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Weston Creek the best place in Canberra to live?

By johnboy - 21 August 2008 49

The Canberra Times offers fine example what drivel can be written if objectivity is completely embraced. Frankly you can report on any old crap as if it’s true.

In this case a BankWest Quality of Life Index is apparently proof that that Weston Creek is the best place to live and Tuggeranong is desirable because it’s so cheap.

Here’s a hint, the best places to live have, more often than not, the higher real estate prices.

What’s Your opinion?

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49 Responses to
Weston Creek the best place in Canberra to live?
peterh 11:35 am 21 Aug 08

justbands, was the block you looked at in duffy recently cleared (in the last couple of years)? or was this a while ago?

justbands 11:30 am 21 Aug 08

> last i had heard, the geographical centre was on the kambah pool road.

10 years ago perhaps. I think it’s more likely north of Curtin, somewhere near the dam wall. It’s been getting dragged north by the expansion in Gunghalin.

peterh 11:28 am 21 Aug 08


I was a north-side lad, and after many years, got sick of it and moved to the southside. it isn’t better, just a bit more laid back.

last i had heard, the geographical centre was on the kambah pool road.

good for me, I live near the centre of canberra.

justbands 11:27 am 21 Aug 08

> Your point about views from the Creek is a good one. Canberra has a few places that give decent views that you would not have realised without seeing them for yourself.

Yep…& even after living most of my life in Weston Creek, I didn’t realise the extent of the views from Duffy until the day we went to look at the block of land we now live on.

Holden Caulfield 11:24 am 21 Aug 08

Yeah, Gungahlin has a few issues in regards to amenities and such, but then, Weston Creek would have been the same when it was first established. And after moving from Nicholls I swore I’d never call Gungahlin “out there”, but, sadly that didn’t last long, haha. Mrs Caulfield’s folks have lived in Gungahlin since the mid 90s, they’re currently in Harrison, so it’s good to see that, finally, Gungahlin is getting better serviced by shops and so on. It was pretty rubbish in that regard when we lived there.

Your point about views from the Creek is a good one. Canberra has a few places that give decent views that you would not have realised without seeing them for yourself.

justbands 11:13 am 21 Aug 08

& yeah, you northsiders are strange. 🙂

justbands 11:13 am 21 Aug 08

I don’t disagree with you re: being typical of Canberra. Canberra is a great town to live in generally.

RE: time to Civic. I work on Northbourne Ave in Braddon…closer to Dickson than to Civic really. It regularly takes me around 16-18 minutes in peak traffic to get to/from work & home in the car, or around 35 minutes on my pushbike. It’s exactly 16km each way. Civic to home is about 14kms.

My comment on Gunghalin was just a joke. Although I lived in Gunghalin (Palmerston) for 5 years & whilst it was ok to get to/from the city, it really was handy to nothing otherwise in my opinion. I wouldn’t want to live out there again. Same would apply to Tuggeranong (particularly out south), it’s just too far away for me (by Canberra standards).

You are correct though..Canberra is a great place to live & most parts of it are fine.

Holden Caulfield 10:42 am 21 Aug 08

@justbands, thanks for that. I figured family reasons would have figured highly for you. Mind, I still maintain much of those reasons are typical to Canberra rather than anything unique about the Creek. And judging by your definition of close, then large parts of Belconnen are equally as close to the locations you mentioned.

I still don’t believe the 12 mins to Civic thing, but I guess it depends on the time of day you travel. I used to live in Nicholls and I got from work (Fyshwick) to home once in 18 minutes. But it was 11 o’clock at night, haha. I don’t deny you’ve done Duffy to Civic in 12 minutes at all, but perhaps because so many real estate agents try and claim pretty much any suburb that is not in inner Canberra is “just minutes from Civic” my cynical mind tends to think of these travel times in a more real world morning commute scenario. Or are you going to try and tell me you can get from Duffy to Civic in 12 minutes on a normal morning drive between 8-9am?

And your comment that nothing is close to Gungahlin is fairly typical of the “geographic centre” line that Creekers are willing to live by. Sure, Gungahlin is on the outer fringe as much as Tuggeranong or North Belconnen are, but it’s a damn sight closer to Civic than both. My old place in Nicholls was 14km from Civic and my old place in Phillip was 12km from Civic. Anything on the Civic side of the Gungahlin Town Centre would be 12km or less from Civic. I can’t imagine Duffy is any closer. I haven’t lived in Nicholls for 4 years and at that time there were no traffic lights on the Barton Highway until Northbourne, so getting in to town was pretty easy outside of peak times.

I just find it funny that people try and say their suburb/area is best, when as I’ve suggested, much of the reasons that make a suburb a great place to live are typical to the majority of Canberra.

But, I’m a north side lad, and as we all know, you’re either one or the other in this town. :p

VYBerlinaV8_the_one_ 10:22 am 21 Aug 08

I reckon parts of weston creek area are undervalued at the moment, too.

realityskin 10:18 am 21 Aug 08

Of course Weston Creek is the best. It’s a given.

Mr Evil 10:06 am 21 Aug 08

And once the renovations at Cooleman Court are finished, the local mall will (hopefully) be so much better.

justbands 9:53 am 21 Aug 08

> But I’d be interested to know why Weston Creek works for you. I’m not being a smart asre asking that question either…

There’s a lot of reasons it works for me/my family…for a start, it’s central to what we need (& from my place in Duffy it really is about 12 mins to the city). It’s one part of Canberra (along with Woden) where nowhere else is far away. ie. Woden is close, Civic is close, Tuggeranong is close & Belconnen is close (nothing is close to Gunghalin).

It’s got good schools, decent shops (& is close enough to others if you need), nice places to eat & has good outdoor spaces to enjoy (runs, rides, Stromlo bike park, very close to the Cotter, skatepark for our son, horseriding). Our neighbours are nice, our street is quiet & we have a lovely house with great views over Canberra.

Basically, we just enjoy living there. I’ve been in three Weston Creek suburbs (Fisher, Chapman & Duffy) & they’ve all been great.

Holden Caulfield 9:41 am 21 Aug 08

Haha, I don’t deny that, it just always makes me laugh when Creekers trot out that line.

I’ve never lived in Weston Creek, but I did live in Phillip for a few years so I know that a lot of the “12 minutes to Civic” lines are a crock. Whether or not it is a great location is always going to depend on your own personal needs and the way you interact with the city. But I’d be interested to know why Weston Creek works for you. I’m not being a smart asre asking that question either…

I’d suggest the fact that Weston Creek is a good place to live probably has as much to do with Canberra itself being a good place to live rather than any specific traits of the Creek.

justbands 9:33 am 21 Aug 08

I would have thought North/North-West Belco would be cheaper than Tuggeranong?

I can confirm that Weston Creek is a fantastic place to live….& regardless of Holden Caulfields little dig above, it is in a great location too.

Holden Caulfield 9:29 am 21 Aug 08

Is this the same Weston Creek that is the “geographical centre of Canberra”, hahahhaahaaaaa!

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