Concerns raised about Tuggeranong pet killer

Glynis Quinlan 7 May 2019 36

Sydnee Cooke from Gordon with her affectionate cat Marley in happier days. Photos: Supplied.

A cat kept in an enclosure in a Gordon backyard appears to have been viciously killed only days after a dog owner discovered dog treats laced with fish hooks in his backyard in the same suburb.

Sydnee Cooke from Gordon is still deeply upset that her sweet, affectionate cat Marley died in pain and alone after someone appears to have broken into her mesh enclosure on Thursday (April 2) and “aggressively attacked her”.

Her grief – and warning to other Tuggeranong pet owners – comes only days after James Roberts, from Lewis Luxton Avenue in Gordon, took to Facebook to share his harrowing account about how “some sick bastard” threw dog treats laced with fish hooks into his backyard.

Sydnee came home from work around 5.30 pm on Thursday evening and couldn’t find one of her family’s three cats. Her worst fears were realised when she found her own special cat Marley dead near the cat enclosure in the backyard.

Sydnee at first assumed that Marley had died from injuries sustained while trying to escape her enclosure (even though this was unusual behaviour for her), but the next morning Sydnee took Marley’s body to a veterinarian to find out more. The vet raised the alarm bells.

“A couple of hours later we got a call from the vet who suspected foul play and said the injuries were very suspicious and you should get the police involved,” Sydnee told Region Media.

“It was her lower body that was damaged,” she said. “She had multiple injuries including dislocated joints, broken bones and several lacerations on her body.

“It was really upsetting knowing she would have been in so much pain.”

After closer inspection, Sydnee noticed that the mesh tunnel to the enclosure appeared to have been cut open with what police later suggested to her would have been box cutters or a knife. Police also later told Sydnee they suspected Marley had been killed with the same tool.

The mesh enclosure is thought to have been cut with box cutters or a knife. Still from a video supplied.

Sydnee said that Marley was a really well-behaved, affectionate and friendly cat who would have gone up to someone if they were cutting into the enclosure.

“It’s really sad that someone would have taken advantage of her in this way. She wasn’t doing anything wrong. I don’t understand why.”

Sydnee said that, after they realised what had happened, the family’s first instinct was to warn other pet owners.

“We’ve got a lot of cats and dogs in our street. We wanted to warn everyone.”

Sydnee took to social media to ask people to “PLEASE keep your pets inside and secure ESPECIALLY in the Gordon area”.

“It’s just especially what they did to her. They would have very aggressively attacked her,” said Sydnee who had owned seven-year-old Marley since the cat was six months old and really misses her little companion.

Marley was a sweet, affectionate cat and Sydnee is deeply upset that she died in so much pain.

“She was very loyal. She always just wanted to sleep with me and be with me.”

ACT Policing has been investigating Marley’s death and police have been out to see the Gordon backyard. The RSPCA ACT is also understood to be involved.

ACT Policing told Region Media that the investigation remains open and they have asked anyone with information to contact Crimestoppers at 1800 333 000 or via (Reference 6391854).

Last week James Roberts also used social media to warn dog owners about the dog treats laced with fish hooks he had found near his gate and garbage bins.

“I just can’t believe how awful and truly sick some people can be to do something so bloody cruel and nasty to innocent animals,” he said.

“If you have a dog please be cautious and alert of your dog at all times and be aware of your surroundings and check out the areas in which your dog moves around in case they have possibly thrown the bait over.”

Dog treats with hooks in them were also found in NSW last week. Photo: Supplied.

ACT Policing and Domestic Animal Services have also been advised of this incident.

RSPCA ACT chief Michelle Robertson told Region Media late last week that “every week, we see animals at the RSPCA ACT who have either been let down or hurt by humans”.

“Of course, our hope is that people would stop being cruel to animals altogether, but until such time, we remind the community that it is an offence to deliberately or recklessly poison a domestic or native animal, punishable by fines over $5000 and imprisonment for up to one year,” she said.

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36 Responses to Concerns raised about Tuggeranong pet killer
Timothy Hughes Timothy Hughes 12:55 pm 08 May 19

Agree with all of the comments. A very sick person, hope they catch whoever did it.

russianafroman russianafroman 10:07 am 08 May 19

Wouldn’t be surprised if the guy’s doing it for attention. He knows that his works will end up in the papers, therefore he does it to see the response. People need to invest in proper security systems for their houses like we do. Security cameras, high fences, locked doors etc. The police in this territory are woefully incapable due to lack of funding, it’s up to the people to guard themselves and their property.

g210 g210 9:54 am 08 May 19

Clearly a psycho in the making.

Judy Franklin Judy Franklin 9:00 am 08 May 19


Kaye Sperling Kaye Sperling 7:35 am 08 May 19

Jeremy, this one? 🤬🤬🤬🤬

Lynds Orchard Lynds Orchard 9:24 pm 07 May 19

Keep your fur babies close everyone!

