Where to get a good sandwhich?

darthbilly 17 February 2009 31

Hi all. Just moved to canberra and I’m a big fan of sandwhiches.

I especially love a meatball sub, but can’t stand subway and from what I’ve seen so far the service in most of them down here is appaling!


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31 Responses to Where to get a good sandwhich?
housebound housebound 10:23 am 18 Feb 09

The cafe on the ground floor of the ACT health Building in Civic (across the corner from the post office on Moore St).

It’s not fancy, but it’s cheap, generous amounts, and great personal service. Occasionally they’re a bit slow, but once you meet the people behind the counter you’ll not mind the wait.

It’s one of the few places where you can buy a good, basic sandwich.

tylersmayhem tylersmayhem 9:56 am 18 Feb 09

I’d say buy a fridge darthbilly. By making your own sandwiches at home, you’ll pay off the fridge in no time in savings.

candelabra candelabra 9:33 am 18 Feb 09

Mr Evil said :

Greg of Kambah would probably be partial to a good sandwich – so long as you are aged between 16 and 99.

LOL I get that reference (maybe I’ve been lurking this site a little too much!)

trevar trevar 8:47 am 18 Feb 09

Personally, my favourite place to get a sandwich is my kitchen. I have been known to get good ones in my mum’s kitchen, but some of my favourite things are often lacking.

A very good bought sandwich can also be had from the cafe in the Belconnen Community Centre.

MissPeaches MissPeaches 8:43 am 18 Feb 09


Enny Enny 11:00 pm 17 Feb 09

Brothers Oven in Tuggeranong (Homeworld) has GREAT pumpkin bread sandwiches.

The service has been getting worse there though, so maybe get in quick to give it a try? Or you can just buy the pumpkin bread there and make one at home…

Vic Bitterman Vic Bitterman 10:01 pm 17 Feb 09

Bellas is great

bd84 bd84 8:33 pm 17 Feb 09

Make one yourself, a fraction of the price, get all the stuff you want on it and takes <5mins.

p1 p1 7:11 pm 17 Feb 09

Damn this thread, I’m hungry now. Time to go home for a nice dinner and a beverage.

astrojax astrojax 7:01 pm 17 Feb 09

new york bagels. nothing else competes.

that said, do it yaself – find a good bakery and go from there.

VYBerlinaV8_the_one_they_all_copy VYBerlinaV8_the_one_they_all_copy 6:47 pm 17 Feb 09

Kingston bakery. Cheap and tasty.

pptvb pptvb 6:42 pm 17 Feb 09

Gold, Mr Evil, Gold.
If in Fyshwick, Isa St Bakery has awsome sambos.

Ryan Ryan 6:25 pm 17 Feb 09

admittedly i havent had a good look around civic, but when im after a sandwich to break up the working day, i generally go with Fancy Fillings in the North Quarter Food Court

Woody Mann-Caruso Woody Mann-Caruso 6:14 pm 17 Feb 09

Australia doesn’t have much of a sandwich culture. The US has its the Rueben, the Cuban, the Philly cheesesteak, Italian beef, the club, the BLT, pastrami, hoagies, the list goes on. The UK has the butty, the cucumber sandwich, tea sandwiches – elaborate rituals and elegant societies revolving around things stuck between bread. Vietnam has the banh mi, France the croque monsieur, Mexico the torta. We’ve got Vegemite on Wonder White and those insipid refrigerated ‘paninis’ and ‘foccacias’ stuck in a Breville – the mince jaffle of the new century.

kean van choc kean van choc 6:05 pm 17 Feb 09

Buy a sandwich from a different place everyday – I’m sure you’ll eventually find a good one – maybe you’ll be lucky and hit the jackpot on your first attempt…

Madman Madman 5:33 pm 17 Feb 09

The Isa Street bakery used to the best sandwich I have ever had. They put tonnes of toppings on for you and it is a real bang for your buck.

I haven’t been there recently – this was about 2 years ago and I haven’t heard about them changing hands as such.

I like my subway – i’m a regular and all the guys and girls know me at the shop. Its a warm feeling! The manager and I have a good chat when we’re waiting at the till. Don’t know what your talking about cause I’ve never had a problem at any subway.

Pommy bastard Pommy bastard 5:08 pm 17 Feb 09

darthbilly said :

Well actually that would be more like saying “I’m a big fan of food”. I didn’t say that. I like sandwiches. Some kind of meat between bread, maybe a condiment or two.

So not vegetarian then. We’re narrowing it down a bit now. 🙂

Woody Mann-Caruso Woody Mann-Caruso 4:59 pm 17 Feb 09

The Rose Garden cafe is now PorkBarrel. Same sandwiches when I was there before Christmas. Great with a bowl of chips and a Zierholz on tap.

darthbilly darthbilly 4:58 pm 17 Feb 09

Pommy bastard said :

Being a “big fan of sandwhiches[sic]” is a bit non-specific really, like being a big fan of cars, or a big fan of movies, or a big fan of sports.

Well actually that would be more like saying “I’m a big fan of food”. I didn’t say that. I like sandwiches. Some kind of meat between bread, maybe a condiment or two.

Also I know it’s not that difficult to make a sandwich but as I’ve just moved here I have no fridge yet. Moldy meat is no good.

fnaah fnaah 4:52 pm 17 Feb 09

The Rose Garden cafe near OPH used to do the most awesome sandwiches. Admittedly I haven’t worked in the parliamentary triangle since the RG Casey building was opened, does the Rose Garden Cafe still exist? Do they still make awesome sandwiches?

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