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T-shirt slogans

By johnboy - 16 October 2008 199

We’re putting the finishing touches on a whole range of merchandise so Riot fans can show off how much they like being associated with the website which most annoys the movers and shakers of Canberra.

It’s all looking quite good but with “make on demand” web based manufacturing there’s always room for more.

So what slogans about RiotACT would you like to buy on a t-shirt?

Knock yourselves out, but bear in mind we’ll only go with funny ones.

What’s Your opinion?

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199 Responses to
T-shirt slogans
Danman 1:29 pm 16 Oct 08

The power of RiotACT compells you

(With a religious effigy in the background)

realityskin 1:27 pm 16 Oct 08

johnboy is a tosser

Skidbladnir 1:20 pm 16 Oct 08

For a good time email

Critical Drinker

Or if he manages to muster a quota vote on his own this year:
RiotACT… “…an authoritative source.” – Richard Mulcahy, August 2008
(Although I notice you went with “I can tell you that I am not surprised that RiotACT is saying what a terrible idea it is.” as a site tagline 🙁 )

Primal 1:18 pm 16 Oct 08

The RiotACT:
Keeping the APS occupied since 2000.

johnboy 1:11 pm 16 Oct 08

Oh I don’t know Sepi, we’re home to a fair number of humourless harpies too.

But if you want to keep whingeing do so in the other thread or I will mod you.

Granny 1:09 pm 16 Oct 08

Caught in the RiotACT

*heh heh heh*

Sands 1:06 pm 16 Oct 08

“Do you really know where you live?”

sepi 12:59 pm 16 Oct 08

RiotAct – sexist, sniggering boysclub – and proud.

tylersmayhem 12:57 pm 16 Oct 08

Been MOD’ed by Riot Act

Overheard 12:55 pm 16 Oct 08

“I went to spend some quality time with Tess Ryan and all I got was a home-cooked meal and this lousy t-shirt.”

stereo henry 12:52 pm 16 Oct 08

“I’m member of the Jessica Wright appreciation society”


fnaah 12:49 pm 16 Oct 08

Any number of the site taglines would work well as a slogan.

Particularly: Beer Makes Us Good.

Avy 12:48 pm 16 Oct 08

My job? I read the Riot Act.

Overheard 12:45 pm 16 Oct 08

The RiotACT: Get a lesson in democracy on the internet you’ll never forget. Crazy Chester, [insert year here].

LlamaFrog 12:42 pm 16 Oct 08

RiotAct – That’s what she said.

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