The new legislative program

johnboy 12 September 2013 8

Chief Minister Gallagher has blogged her plans for the Spring 2013 sittings.

The main items have been thusly paraphrased:

    The Marriage Equality Bill 2013 will enable couples who are not able to marry under the Commonwealth Marriage Act 1961 to enter into marriage in the ACT. It will provide for solemnisation, eligibility, dissolution and annulment, regulatory requirements and notice of intention in relation to same sex marriages.

    — The Births Deaths and Marriages (Transgender) Amendment Bill 2013, will give effect to the government’s response to the Law Reform Advisory Council’s ‘Beyond the Binary’ report. The bill will create full recognition and equality before the law for transgender Canberrans, and provide the right to privacy and reputation.

    — The Human Rights Amendment Bill 2013 will amend the Human Rights Act 2004 to make it clear that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people have the right to enjoy and maintain their culture, including their language, kinship ties and special relationship with land and waters. The bill will also show the clear support of the ACT Government for proper recognition of Indigenous Australians in the Constitution.

    — The Payroll Tax Act Amendment Bill 2013 will provide a $4,000 payroll tax concession to medium and large businesses which employ a recent school leaver with a disability.

    — The Mental Health (Treatment and Care) Act Amendment Bill 2013 will align mental health legislation with national and international reforms and with the ACT Human Rights Act.

    — The Construction and Energy Efficiency Legislation Amendment Bill 2013 (No 2) will amend a number of existing Acts to reform the regulatory framework of the construction industry. This bill has been developed in response past investigations into building quality in the ACT and to the full review of the Building Act which is underway, and will result in more reforms during this term of government.

    — The Magistrates Court (Industrial Proceedings) Amendment Bill 2013 will introduce a specialised Industrial Court to hear and determine work safety matters and workers’ compensation claims up to the current Magistrates Court jurisdictional limit of $250,000.

    — The Red Tape Reduction Omnibus Bill 2013 will bring forward recommendations from the Red Tape Reduction Panel.

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8 Responses to The new legislative program
milkman milkman 6:12 pm 14 Sep 13

breda said :

They really are obsessed with people’s sex lives, aren’t they?

Can anyone explain how any of these “top priorities” are going to improve the lives of your average Canberran?

They aren’t. They’re about appealing to the strong lefty culture of Canberra.

breda breda 4:56 pm 14 Sep 13

They really are obsessed with people’s sex lives, aren’t they?

Can anyone explain how any of these “top priorities” are going to improve the lives of your average Canberran?

simsim simsim 6:52 pm 12 Sep 13

I think some people need to read the whole thing. Or does the Payroll Tax, Red Tape reduction, industrial court and construction reform bills not qualify as grown up government, just because they’re also doing things that make the rabids froth a bit.

Can we please get away from “they’re doing something I don’t like, therefore everything is hideous” into something a bit more nuanced? Or is that just beyond people.

caf caf 6:38 pm 12 Sep 13

I’m guessing most of the work of the local government isn’t actually going to need legislation passed, so won’t appear on a “legislative program”.

wildturkeycanoe wildturkeycanoe 6:32 pm 12 Sep 13

Will that mean that gay couples can only be gay in A.C.T and have to turn straight if they cross the border?

chewy14 chewy14 4:33 pm 12 Sep 13

Clearly the most important actions our town council needs to be working on. Makes Guilia’s focus on empty service stations look positively sensible.

PantsMan PantsMan 2:53 pm 12 Sep 13

Yep, no grown up governing. Just left-wing ideological crap, driven by Barr and Corbell, aimed at satisfying the ALP’s increasing Green-leaning support base.

watto23 watto23 2:44 pm 12 Sep 13

I’m wondering about the The Marriage Equality Bill 2013. I’d have thought doing it while labor was running the country was a better idea, although I realise to overturn it is more difficult, now since that changed the legislation. At least something was achieved by the previous federal government 🙂
Maybe that is the catch, to get the new government to discuss it and maybe pass national legislation. Or at the very least see where everyone stands. That will upset some of the selfish religious followers.

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