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Tuggeranong a hive of drugs and violent crime, apparently

By Skidbladnir - 19 February 2008 61

Three media releases, all to do with Tuggeranong and the favourite pasttime of its residents, unbridled criminal behaviour.

1) A 27yo Gordon-based male was caught trafficking ecstasy in at an unnamed nightclub.

2) An alleged assault on a student in class at Calwell High:

…the victim was sitting in class with about 30 other students when three other males, not part of the same class, entered.
The males told the class teacher the intended victim was wanted at the front office, but when asked, could not produce a note as proof.
Two of the alleged offenders then punched the 15-year-old victim repeatedly about the face and head… (the victim) was then taken to hospital for treatment.

3) Violent Sexual Assault in Chisholm: Between 3.15am and 3.45am Sunday, a 48-year-old Chisholm woman was attacked and sexually assaulted by a male offender while walking near the Norriss Street-side of Caroline Chisholm High School in Chisholm.
The victim suffered extensive facial injuries during the assault before fleeing to a nearby friend’s house and contacting police. She was later conveyed to The Canberra Hospital.

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61 Responses to
Tuggeranong a hive of drugs and violent crime, apparently
V twin venom 1:17 pm 19 Feb 08

“…and his whole neighbour was shut down, for around 4 hours…”

Police were searching for a missing ‘hood’

Shannski 1:17 pm 19 Feb 08

When i went to Calwell High, it was a violent place… It seems to breed any young people…

The year after i left they put all the gates and fencing around the school…

The teachers didn’t deal well with angry kids… one teacher use to get the shits and throw tables and chairs at us… aww.. thems were the days.

shanefos 1:10 pm 19 Feb 08

“…and his whole neighbour was shut down, for around 4 hours…”

His poor neighbour! How’d he get on? A glass of berocca? Or just a lie down for a few hours?…
Is it like when you get pins-and-needles in your legs from sitting cross-legged for too long, except on a full-body scale?….

Thumper 1:08 pm 19 Feb 08

There is something fundamentally wrong with society when children think it is acceptable to walk into a classroom and beat the daylights out of a student.

It is painfully obvious that these kids have no morals, ethics, respect for anything or anyone except themselves.

As such they shouold be in the pokey so they can ponder whay they have done as I can put forward the premise that this is probably not a first offence.

Society does not need people like this.

Crikey 1:00 pm 19 Feb 08

My brother, who lives in Greenway, was hosting a BBQ a couple of weeks ago and his whole neighbour was shut down, for around 4 hours, by an armed response police squad. He was told to stay in-doors and lock all his windows and doors. His guests weren’t allowed to leave until the early hours of Sunday morning. One of his guests said that the same thing happened in his street (Kambah) a few days earlier.

Swaggie 12:47 pm 19 Feb 08

Maelinar, we live in hope re example setting. You barge in to a class, beat the hell out of a student and probably traumatise about 30 other students, that must warrant at least a $50 dollar fine under our legal system.

Skidbladnir 12:22 pm 19 Feb 08


I applaud your pedantry.
Please accept Maelinar’s first child into slavery-bondage as a token of my appreciation.

Skidbladnir, Esquire.

West_Kambah_4eva 12:20 pm 19 Feb 08

Yeah it’s a regular Johannesburg down here…

VYBerlinaV8 the_one_ 12:00 pm 19 Feb 08

The teacher involved should have every right and freedom to beat the living shit out of anyone entering entering their classroom for the purpose of assaulting a student, using non-mechanical weapons as they see fit. We should use that specific wording in legislation.

I am a supporter of victim rights being prioritised ahead of criminal rights.

Special G 11:56 am 19 Feb 08

Give teachers tasers. That would sort out the youth of today.

The above story is exactly what you’d expect from Mexico.

Mælinar 11:36 am 19 Feb 08

I would have thought the teacher would be somewhat responsible for dealing with 3 people entering their classroom, but they cannot be held ultimately accountable for them acting randomly.

It would appear that they intervened, and mitigated the level of the assault, so good on them for trying.

I would naturally expect this to be viewed as a great case for example setting by courts and policing process as discouragement.

Meconium 11:28 am 19 Feb 08

ROFL I love both Tugwegians and T. Nongs, but I HATE the spelling of “pasttime” in the article above.

A PASTIME is something you do to PASS the TIME… it’s not a past time or any other ignorant misconstruction you care to use…

Skidbladnir 11:23 am 19 Feb 08

I have no idea why a 48yo woman was walking to work at 0300hrs, but from my short-term work experience at Calwell High, the place is a breeding ground for social problems and violent behaviour.

Anyone know what kind of duty-of-care teachers are meant to have when teaching a class, a student ends up in hospital from a beating?

la mente torbida 11:22 am 19 Feb 08

Tugwegians? I though it was Tugerra Nongs!

fnaah 10:50 am 19 Feb 08

Yes, we Tugwegians prefer our crime unbridled, as that fancy northern bridled crime is just too highbrow.

We also lack the intelligence to organise our criminals like you northerners do, otherwise we’d invade and make all of Canberra the south side! Hah!

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