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By chopsaretops - 16 February 2008 19

what is the deal with the heap of trucks circling civic all sounding their bloody horns?


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19 Responses to
John Tuttle 10:35 pm 17 Feb 08

Yeah, well, I live on Northbourne Ave and these trucks were very noisy…luckily I was down the coast at the time 😉

cranky 10:19 pm 17 Feb 08

Criticism of people for having pride in their vehicles, their businesses, their job, whilst contributing to a worthy cause, is hardly a friend-winner.

I am happy that these drivers get the opportunity to display this pride to a (generally) appreciative audience.

Vic Bitterman 7:58 pm 17 Feb 08

C’mon ant. I would have thought that you of all people would have more compassion for what is in essence a great cause 🙁

barney 11:37 am 17 Feb 08

It’s for a good cause. Get out and do something useful for a change you whinging losers.

ant 9:23 am 17 Feb 08

Yeah, there were people sitting in Yass road, in Qbn, looking expectant, and all the way from there to Canberra, cars parked on the roadside. A whole heap of noise-enhanced harleys wanked past (fair dinkum, a bloke in his fancy dress on one of those things has a great big I AM A TOTAL WANKER sign floating above him), and then the trucks started up.

What amazes me is how people actually brought chairs to sit by the roadside, to watch a bunch of honking trucks drive past. Very, very sad.

Zilog 8:17 am 17 Feb 08

Presumably noise laws were suspended by the assembly. And Queanbeyan council.

minime2 3:06 am 17 Feb 08

at least the trucks (drivers) raising money for Cancer Research etc weren’t in Garema Place scamming bus ride / petrol money. And yeah; maybe they even gave the Hospice patients a thrill

scumdorg 8:31 pm 16 Feb 08

I don’t know about the trucks but I sure like the drivers 😉

V8 Berlina with a th 7:53 pm 16 Feb 08

Ironic, diesel exhaust (which trucks run on) has being linked to various conditions of the airway and even cancer.

Thumper 7:52 pm 16 Feb 08

You wanted quiet for skiing? With those loud grumbling boats?


Perfect day for it.

grundy 7:44 pm 16 Feb 08

Actually they did go past the hospice. (I’m guessing)

Was at Molonglo river skiing all day. Wanted a nice quiet day and all I could hear were horns and sirens blasting! 😀

NathanaelB 3:57 pm 16 Feb 08

I was waiting at Phillip Avenue lights waiting to turn into Federal Highway this afternoon and I wasn’t sure if it was ok to turn in front of the rural fire brigade engines because they had their lights flashing … I mean, they’re only doing it for sure … but it’s the law to give way to emergency vehicles when their lights are operating – I could just see myself going through the intersection and getting done by a cop waiting behind the trees. Luckily it was ok – but I don’t think it was a wise idea … it’s forcing people to break the law.

Adza 3:41 pm 16 Feb 08

Yes, it’s the convoy for cancer, supporting the ACT Eden Monaro Cancer Support Group.

The trucks don’t go past the Hospice, however I imagine the noise carries across the lake from Commonwealth Avenue.

Ari 3:38 pm 16 Feb 08

It’s ironic that they’ve been blasting their horns outside the hospice on the lake.

Many of those poor bastards are dying of cancer, hopefully they’ll have a flicker of gratitude that their final tortured slumbers are being interrupted in a good cause.

Jazz 3:32 pm 16 Feb 08

I understand its for the 2008 Convoy for Cancer. Can’t find much about it online though.

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