What do you do if you forgot to vote?

hoolahawk 19 October 2008 28

Silly me I forgot about the bloody elections on today and at 5:59pm I rushed down to my nearest polling place to arrive @ 6:04 pm to be told It was too late the doors were going to be shut.

I suppose I was too late, but bloody hell (talk about your power trip)

Anyway does anyone know what you do if you forgot to vote, or is it just tough biccys?

Actually it’s not the paying the fine that irks me, it is if I was going to have to give about $50 or so away, I would much rather just give it to a charity that to the stinkin govt.

I think that ACT elections is a big waste of time.

Kind of reminds me of those stupid council elections when I was in NSW for a few years. A bunch of idiots rattling on about how they are going to do this or that… and when they get into power they either do the opposite to what they have said or nothing at all (and they wonder why they get upset when they are not voted in next time).

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28 Responses to What do you do if you forgot to vote?
zllauh zllauh 10:51 pm 29 Mar 15

consult a high school student for an extremely great excuse or rather pay the fine 😛

jakez jakez 5:44 pm 12 Dec 08

hoolahawk, I love your style.

hoolahawk hoolahawk 5:23 pm 12 Dec 08

Hey everyone,

In a follow up to this post I received a lovely worded letter in the mail this week. Asking me to explain why I should not cough up $20 of my hard earned dollars for not voting.

I am writing to explain that as the guy I wanted voted in did not get in anyway (I checked he missed out on more that one vote)…and the guy I didn’t want in did (aka the Chief) that I should not have to pay.

sepi sepi 12:49 pm 20 Oct 08

a nutbar in sydney tried to argue in court that in a democracy she didn’t need a driver;s license.

she lost.

Gord0 Gord0 12:04 pm 20 Oct 08

fear not !

If you choose NOT to vote (as this is a democracy we should be able to CHOOSE). You will receive a mildly threatening letter asking why. If you advise you went a polling place and did indeed vote they have no way of proving otherwise and you will not be fined.

That’s $20 LESS for a oil filter for a CIAB (aka speed camera van. IAB = In A Box..you work out the C).

The fact you can still show up, give someone elses name and address and vote for them with no requirement for ID makes it all a farce anyway.

All that said.. the new electronic prepolling makes a flawed system at least much less painful and very fast. It took me longer to find parking for prepoll than actually do it.

jakez jakez 11:43 am 20 Oct 08

Your mistake is equating democracy with freedom.

Devil_n_Disquiz Devil_n_Disquiz 11:36 am 20 Oct 08

Would touting the fact that Australia is supposed to be a democracy suffice as an excuse ??

i.e. Democracy SHOULD equal freedom of right to vote.
Dictatorship = you WILL vote or we WILL fine you ???

emd emd 10:47 am 20 Oct 08

From the AEC website:

If you do not vote you will receive a letter asking for an explanation. If you have a valid reason you will not be fined.

If you do not have a valid reason, you will be given the opportunity of paying a $20 penalty. If you do not pay the penalty you may be taken to court, where the penalty is $50 plus court costs.

jakez jakez 9:10 am 20 Oct 08

I think you should fight the system in the name of voluntary voting.

…even if you don’t actually believe in voluntary voting.

Gerry-Built Gerry-Built 10:20 pm 19 Oct 08

com’n ant, hoolahawk probably forgot to pre-poll too 😉

ant ant 9:45 pm 19 Oct 08

If you were going to forget, you should’ve pre-poll voted. I usually pre-poll vote on principle as it will probably be more convenient, unless I’m sure it’ll be more convenient to vote on the day, or I want to be sure the people I vote for aren’t revealed as evil forced-birth advocates or in favour of torturing animals the day before the election (and I’ve already voted for them, argh).

Holierthanthou Holierthanthou 9:25 pm 19 Oct 08

You have two choices:

Pay the fine


Send in a reason why you ddn’t vote

The latter course has you also have three choices:

i) Say: I don’t have to vote, you fascist, I’m a free man (in which case prepare to pay the fine)

ii) give any half plausible sounding excuse

iii) write your answer in a foreign language (a type ii) excuse is best).

You could try other options like saying you did actually vote, but I don’t know how that would go, I wonder how they could prove you really didn’t.

bd84 bd84 9:16 pm 19 Oct 08

You pay the fine they will be sending you in the mail. Either that or make up a good story and avoid it.

bubzie bubzie 6:21 pm 19 Oct 08

Aurelius said :

I did hear a while back there weren’t postal votes for this election, but that may have changed.

There was 🙂

SheepGroper SheepGroper 4:42 pm 19 Oct 08

No. Not sheep. Sheep have better morals.

ilmarinen ilmarinen 4:23 pm 19 Oct 08

Perhaps it’s cynical.
Should I have said ‘sheep’ not ‘whore’? 🙂

smiling politely smiling politely 4:01 pm 19 Oct 08

ilmarinen said :

Be glad.. You aren’t a whore.

Come now, blacksmith, isn’t that just a little bit cynical?

ilmarinen ilmarinen 3:16 pm 19 Oct 08

Be glad.. You aren’t a whore.
‘Every government is a parliament of whores. The trouble is, in a democracy, the whores are us’. (PJ O’Rourke)

Gerry-Built Gerry-Built 3:16 pm 19 Oct 08

Whilst I can understand missing the ballot, don’t go bitching about anything the Government does during this term… (although your summary of local politics seems pretty damned spot on)

As for the whinge about the “power trip” – I bet if you worked retail, and a customer came up after closing hours, you wouldn’t be saying “what can I get you? 😛

Just suck it up and pay the lousy fine 😀 (also, if they let you off, do GIVE to a charity – or the Karma Monkeys’ll get ya’). Let us know if you do get sent a fine… I’m sure you’ll get a whole other round of sympathy from the Riot’ 2nd time too…

Granny Granny 2:50 pm 19 Oct 08

I can relate to forgetting stuff like that, hoolahawk. People like you and me exist to make others feel much better about themselves. It’s a noble purpose, and somebody’s got to do it.

: )

I’m betting they won’t even get around to sending you the fine. There’s hardly any of them in there and they’re busy all year round. But now they’ve read this maybe they will make it a priority, so … sorry!

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