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What is Jessica Good on about?

By recondite - 2 October 2008 33

Has anyone else read Jessica Good’s latest column in the City News? And if so, can you please explain to me what she is meant to be saying? I saw it at lunch the other day and I’m still scratching my head, thought wind seemed pretty important.

And what is wind burn?

[ED – I for one would like to congratulate the CityNews team for the amazing feat of capturing a fart in print. And Jessica Good’s fart no less. Who’d have thought she had it in her?]

What’s Your opinion?

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33 Responses to
What is Jessica Good on about?
johnboy 12:28 pm 02 Oct 08

I take it you two are lining up with the emos tonight then?

Danman 12:24 pm 02 Oct 08

Oh oh give me a go at that thumper….

I Call this one “Canberra”

The night falls with a silent sigh, Soul less are we.
The salvation for which you lust Flares once, then dies,
Smothered by the all-encompassing dark.

All hope must surely perish.

Your heart desires no more.
How could you tear us asunder?
Lost souls surround us, crying, Sanctuary.

Around, All around, the dark memories gather.
My dread grows as the dagger of your words falls against my naked soul.
It smites me, And darkly my essence drips to the swirling dust

In numbness I call your name while oblivion takes my unwilling hand.
Now alone, my soul falls upon bleeding eyes.

jakez 12:23 pm 02 Oct 08

I wonder what would happen if you tried to read that while on acid.

Aurelius 12:16 pm 02 Oct 08

Is this the same chick of the “What is she wearing tonight?” thread?

Thumper 12:12 pm 02 Oct 08

The capital was shrouded in grey, suffocating, overpowering mist like substance that people often call fog. The cold, bitter and astringent wind blew like a blustery current of air around the deserted empty and abandoned coffee shops that littered the beleaguered pavements of the concrete and drably painted interior that was Civic.

Somewhere in the distance a crow called out, lonely, sad, and somewhat pathetic in this stunted and all consuming landscape of an urban developed environment. And yet, in this atmosphere of dark, depressing and miserable sentiment there seemed a certain intangible and insubstantial like fragility and delicateness in the frailty of the place.

For an instant in a fleeting moment one could believe that were deeming to consider the centre of the city as a bustling, teeming, heaving and crowded metropolis where people of all races, creeds, and colours abandoned the misogyny’s of imperial cultural rule that once hang like a guillotine poised to drop over this vast, unhappy and God forsaken land.

Sorry, I got bored…

Ozhair 11:39 am 02 Oct 08

“As the wind storm howled through the capital…”

Ranks right up there with “It was a dark and stormy night…” 😉

Danman 11:30 am 02 Oct 08

She must have a dictionary comprising only of verbs

Surprised there was no braaps, poots or pffts in there

johnboy 11:23 am 02 Oct 08

Die Lefty Scum said :

Johnboy can you explain the fart reference please?

In my opinion the writing stank, and was windy.

Thumper 11:10 am 02 Oct 08

I’m just astounded that something as such could be published.

I mean, what does it mean?

Die Lefty Scum 10:50 am 02 Oct 08

Johnboy can you explain the fart reference please?

Aurelius 10:48 am 02 Oct 08

In the article (which I found difficult to read because it’s so amazingly bad) she refers to changing state and Federal governments.
There’s been one state government change within the last five years. And that was in Perth, about as far from here as it could be. There hasn’t been a more stable period, in terms of governmental change, since Federation.
She’s an idiot.

ilmarinen 10:47 am 02 Oct 08

I think the Government wasn’t the only one taking a “big swig” Jessica..

Skidbladnir 10:37 am 02 Oct 08

Good grief.
Is it a piece about the economy, the government, the opposition, the drought, the ful companies, or the weather?

I guess there’s good money in writing copy for her at WIN?
(and if there isn’t, ask for more money now, Mr Copywriter. The story is out, so run with it…)

pug206gti 10:32 am 02 Oct 08

I saw her in town recently. TV really does add 10kgs.

Loquaciousness 10:32 am 02 Oct 08

Oh my. The horrid habit of using groan-worthy puns in headlines seems to have extended to the whole article. Farewell, clarity in journalism – what little you had was good while it lasted.


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