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What do you do if you forgot to vote?

By hoolahawk - 19 October 2008 28

Silly me I forgot about the bloody elections on today and at 5:59pm I rushed down to my nearest polling place to arrive @ 6:04 pm to be told It was too late the doors were going to be shut.

I suppose I was too late, but bloody hell (talk about your power trip)

Anyway does anyone know what you do if you forgot to vote, or is it just tough biccys?

Actually it’s not the paying the fine that irks me, it is if I was going to have to give about $50 or so away, I would much rather just give it to a charity that to the stinkin govt.

I think that ACT elections is a big waste of time.

Kind of reminds me of those stupid council elections when I was in NSW for a few years. A bunch of idiots rattling on about how they are going to do this or that… and when they get into power they either do the opposite to what they have said or nothing at all (and they wonder why they get upset when they are not voted in next time).

What’s Your opinion?

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28 Responses to
What do you do if you forgot to vote?
bubzie 6:21 pm 19 Oct 08

Aurelius said :

I did hear a while back there weren’t postal votes for this election, but that may have changed.

There was 🙂

SheepGroper 4:42 pm 19 Oct 08

No. Not sheep. Sheep have better morals.

ilmarinen 4:23 pm 19 Oct 08

Perhaps it’s cynical.
Should I have said ‘sheep’ not ‘whore’? 🙂

smiling politely 4:01 pm 19 Oct 08

ilmarinen said :

Be glad.. You aren’t a whore.

Come now, blacksmith, isn’t that just a little bit cynical?

ilmarinen 3:16 pm 19 Oct 08

Be glad.. You aren’t a whore.
‘Every government is a parliament of whores. The trouble is, in a democracy, the whores are us’. (PJ O’Rourke)

Gerry-Built 3:16 pm 19 Oct 08

Whilst I can understand missing the ballot, don’t go bitching about anything the Government does during this term… (although your summary of local politics seems pretty damned spot on)

As for the whinge about the “power trip” – I bet if you worked retail, and a customer came up after closing hours, you wouldn’t be saying “what can I get you? 😛

Just suck it up and pay the lousy fine 😀 (also, if they let you off, do GIVE to a charity – or the Karma Monkeys’ll get ya’). Let us know if you do get sent a fine… I’m sure you’ll get a whole other round of sympathy from the Riot’ 2nd time too…

Granny 2:50 pm 19 Oct 08

I can relate to forgetting stuff like that, hoolahawk. People like you and me exist to make others feel much better about themselves. It’s a noble purpose, and somebody’s got to do it.

: )

I’m betting they won’t even get around to sending you the fine. There’s hardly any of them in there and they’re busy all year round. But now they’ve read this maybe they will make it a priority, so … sorry!

johnboy 1:15 pm 19 Oct 08

I have it on good authority that a heartfelt “sorry” and a promise to never do it again usually suffices to get one off the hook.

Aurelius 1:03 pm 19 Oct 08

You can just say you were called interstate without notice (thus you didn’t pre-vote) and weren’t able to on the day.
As for Davo’s suggestion re postal, I did hear a while back there weren’t postal votes for this election, but that may have changed.

I was enrolled in (but not living in) Qld during their 2003 state election, didn’t vote, but never heard anything about it. So perhaps the fine may never materialise anyway.

Davo111 12:37 pm 19 Oct 08

^^ That’s not really an excuse; you can pre-poll for the days leading up to it, and you can put in a postal vote etc.

Morgan 12:00 pm 19 Oct 08

Well if you forgot to vote you were obviously interstate the entire day, and thus have a legal excuse to give when they send you the form.

Whatsup 11:53 am 19 Oct 08

I think that ACT elections is a big waste of time.

If that is your thinking it should not be a surprise that voting wasn’t a high enough priority for you to remember.

Woody Mann-Caruso 11:27 am 19 Oct 08

You have no idea how happy it makes me to find out that somebody of your caliber wasn’t able to vote.

The fine is only $20.

harvyk1 10:56 am 19 Oct 08

Sorry, no sympathy for you. Me with injury to foot (and thus couldn’t walk) still managed to make it to a polling place, where if I had said screw it I’d probably have a damn fine reason to give. Besides, with so much coverage on the internet, TV, newspapers, etc how could you forget?

Holden Caulfield 10:46 am 19 Oct 08

You need to manage your situation better.

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