Warning to pet owners as second cat killed in Gordon in under a week

Glynis Quinlan 11 May 2019 32

Alana Esmerian is warning residents of Gordon and surrounding suburbs to stay alert after finding her cat Suzette (pictured) dead on her front lawn from “blunt force trauma”. Photos: Facebook (Alana Esmerian).

A second cat appears to have been deliberately killed in the suburb of Gordon in less than a week, with her owner warning local residents to stay alert, saying “it’s hard to imagine what else whoever did this is capable of”.

Alana Esmerian found her cat Suzette dead in her front yard on Wednesday (May 8) only six days after fellow Gordon resident Sydnee Cooke found her cat Marley had died in pain after someone broke into her mesh enclosure and “aggressively attacked her”.

The latest death also occurred in the same Gordon Street, Lewis Luxton Avenue, in which “some sick bastard” recently threw dog treats laced with fish hooks into the backyard of dog owner James Roberts – who luckily discovered them before they did harm.

RSPCA ACT CEO Michelle Robertson is urging anyone with more information about the recent ‘tragic events’ to come forward and assist the investigation in order to “bring justice to the animals affected”.

“We send our heartfelt condolences to those who have lost their animals at the hands of such cruelty,” Ms Robertson said.

“Please know that with the support and assistance from the community we are endeavouring to investigate the matters as quickly as possible.”

Alana Esmerian took to social media shortly after her cat’s death to send a strong warning to pet owners in Gordon and surrounding suburbs that “There is a murderer on our streets in Gordon and something must be done about it, EVERYONE STAY ALERT”.

Ms Esmerian said that there are no words which can properly express her sorrow at the loss of the cat she has owned for the past 13 years.

“After Suzette not coming home last night or this morning, my worst thoughts have become a reality,” Ms Esmerian wrote in a Facebook post on May 8.

“We found her in my front yard… diagnosed cause of death – blunt force trauma. The vet confirmed she was not hit by a car.

“Someone has deliberately stolen her life, has stolen her from me,” Ms Esmerian continued.

“Anyone who has ever met me knows how much I love her. Our bond was so special, so strong. We’ve been in each other’s lives since I was 9 years old. I am now 22.

Alana Esmerian said there are no words which can properly express her sorrow at the loss of her “best friend”.

“Please don’t ask if I’m okay, I’m not. I won’t be okay for a long long time. My best friend has been murdered. I don’t know how I am going to overcome this, I really don’t.

“She was so precious, she wasn’t wild, she was old, slow, just a beautiful gentle little soul. Who could have done this?”

Ms Esmerian said she had reported the incident to the police and the RSPCA and urged everyone in Gordon or nearby suburbs to “take this seriously – two deaths in less than a week”.

“Any security footage, any suspicious behaviour, please notify police,” she said.

Ms Robertson said the RSPCA ACT was “extremely saddened and disappointed to hear of yet another senseless attack on a pet within the Canberra community”.

She said that the RSPCA’s Inspectorate team are currently in the process of collecting evidence in the area.

“We urge anyone with more information surrounding the tragic events, to get in touch with our Inspectorate team by emailing us at inspectorate@rspca-act.org.au or calling the Shelter on 6287 8100,” Ms Robertson said.

“The more we know regarding these unfortunate events, the more we can piece together and bring justice to the animals affected.”

Region Media also contacted ACT Policing about the latest cat killing in Gordon but had not received a response at time of publication.

However, last Monday ACT Policing confirmed that police were still investigating the first Gordon cat killing, saying that anyone with information should contact Crimestoppers on 1800 333 000 or via www.crimestoppers.com.au (Reference 6391854).

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32 Responses to Warning to pet owners as second cat killed in Gordon in under a week
Michelle Bausch Michelle Bausch 5:31 pm 12 May 19

Pauline Adam Julie keep an eye on your pussies! 😢 x

    Julie Donda Julie Donda 5:34 pm 12 May 19

    Michelle Bausch some humans are disgusting.

    Pauline Woodward Pauline Woodward 6:21 pm 12 May 19

    Michelle Bausch keeping her in for a while

Robbie Hart Robbie Hart 12:11 pm 12 May 19

I hope they find the culprit!!

Clair Bear Strickland Clair Bear Strickland 11:25 am 12 May 19

Charlie Bartak Not sure if you have seen this. I know Lara is an inside cat but keep an eye out xxx

    Charlie Bartak Charlie Bartak 12:05 pm 12 May 19

    Clair Bear Strickland yeah I have, and been tagged! Thank you ☺️

Lyn Bailey Lyn Bailey 10:47 am 12 May 19

Disgusting. Fancy murdering someone's family pet. Hope they are caught very soon & jailed for their hideous crimes 😠😠

Kasey Sullivan Kasey Sullivan 2:53 am 12 May 19

Karen not in Gordon anymore but still.. Mm

Christopher Goyne Christopher Goyne 12:44 am 12 May 19

A sick society. I got a anonymous note stuck to my back door re my cat. This involved trespass on my property and defamatory comments about my good character. The cat is driving me nuts but I only let him out now when I am outside. I want to find out who left the note but I haven't a clue.

    Christopher Goyne Christopher Goyne 9:55 pm 12 May 19

    Michele Clune Oakley not sure yet. I want to talk to them.

Brys Glasson Brys Glasson 12:20 am 12 May 19

Jack Dunn... little bit suss mate

Jess Driver Jess Driver 11:51 pm 11 May 19

Ruth watch out for the girls

Lina-Marie Catto Lina-Marie Catto 11:44 pm 11 May 19

There are some sick bastards around.

Naris Suwanmuk Naris Suwanmuk 11:12 pm 11 May 19

Ralph Nueangrit What is all of dis murdering of animals going on in Gordon?

    Ralph Nueangrit Ralph Nueangrit 1:23 pm 12 May 19

    Naris Suwanmuk what even lmao

    Naris Suwanmuk Naris Suwanmuk 1:23 pm 12 May 19

    Ralph Nueangrit You have an animal killer in ya suburb...

    Ralph Nueangrit Ralph Nueangrit 1:25 pm 12 May 19

    Naris Suwanmuk yikes glad I dont have pets

Alix Ashurst Dolstra Alix Ashurst Dolstra 8:48 pm 11 May 19

I saw that pet attacks are starting to hit Kambah too. More dog baiting with a dog who has passed away. This is terrifying. 😞

Kriso Hadskini Kriso Hadskini 8:45 pm 11 May 19

Sounds like someone has an uncontrolled mental illness. Be looking out for my kids too if I lived in Gordon.

Kaye Sperling Kaye Sperling 8:05 pm 11 May 19

Jeremy .... NO!!!! 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

Julia O'Boyle Julia O'Boyle 7:50 pm 11 May 19


Suzanne Jeffs Suzanne Jeffs 7:48 pm 11 May 19

Bastards cowardly bastards

Chris Ellis Chris Ellis 7:48 pm 11 May 19

A psychopath in the making.

Amber Jaatinen Amber Jaatinen 7:45 pm 11 May 19

Annie Abbott please be careful xxx

Rachael Paulka Rachael Paulka 7:44 pm 11 May 19

Humans are revolting!!!

Dave Edwards Dave Edwards 7:43 pm 11 May 19

If the perpetrator is reading, I would suggest you stop now. You will get caught eventually, and good luck after that.

Anna Francesca Clancy Anna Francesca Clancy 7:30 pm 11 May 19

People who abuse animals often also abuse humans. This is a sick, cruel person and I hope they are caught and jailed for these crimes.

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