck views, to have a say. Still, it is fun to read what the imbeciles and morons think.

Just once, twatheads and dipsticks, how about stopping and thinking about the possibility that there might be more to the story than your feeble little brains can comprehend in one sitting. Who kows, it might open up a whole new world, a world where you use more than four brain cells at any one time.

Deadmandrinking 9:32 am 23 Apr 08

I didn’t know the wild west was in Australia.

Timberwolf65 9:08 am 23 Apr 08

This is insane, Im sick of all the red tape bullshit, bring back the old western days when you could take the law into your own hands and shoot people like this.

Headbonius 9:07 am 23 Apr 08

The Canberra Times Headline was “Judge rules Porritt didn’t murder mother”

Well based on this result the term “Judge” is very loosely used unless it is describing his ability with red wine.

What a joke.

bonfire 8:14 am 23 Apr 08

it’s reminiscent of the scene in ‘chopper’ when he has just stabbed keith george about 30 times and then cradles him and tells him he will be OK, he’s sorry etc.

CanberraResident 8:06 am 23 Apr 08

Beyond reasonable doubt, I believe that the term “beyond reasonable doubt” has become a bit of a joke.

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