This is absolutely disgusting. Disgusting human being(s)! These people, who are doing this, are a waste of space in our society and community. Shame we can’t put fish hooks into their food and make them eat. Do the crime pay the price in the exact same way. Karma will get you eventually!

Nic Coley Nic Coley 7:25 pm 07 May 19

Rich Haureliuk be careful. Especially after finding those weird kangaroo skewers in your backyard. 😡

Reece Williams Reece Williams 7:18 pm 07 May 19

If i found someone doing this they'll wish the cops had rocked up. Oxygen thieves. Eliza

    Eliza Slattery Eliza Slattery 9:00 pm 07 May 19

    Reece Williams bruhhh they will become cat food if anyone finds out who they are 😂 Canberrans love their pets so much ❤️

Lachlan Exton Lachlan Exton 7:14 pm 07 May 19

Jason Van Putten keep Elmo inside it’s a dog eat dog world out there

    Jason Van Putten Jason Van Putten 7:15 pm 07 May 19

    Time to get me some intruder verified alarms #anotherbaddiebusted

    Lachlan Exton Lachlan Exton 7:17 pm 07 May 19

    Jason Van Putten I know just the man to call #k9response

Rochelle Marshall Rochelle Marshall 6:26 pm 07 May 19

Michelle Lea be careful with your furbabies.

    Michelle Lea Michelle Lea 6:31 pm 07 May 19

    Rochelle I saw this! Fortunately my cat is a totally indoors cat. Such a horrendous thing to do to an innocent pet 😢

Noelle Waugh Noelle Waugh 3:46 pm 07 May 19

WTF is wrong with people, how could you be so cruel?

Karina Rose Karina Rose 3:30 pm 07 May 19

God I hope the cops find this waste of space. 😪

    Susan Ann Margaret Susan Ann Margaret 8:33 pm 07 May 19

    Karina Rose so do I but I think sadly the punishments never come close to fitting the crime 😭

    Karina Rose Karina Rose 9:44 pm 07 May 19

    Susan Pommer true... I just hope it stops so no more pets are affected

Alix Ashurst Dolstra Alix Ashurst Dolstra 3:15 pm 07 May 19

I’m up in Monash and I interrupted an intruder who assumed no one was home and was trying to remove our guinea pigs from their enclosure. They bolted before I could see them but we’ve added extra locks and are looking into security cameras now.

People like that are people that turn into serial killers. They tend to start with animals. 😞

    Geeta Datta Geeta Datta 7:46 am 08 May 19

    Alix Ashurst Dolstra Yup. Serial killer in the making!

    Gail Hamilton Gail Hamilton 5:09 am 09 May 19

    Alix I have a spare camera if you need, its a spare cop cam and can be mounted outside, if interested let me know and arrange a time to pick it u

    Alix Ashurst Dolstra Alix Ashurst Dolstra 11:27 am 09 May 19

    Gail Hamilton I’m in a rental so I’m looking into cameras that don’t damage the property but if there’s options with that camera for renters, I’m definitely interested!

    Kelly Small Kelly Small 9:39 pm 12 May 19

    I just got cctv. they plate up any drilled holes when you move. Very reasonable price and worth it for peace of mind

Connie Bailey Connie Bailey 2:54 pm 07 May 19

Carolina Arroyo be careful with Stell. Whoever it is should be shot!!!

Joanne Clark Joanne Clark 2:40 pm 07 May 19

😿 RIP Marley.

😡🤬😡🤬 Let's hope they catch the 'less than human' scum that is inflicting these terrible injuries on these much loved pets.

Reuben Durham Reuben Durham 2:34 pm 07 May 19

Probably only a matter of time before someone someone graduates to killing humans. I hope the police find him (highly likely it’s a young male) and lock him up. And watch him closely for the rest of his life.

    Jessica Grace Jessica Grace 7:02 am 08 May 19

    Reuben Durham would be better to just shoot him/her that is doing this to the poor animals. Tax dollars shouldn't keep this scum alive.

Nicholas G. Muscat Nicholas G. Muscat 2:29 pm 07 May 19

Sydnee Cooke At it again x

Michael Thomas Michael Thomas 2:00 pm 07 May 19

Sam Burridge can’t find Kahlia for some reason

    Sam Burridge Sam Burridge 3:13 pm 07 May 19

    Michael Elliott thanks for tagging me mate. Yeah Kahlia is off fb at the moment

    Michael Thomas Michael Thomas 3:15 pm 07 May 19

    Ahhh too easy bro! Figured it was down your way so better you know about it then not

Theresa Rowan Theresa Rowan 1:57 pm 07 May 19

Psychopath be careful folks.

Jessie Lee Zivkovic Jessie Lee Zivkovic 1:55 pm 07 May 19

Perhaps the same guy that killed all those animals years ago in Palmerston. He was moved over that side

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