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Time is precious – but come on!

By weeziepops 24 February 2010 32

BFF and I were entering the Belco Mall car park, pausing to collect a ticket, when we encountered the most serious case of road-overreaction I have ever experienced.  BFF paused for maybe one second to place the ticket in the sun visor, causing the driver of the car behind us to honk his horn and scream abuse at us.  We had already started moving by then so were a buit bemused as to why the abuse was considered necessary but this loser then whipped around us and came to a stop in front of our car, presumably to demonstrate how gosh-darned irritating it is to be delayed by someone.  Gestures and shouting ensued before he took off again, having used more time to do this than we used in collecting the parking ticket in the first place.  When both our vehicles were parked, the man then advised us that we are “typical dykes” (we aren’t, but so what?) who give everyone the s**ts because we can’t f***ing drive.  When he then tugged his toddler son from the back seat, I suggested he wasn’t setting a good example and might like to consider seeking some assistance with anger management.  The woman with him remained silent throughout this whole strange encounter.   

So, Rioters, what is the acceptable length of time a person can take between plucking a car parking ticket from the machine and setting off again?

What’s Your opinion?

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Time is precious – but come on!
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Genie 10:40 am 26 Feb 10

pptvb said :

The barrier/arm comes off quite easily, without damaging the windscreen……long & embarrassing story.

We have all day…. Go on….

BenMac 8:36 am 26 Feb 10

What I love about Belco Mall parking is the people who try to sneak out with you at 500pm so they don’t have to pay for a full day. If I see someone pull over in one of the lanes and then quickly follow me towards the exit, I just go round again. It’s quite an amusing game to play. They either have to follow you as well, or go to the gate with an unpaid ticket.

Power Protect 8:05 pm 25 Feb 10

paservank said :

“Is another 5 seconds really going to kill you?!?!”

How about “Better late than DEAD on time”

paservank 3:59 pm 25 Feb 10

I’ve gone a complete switcheroo on this since I was young(er) – from being the d#&^head speeing down the parkway hurling abise at the slow pricks when I was on my “P” plates to being the guy that people yell at for being so slow!

I think I need a bumper sticker saying, “Is another 5 seconds really going to kill you?!?!”

Gungahlin Al 1:25 pm 25 Feb 10

Definition of the smallest possible unit of time: the duration between when the light turns green and the idiot behind hits the horn.

la mente torbida 1:14 pm 25 Feb 10

Easy solution, get out of your car, hold electronic switch out where he can see it (including wiring connected to your bulky vest) and ask him what the problem is.

p1 12:06 pm 25 Feb 10

I like to just ride my bike around the boom gate. I tried to take a ticket once, but the sensor in the road obviously isn’t strong enough to pick me up, and pushing the button does nothing. Luckily, I can just ride around it on the way out too…

troll-sniffer 12:05 pm 25 Feb 10

Ags, maaaate

Why would you say such a stupid thing? I sniff the air and detect the smell of troll big time.

One of my most satisfying traits as a considerate caring driver is to alert motorists who tailgate to the error of their ways by slowing up until they back off. Sometimes it takes kilometres of seething abuse before they see the error of their ways, though some never do. I guess I could put a sign on the back of my car that flashes “Back Off Tailgater” but that would cost money and time. I prefer the subtle and yet satisfying approach.

pptvb 12:04 pm 25 Feb 10

The barrier/arm comes off quite easily, without damaging the windscreen……long & embarrassing story.

Thumper 11:53 am 25 Feb 10

There must be something in the air judging by the driving I’ve seen this week.

Funny that, I mentioned the same thing to Ms Thumper.

indigoid 11:19 am 25 Feb 10

NeedHelp said :

I’ve mastered the “take the ticket” and “foot on the pedal” simultaneously manoevre down to a T. Nothing like moving on quickly and getting to the food court for some chow.

I will ROFLCOPTER when you get the timing wrong and smash your windscreen on the barrier arm thing. 🙂

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