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Taxi assault and robbery (photo)

By Devil_n_Disquiz - 23 February 2010 26

The police have released a photo of three suspected offenders who they wish to speak to in relation to an assault and robbery of a taxi driver on Friday night on Parkes Way. If you know who they are then pls call Crimestoppers 1800 333 000

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26 Responses to
Taxi assault and robbery (photo)
grump 10:34 am 25 Feb 10

gotta watch those hoodies, and crusty jugglers!

NeedHelp 10:32 am 25 Feb 10

poo666 said :

I know all 4 of them!

Does the exclamation mark at the end of your statement indicate that you are happy about this fact, or???

Davo111 10:31 am 25 Feb 10

poo666 said :

I know all 4 of them!

i hope you name drop to the police 🙂

PBO 8:42 am 25 Feb 10

poo666 said :

I know all 4 of them!

Then name and shame mate, be the first!

poo666 12:37 am 25 Feb 10

I know all 4 of them!

Spam Box 8:10 pm 24 Feb 10

My god look at them, nothing society can do to them will be worse then the lives they will be living. 😉

TheDJPea 7:19 pm 24 Feb 10

Arrest all people that look like that, they’re bound to be criminals anyway 😀

2620watcher 7:13 pm 24 Feb 10

Wearing a hoodie – if that’s not reason enough to keep driving and not pick them up I don’t know what is.

LMR 1:07 pm 24 Feb 10

And what are the Guardian Angels doing about this lol

Mike Crowther 12:31 pm 24 Feb 10

Yep, some pretty harsh good behavior bonds heading their way I should think.

NeedHelp 8:30 am 24 Feb 10

Just how thick do you have to be to do this when there’s a chance a camera is capturing your gold fillings? The cross hanging around the adidas dude is a bit hypocritical.

Mama i Tata proud? I think not.

Danman 8:20 am 24 Feb 10

Pretty poor form when the driver is essentially doing its clients a favour by getting them to their destination safely and they elect to give him grief like this….Poor form indeed…

Makes you wonder why anyone would drive a cab after midnight huh, couldnt pay me enough, not when you have a wife and kid to support through life.

dvaey 8:19 am 24 Feb 10

From police article… “The taxi stopped westbound on Parkes Way around 3.20am where the suspects were accused of stealing the driver’s mobile phones and passport.”

Im curious, how many taxi drivers are driving around with multiple mobile phones and their passport, in an area easily accessible by passengers?

Surely, if you really had to have multiple phones youd secure them properly on your side of the vehicle, and if you really have to carry your passport with you everywhere you go, youd be best off leaving it in a bag in the boot of the car. I dont know about others, but my passport stays safe and secure at home with other important documents, unless Im travelling, in which case once I arrive at my destination, it is secured and not carried on me everywhere I go.

On a similar note, if you ever happen to leave your mobile phone in a taxi, dont bother trying to call and get it back, as the cab driver wont have seen it, even if it was left sitting on the front seat.
While some cab passengers are dishonest, some cabbies are too, given the chance, in my opinion.

Gungahlin Al 9:45 pm 23 Feb 10

Geez just hang around Garema Place any night (and a lot of days) – the one on the right looks quite familiar.
Pretty good photos – shouldn’t be too long before they are nicked.

bd84 9:22 pm 23 Feb 10

They may as well walk into the police station and hand themselves in, the clear photos will quickly have them tracked down, unless they’ve done a runner already.

There’s a picture of the 4th offender on the website too.

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