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Time for opinions on Canberra hairdressers …

By I-filed - 11 May 2009 76

In the same vein as “restaurants we love or hate” – I’m interested to know which are the highly regarded hairdressers around town (and not).

I’ve patronised The Hairdressing in Civic every six weeks or so for five years and have only had one bum haircut there. They’ve varied from good to great, and always grown out well and looked OK without careful blowdrying (the real test).

The most over-rated hairdresser in Canberra is (was?) the hyped and pretentious Meste in Manuka. A few months after the abovementioned bum cut Meste was recommended to me so I went along. Seriously bad mistake – I was given a sort of wispy lady’s mullet for $100 by the proprietor (who didn’t appear to be a bona fide haircutter) and no hairdresser from Cessnock to Karuah could have given me a more bona fide mullet. And I would have been charged $25 for same. Bad timing, as I had job interviews coming up. It’s hard to face a smart recruitment panel with a mullet.

This is getting expensive – recommendations for alternatives welcome!

What’s Your opinion?

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76 Responses to
Time for opinions on Canberra hairdressers …
Trunking symbols 3:34 pm 11 May 09

1. Buzz head with no 1 or 2 clipper
2. Have shower, leave head wet
3. Apply Gillette HydraGel (Sensitive Skin) to head
4. Shave head with Gillette Quattro razor
5. Wash in basin, dry head with towel
6. Apply Imperial Leather aftershave

Repeat every morning or every second morning. Result – no more costly hairdressers.

I-filed 3:31 pm 11 May 09

fnaah said :

Lee at Coco’s in Watson.

You paid $100 for a haricut? Good grief.

I did I’m afraid, and it hurt – I wasn’t warned of the price of a local celebrity’s shears. Mind you, THE’s prices are up there – some $85 for a cut.

economicrisis09 3:22 pm 11 May 09

I’ve heard the place in Anslie is good, but have never been

Pommy bastard 3:17 pm 11 May 09

It’s never as neat, Bugger of a job doing all the little touches that make for a good cut.

The Brad 3:13 pm 11 May 09

Pair of clippers from Big W – $30
No. 4 cut all over, bang on….and free.

And surprisingly easy to do yourself.

Jim Jones 3:12 pm 11 May 09

Pommy bastard said :

Heinz’s at Cook. $15, number 4 cut all over, bang on…

Buy yourself a cordless shaver and you can do it yourself in the backyard for free.

Pommy bastard 2:54 pm 11 May 09

Heinz’s at Cook. $15, number 4 cut all over, bang on…

blueberry 2:44 pm 11 May 09

Rhubarb and me at lyhnam shops gets my vote.

justbands 2:44 pm 11 May 09

Shine in the city is good….I’m a guy, so it’s hardly rocket science to cut my hair, but they always do a good job & the hair wash/head massage to start proceedings is devine. They’ve also cut/done my wifes hair a few times & she comes out looking like two million dollars (she looks a million on a normal day anyway).

Peppablack 2:37 pm 11 May 09

Antics is crap

MissPeaches 2:31 pm 11 May 09

SMITTEN in Tuggeranong.

folkie 2:05 pm 11 May 09

Fragipani day spa in Tuggeranong is great – ask for Amanda

PigsFly 2:01 pm 11 May 09

Sassy Hairdressing in Weston.

I’ve done my fair share of traipsing all over Canberra for a decent cut for a decent price, and this place wins hands down. Ask for Daniel.

joadja 2:01 pm 11 May 09

I use Bizarre Hair at Belco Mall. But then I am a male and do not worry too much about a haircut…….

They do a good haircut, reasonable price so i cant complain.

fnaah 1:57 pm 11 May 09

Lee at Coco’s in Watson.

You paid $100 for a haricut? Good grief.

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