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What’s with perfumes these days

By I-filed - 23 September 2007 26

I’ve been shopping for scent over the last week and am really disappointed. Tried all the classics – Arpege, Air du Temps, Tresor, Cristalle, Joy, L’Interdit, Chanel, Diorella, Ma Griffe, Celine. All in eau de parfum and they’re all AWFUL. Ridiculously headachey strong, all sickly, all synthetic, powdery and sweet. The only decent scents I sniffed were concentrates (very rare in Canberra), and barely any perfume counters now stock concentrate.

Here’s my take – anyone agree or disagree? – the perfume houses have decided eau de parfum is for bogans, particularly at this end of the world, and simply don’t bother to put the real ingredients in. The sales women have assured me that the ingredients in the eau de toilette and eau de parfum are identical to the concentrate, just less of it. But I bought an eau de parfum (l’Air du temps) on the basis of the tester, and when I put it on at home it was totally different. I hate cheap scent, and forked out $300 bucks for the Air and an Issye Miyake – equally disappointing. And yes I was testing over several days and only one scent on an arm at a time. Anyone buying concentrate and can report on any difference? OH, and please don’t direct me to Maison de Parfum in Manuka – their testers are out of date and some were rancid … Do I have to go to Elizabeth Street to get a good perfume?

What’s Your opinion?

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26 Responses to
What’s with perfumes these days
Maelinar 8:34 am 24 Sep 07

Cerutti 1880 .Fullstop.

VYBerlinaV8 now_with 8:28 am 24 Sep 07

I’ve noticed that the Chanel products seem to have much better persistence, without the overpowering wafting, although lately I’ve been using one of the less common Givenchy scents. I think I’ll probably switch back to Chanel next time.

utah 11:15 pm 23 Sep 07

What’s wrong with good old Dettol?

I-filed 11:01 pm 23 Sep 07

Good luck finding ambergris in a minke whale Pandy.

Pandy 10:54 pm 23 Sep 07

At least they smell better than skanky snake.

ant 10:01 pm 23 Sep 07

Getting in the lift in the morning is hell, everyone, boys and girls, has WAY too much perfume on, and some of it you really have to wonder why they chose it. Some of them smell exactly like toilets.

Sammy 7:51 pm 23 Sep 07

And for the record, those that wear perfume should be dealt with harshly.

I’m all for schemes like this one.

Sammy 7:49 pm 23 Sep 07

This article is just another reason why my finger itches closer every day to the ‘delete’ button next to RiotACT in my RSS reader.

Pandy 6:31 pm 23 Sep 07

Well the OP did say where they could get a decent perfume somewhere besides Canberra. Japan has no problems sourcing whale products.

nyssa76 6:28 pm 23 Sep 07

Don’t ask me, most perfumes set off my asthma.

Stupid lungs…

I-filed 5:07 pm 23 Sep 07

Woody Mann-Caruso, please read down to the last para before you snark!

Woody Mann-Caruso 4:08 pm 23 Sep 07

WTF does this have to do with Canberra?

Pandy 3:40 pm 23 Sep 07

No problems in getting a good scent in Japan.

Deano 3:08 pm 23 Sep 07

Personally I blame the environmentalist whale lovers. Perfumes have just never been the same since they switched to synthetic ambergris.

terubo 2:11 pm 23 Sep 07

Eau deer!

(Parfum de quadruped).

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