The Cats have spoken: $99 adoption at RSPCA ACT

Elias Hallaj 8 June 2017 3

The month of May has been all about dogs thanks to Million Paws Walk but our feline friends are set to change all that! They want the dog talk to end and prove once and for all that anything dogs can do they can do better.

That includes finding their forever homes!

The RSPCA ACT Shelter felines have decided enough is enough! Nothing will stand in their way to finding the purrfect forever homes! For the second time this year our cattery is full of loveable cats waiting for their second chance. To help them on their mission the RSPCA has reduced adoption prices for adult cats to $99 until SATURDAY 17th JUNE!

Speaking as someone who described himself as a “dog person” for most of his life, I relented a few years ago to the pressure imposed in this majority female household and agreed to buy a cat. I was so pleasantly surprised and happy with her that we now have two!

45 RSPCA felines have recently found their homes in Canberra but they have so many more ready to go and start their new lives. You don’t need to make an appointment but it’s worthwhile doing some research first if you have never owned a cat before. And the awesome staff at the RSPCA are always full of helpful advice. I would suggest going there and taking your time to meet a few of the cats when it is relatively quiet (weekends are usually busy). The more cats you meet, the more likely you will find one that you are happy to adopt and take home to be your forever pet.

$99 is such a small price to pay for never ending love.

We certainly love our two cats, both purchased from the RSPCA cattery in Weston Creek Canberra about five and six years ago. The reason we have two is the first one was so beautiful, friendly, and surprisingly easy to care for, that we thought we could find room for one more. Just be aware that you will need to be careful when housing a second cat in a home that already has one, as they are very territorial. It’s not particularly difficult, but you will need to keep them separated and introduce them to each other safely and slowly and it may take a few months before they start getting on. Just like people, cats will occasionally fight, so be prepared to separate them as required when that happens. Ours, both girls, are like sisters now and despite having very different personalities will happily share a bed or couch (or in the case below, the hoooman mummy’s lap) and eat together as well. But do seek advice first if you’re buying a second cat!

What: the RSPCA has reduced adoption prices for adult cats to $99!

When: until SATURDAY 17th JUNE! Animal Viewing Hours: 9am – 4pm Wednesdays: 10am – 4pm, N.B. Closed Sundays.

Where: 12 Kirkpatrick Street Weston (off Cotter Road).

More info: Go to the website here.

Elias Hallaj (aka CBRfoodie) is a part-time food blogger and full-time political staffer who has joined RiotACT as a regular contributor. All his opinions about cats are his own. He often wishes he would be reincarnated as one of his cats as they have a pretty good life. They certainly think they run the place. Even our dogs seem to leave them alone and show appropriate respect. If you have any tips or feedback you can find him on Twitter @CBRfoodie.

He also likes his kid’s two guinea pigs, one of whom seems to be getting nearly as big as the cats…

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3 Responses to The Cats have spoken: $99 adoption at RSPCA ACT
Milo11 Milo11 1:02 pm 07 Jun 17

While I can understand the reasoning behind reducing the cost of cat adoption as means of reducing the number of cats in the RSPCA’s care I tend to wonder how many of the cats adopted within this period are “impulse buys” as a result of it being more affordable and end up returned to the RSPCA, figures I am sure they would have somewhere, or worse still just let run wild.

Glynis Quinlan Glynis Quinlan 8:00 pm 06 Jun 17

Your cats are gorgeous, Elias. And the guinea pig is really cute too – it must eat a lot!

Maryann Mussared Maryann Mussared 1:40 pm 06 Jun 17

The adoption deal is very reasonable. There is no doubt pets add a whole new dimension to family life. Elias, your cats are really lovely. I am especially fond of tortoiseshell cats! My gorgeous rescue cat from the RSPCA in 2006 thinks she is the Alpha cat in a family of three and we are very amused by her attempts to assert herself.

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