Truck protest on Northbourne Ave?

Watson 2 March 2011 15

Anyone know why there is a convoy of trucks beeping their horns driving up and down Northbourne Ave?

They just crossed the MacArthur Ave intersection for the second time in an hour.

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15 Responses to Truck protest on Northbourne Ave?
KateKarnell KateKarnell 9:05 am 03 Mar 11

georgesgenitals said :

Erg0 said :

Sounds like they’ve created quite a buzz.

I couldn’t bee there.

Yours is a fail.

Lazy I Lazy I 3:42 pm 02 Mar 11

Was talking to the guy who runs Harden Honey about CCD not too long ago, definitely doesn’t sound too good.

Harden Honey on the other hand is very good, and well worth the drive!

georgesgenitals georgesgenitals 3:25 pm 02 Mar 11

Erg0 said :

Sounds like they’ve created quite a buzz.

I couldn’t bee there.

Erg0 Erg0 3:14 pm 02 Mar 11

Sounds like they’ve created quite a buzz.

Heavs Heavs 3:04 pm 02 Mar 11

They’ve been protesting up at PH about the government dropping the program to get rid of asian bees. Or something like that. Asian bees have apparently wrecked US and European bee populations. Don’t know if it was a victory tooting or an angry tooting though!

Grail Grail 2:57 pm 02 Mar 11

ACT Policing wasn’t able to tell me about any registered protests (but then, AFAIK you only need to register if you need streets closed or plan to march somewhere). Their advice was “watch the news tonight”.

Perhaps it is about the bees after all, considering the QLD and Federal government failing to take any action at all about the escape of some asian bees into QLD (and thus bringing with them the viruses our local bees don’t have).

Grail Grail 2:45 pm 02 Mar 11

… and apparently I linked to the wrong year of protest this time 😉

Welcome to 2011…

Grail Grail 2:41 pm 02 Mar 11

The bee stuff is incidental. A bunch of the truckies don’t understand the concept of “dilution of message”.

The protest is actually about industrial relations reform, specifically the Independent Contractors Act.

Jungle Jim Jungle Jim 2:40 pm 02 Mar 11

It’s the farmers federation protesting the stopped eradication of the Asian bee and I assume also about ensuring Australia’s bee population doesn’t go the way of the North American Honeybee, which (strangely) the Tehran Times states:

“About 33.8 percent of U.S. honeybees have died off during the past winter, decimating the country’s 2.4 million beehives for the fourth consecutive year, the British daily The Guardian reported on Sunday.

The decline of the bee colonies began in 2006 with the onset of a phenomenon called colony collapse disorder (CCD), which has exterminated billions of honeybees worldwide and destroyed more than three million colonies in the U.S.”


caratgold caratgold 2:31 pm 02 Mar 11

If its about the invasion of feral Asian honey bees then its a damn good reason to protest. If we loose our native bee’s in Australia.. were all stuffed 🙁 Save them little sucka’s and write to the ‘The Commonwealth Department of Agriculture’ asking they do something about it as they seem to have admitted defeat.

john87_no1 john87_no1 2:17 pm 02 Mar 11

It was a protest initiated by the Western Australian Farmers Federation. The WAFF asked beekeepers to partake in the protest so to abotain $10 million in funding from the Federal Govt for the eriadication of Asian Bees in Australia.

more info:

Lazy I Lazy I 2:11 pm 02 Mar 11

A couple of them had slogans about bees on them.. not sure if that was the purpose of the protest.

Something along the lines of ‘no bees, no food’

Jungle Jim Jungle Jim 2:11 pm 02 Mar 11

They’re apparently raising awareness of the plight of bees worldwide. Not too sure on the details though.

Tequila Mockingbird Tequila Mockingbird 2:10 pm 02 Mar 11

They had signs up about ‘Bee Security’? That’s all I managed to get from it…

G-Fresh G-Fresh 2:08 pm 02 Mar 11

Bet it’s a bunch of Dairy farmers having a cow

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