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Time is precious – but come on!

By weeziepops - 24 February 2010 32

BFF and I were entering the Belco Mall car park, pausing to collect a ticket, when we encountered the most serious case of road-overreaction I have ever experienced.  BFF paused for maybe one second to place the ticket in the sun visor, causing the driver of the car behind us to honk his horn and scream abuse at us.  We had already started moving by then so were a buit bemused as to why the abuse was considered necessary but this loser then whipped around us and came to a stop in front of our car, presumably to demonstrate how gosh-darned irritating it is to be delayed by someone.  Gestures and shouting ensued before he took off again, having used more time to do this than we used in collecting the parking ticket in the first place.  When both our vehicles were parked, the man then advised us that we are “typical dykes” (we aren’t, but so what?) who give everyone the s**ts because we can’t f***ing drive.  When he then tugged his toddler son from the back seat, I suggested he wasn’t setting a good example and might like to consider seeking some assistance with anger management.  The woman with him remained silent throughout this whole strange encounter.   

So, Rioters, what is the acceptable length of time a person can take between plucking a car parking ticket from the machine and setting off again?

What’s Your opinion?

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32 Responses to
Time is precious – but come on!
facet 9:53 am 25 Feb 10

You were luck the guy I delayed jumped out with a length of 4X2 timber and struck me through the half open window. I reported it to the police and was even able to identify his home address (thank you goggle earth). My understanding is the police did nothing (perhaps I was not injured seriously enough). No doubt this guy has mellowed a bit and now just screams abuse. I now carry my own weapon and intend to go swinging.
Maybe my fellow Canberrans could video it and put it on youtube

TheDJPea 9:18 am 25 Feb 10

bd84 – If they were true Charny-ites the woman in the car would have gotten involved too
Aeek – That’s never an excuse for acting like a dick, fucks like that always get waht’s coming to them

weeziepops – You should have ran over and kicked his child to death, harsh I know but think what a service to this planets future you would have been. Alternatively slash the pricks tires or bust of his rear-vision mirrors, he probably won’t learn the error of his ways but at least you will get some fun out of it

JimT 9:06 am 25 Feb 10

Obviously a usually lycra – clad cyclist frustrated with having to take an alternative mode of transport to get his steriods./sarcasm

But seriously – some people are just a**holes. No doubt he will get his comeuppance when he honks at someone with the same agressive streak as him.

Oh, and 6 seconds sounds reasonable.

Coach 9:00 am 25 Feb 10

There is a school of thought that says that our bodies are made up of pure energy, and that our thoughts and feelings can cause that energy to get stuck, resulting in every known form of ailment and disease.

If that theory were to be true, the “Weeziepops” was looking at a walking basket case of internal diseases waiting to explode in that man.

The challenge for each of us confronted by “Mr Cranky” is how we react to such a person. Not letting their issues and problems cause us to be triggered and emotionally affected is the way that best serves us. Easier said than done at times, but a worthwhile ideal to strive for. Otherwise we are capable of taking on all the negative shit he is carrying around into our day, with similar consequences.

“Just a thought….to reflect on”

Katietonia 8:50 am 25 Feb 10

bd84 said :

belco bogans have strayed from charny again

Yep, I think this may have been a case of “Charny Choler”.

housebound 8:41 am 25 Feb 10

There must be something in the air judging by the driving I’ve seen this week.

weeziepops 7:55 am 25 Feb 10

#6 – so what if it had nothing to do with us? Since when is having a bad day an excuse for being nasty?

astrojax 6:26 am 25 Feb 10

with dickheads like that behind you, i’d rekkun half an hour would be a good chunk to make them wait… 😉

Thumper 11:08 pm 24 Feb 10

Hmmm.. my car would have mysteriously stalled…

Aeek 10:54 pm 24 Feb 10

may have had very little to do with you, previous frustrations and the final straw, etc

Greyhaired 30yo 10:45 pm 24 Feb 10

Hi Everyone, been reading this site for approximately 5 years now, and love it. Thought I’d finally register and maybe put my 2 cents in here and there.

Weeziepops, this happened to me the other day at the Mall, and I took great delight in pretending that I didn’t notice the mid 40’s female that was abusing me, and swerved in front to steal my park. We then ended up in the same line at Medicare, although I was in front of her. Go figure? *smiles*

Also on that note, I would like to say a personal hello to the nice lady driving on William Hovell(continuing onto Parkes Way) at approx 1245hrs today, that was swerving in and out of traffic, cutting people off, and driving up everyone’s rear end, who’s life is so obviously more important than that of others on the roads. She has shoulder length blonde hair, was driving a blue four wheel drive with sunroof, and a personalised ACT number plate reading AUS-*1.

Please everyone keep an eye out for her (read:avoid) and be kind enough to wave to her because she may cause injury to herself (and others) very soon if she continues to drive the way she does.

Muttsybignuts 10:04 pm 24 Feb 10

6 seconds

bd84 9:42 pm 24 Feb 10

belco bogans have strayed from charny again

troll-sniffer 9:36 pm 24 Feb 10

Lucky I wasn’t the one in front or my car would have stalled and been difficult to start again, necessitating a lift of the bonnet to see what the problem was. Not that this type of loser would ever learn but the satisfaction of holding the plik up would be immense.

Fiona 9:21 pm 24 Feb 10

Shouldn’t really leave the ticket in the car 😉

But I usually fumble with it to get it in my bag at some stage in the parking process. Either that or I drive around with it in my mouth… I wonder how gross that is.

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