why was the rapist let go?

minnie 21 November 2007 16

a man in his 20s attacked another man in belconnen mall and rapes him. why was he let go? he is on bail now. why isnt this in the canberra times , is canberra still so scared of a bad press getting out ? is it the mall making in quiet? is it becuase its male to male rape that we cant talk about it???

[ED – if you throw a few allegedlies in there Minnie is likely refering to this incident covered on page 2 of today’s CT. The alleged offender is out on bail after giving a $2500 surety (something that is almost never asked for in the ACT), and is only allowed to re attend the Belconnen mall while with his parents. The alleged offender is a young adult and both the victim and the alleged offender have mental impairments.]

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16 Responses to why was the rapist let go?
Deadmandrinking Deadmandrinking 1:20 pm 22 Nov 07

Heav’s, you’re not funny. Honestly. You may want to sound offensive, but you just sound like a fat nerd trying to imitate Duke Nukem – and that’s a whole sack of lame right there.

Nyssa, you’re still not posting in Haiku.

YOUNG repeat offenders, Nyssa, YOUNG repeat offenders who still have a chance. Actually, I thought a ‘teacher’ (receptionist maybe?) like yourself would think that. You teach this kid maybe? – http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=e6tH9tMvq70 – I think the characterization might have some ‘hidden ‘(painfully obvious) clues in it.

It’s not about ‘ignoring the law’. It’s about questioning it. What kind of society do you think we live in? It was supposed to be democratic, last time I heard. That’s why governments change. That’s why laws change frequently, for better or worse. That’s why I can log onto a website and question the effectiveness of these laws without fear of persecution by the government. Perhaps China is for you, Nyssa? I’ve lived with a whole bunch of people who’ve studied hard to get the f-k out of there. I’m sure they’d gladly trade places with you.

The fact is – this man already has a lease on his freedom. It can be taken away from him very easily. To want to throw him in a prison designed for people whom generally don’t require people to care for them on the outside is not a punishment. It’s sick.

jemmy jemmy 10:31 am 22 Nov 07

Nyssa76 said: It’s called taking RESPONSIBILITY for your actions. If you know right from wrong,

Isn’t that the point of the judge’s decision, whether the alleged offender was capable of understanding it.

Heavs Heavs 10:28 am 22 Nov 07

Actually. I withdraw my castration comment. I agree with Nyssa. Lets execute him, Texas style. Baaaarbequed retard. yum.

la mente torbida la mente torbida 9:11 am 22 Nov 07

I’m just glad my kids were never ‘taught’ by teachers like nyssa

Absent Diane Absent Diane 8:24 am 22 Nov 07

I don’t think you have to be a ‘bleeding heart’ to want a better system. A system whereby these people are taught responsibility not just thrown in a cage to learn more bad habits. Pretty ignorant to think otherwise.

You may ask why it becomes our responsibility to teach them responsibility in a less damaging way. It is certainly not our fault as individuals that people are the way they are BUT for the sake of bettering society and making life a bit safer and more comfortable (if not for our generation but for the next), then changing behavioural patterns would seem like a logical and responsible approach to dealing with the situation.

nyssa76 nyssa76 7:36 am 22 Nov 07

Scum? Yeah ok, because they’re will always be people like me who can’t stand the bleeding heart do-gooders in this world who ignore the law and society because they think they know better. You’ve already been ‘pineappled’ by myself and others on RA about this, so grow up. Uni obviously isn’t working for you – you know the bit where you ‘expand’ your mind and learn to form proper opinions without the silliness.

But then again, I am talking to the man who thinks repeat offenders still need rehab.

I grew up in harsh conditions. It doesn’t mean I went and killed or raped someone nor does it mean I became a degenerate.

It’s called taking RESPONSIBILITY for your actions. If you know right from wrong, you know what is expected of you by the law.

If you can’t grasp that thought, I think you’d better go back to your parents and ask them why.

Deadmandrinking Deadmandrinking 1:01 am 22 Nov 07

Of course there’s thoughts for the victim, Cranky. That’s why I’m saying he needs to understand he has committed a wrong, and he does need to be punished.

I hope the victim is being treated for his trauma and I hope it is being done well with all considerations given to his disability – which is a difficult ask considering the current state of disabled care in this country.

With the offender, I don’t know what the disability is in this case, (CT said ‘retarded’ and ‘low IQ’ – wonderful journalism as always) and I don’t know the offender – which is also bloody important.

You toss him in prison, though, you won’t be punishing him. You’ll be subjecting him to an environment he more than likely won’t be able to understand. He won’t learn anything from it. He’ll most likely just be scared and confused.

There are other ways of dealing with offenders such as these. The removal of personal allowances and general independence for a set period of time – with it being made clear to the offender that it is a result of his actions – is one suggestion.

Nyssa, in a world where people like you find it impossible to comprehend others growing up in difficult circumstances and reacting to that in different ways, someone’s going to have to stand up to the scum like you.

nyssa76 nyssa76 8:13 pm 21 Nov 07

Most likely, how dare they be there and this poor perp….yadda yadda yadda.

Disabled, minor etc….there’s always an excuse for DMD. He’s the spokesperson for ‘injustice’.

cranky cranky 6:33 pm 21 Nov 07

Any thoughts or comments re the victim?

Deadmandrinking Deadmandrinking 5:13 pm 21 Nov 07

He’s got a disability. Whilst that does not justify his actions in any way shape or form – having worked with people with disabilities myself, I know that a disability generally does not hamper your ability to tell the difference between right and wrong. Especially in this case, where he was able to lead the victim into the toilets.

However, because he is disabled, he is generally under supervision. Not all the time, as was obviously the case here. But I would assume his parents will keep a close watch on him from now on.

Prison will not be the solution in this case. Whilst he has committed a wrong and he needs to understand that, to throw him in jail would present more of a risk towards him than it would offenders without this kind of disability, considering his mental disabilities and probable inabilities to deal with what goes on behind bars.

Mr Evil Mr Evil 4:41 pm 21 Nov 07

“What was that pizza dude’s screen name anyway? I love the way we have a history like that to refer to…”

Will Roper – http://the-riotact.com/?p=5772

Mr Evil Mr Evil 4:33 pm 21 Nov 07

Scumdorg, the biggest question is: is $5.95 what you’ll pay when you get to Pizza Hut, or will it really cost you $10.95??????

I smell a conspiracy here, or is it a Meat Lovers pizza?

scumdorg scumdorg 3:17 pm 21 Nov 07

Yes I agree about the cost of pizzas going up. I haven’t received any discount coupons in the mail for months although Pizza Hut offers lunchtime pizzas for $5.95.

Meconium Meconium 3:13 pm 21 Nov 07

ROFL @ Mr Evil, the riotact rules. What was that pizza dude’s screen name anyway? I love the way we have a history like that to refer to…

And as for this story, it sounds like there’s a lot more to it than “why was the rapist let go”… as usual…

Heavs Heavs 12:56 pm 21 Nov 07

I think he should be castrated. That’ll learn him.

Mr Evil Mr Evil 10:14 am 21 Nov 07

You think that’s bad; imagine going to a pizza shop and finding out that your pizza was going to cost you a whole $5 more than what you were quoted when you rang up to order the pizza.

Canberra is going to hell – and I blame the Elusive Bretheran.

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